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Which Doraemon character are you, otakus? This quiz, which consists of 20 questions, will tell you whether you are Nobita, Shizuka, Doraemon, or someone else.

Doraemon Character Quiz Explained

Questions on incidents from the Doraemon anime and manga make up the test. Its objective is to identify which Doraemon series character most closely resembles you.

In contrast to our Amazing Anime Quiz, you don’t need to search for the right response. In order to determine which student, robot, or parent you might actually represent in real life, we examine your responses.

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Find your ideal partner.

A vast database of the most well-known Doraemon characters is included in the quiz. Additionally, you have the chance to discover someone who is exactly like you. Most other quizzes will ask you pointless questions that will make their answers less accurate. Here, however, we pose questions to you about Doraemon and provide answers that are unquestionably accurate.

What kind of student would you have been?

The anime centers on a large number of preteen kids who face some unusual issues. Because of this, the Doraemon quiz also creates a student profile based on your responses. Would you be as intelligent and diligent as Shizuka or as slack-jawed as Nobita? Test yourself to find out.

Who would be your best friend if you were a real-life Doraemon? The quiz might help you identify potential friends by comparing your profile to those of other students.

as well as a FREE personality assessment.

The purpose of the quiz is to determine which Doraemon character you are. However, the analytical procedure enables us to learn more about you as we go. To help you understand why you matched a particular anime personality and what it signifies, we provide a persona breakdown.

Be Warned! You may compete with the bad guys.

Some of the less well-liked and outright villainous personalities have been added to the quiz results. You can thus end up matching Nekojara or the bullies at school. Everything depends on how you respond.

What Doraemon Character Are You? How Do You Know?

Even though the anime only has five main characters, it can be challenging to locate a compatible partner on your own. You must read the personality description and select the one you think you most closely resemble. And the results might never be as precise as those from an actual Doraemon quiz like the one on this page.

But if that’s not a concern, here’s what you can do to discover your counterpart. Read the following persona breakdowns and see which one you relate to the most. That person/bot is probably your Doraemon character.

Nobita Nobi, first

Nobita, one of the key figures in the anime and manga, is not your typical hero. Most of the time, he’s naughty, clumsy, and lazy. He doesn’t enjoy studying and his academic performance is lacking. But as a person, Nobita is kind, generous, and attentive. He loves his buddies dearly and would do anything to keep them safe.

Otakus who are dressed like Nobita are somewhat reliant on their loved ones. However, they make an effort to work hard and support their friends and family.

She is witty, gracious, and charming. Anyone who is asked “Which Doraemon character are you?” wants to be Shizuka. She is unequaled in her benevolence and always looks out for the helpless. In contrast to Nobita, she too excels in school and earns top scores. It’s also worth noting that she’s not like action movies or video games.

Shizuka’s match in the Doraemon quiz demonstrates your responsibility and keen moral sense. You detest breaking the law, and instead of adopting a laissez-faire attitude, you favor maintaining order and making plans for the future.

Doraemon, third

Doraemon, although being a robot, is a great mediator. He strives to delight his friends and assist everyone in need. But because of her appearance and background as a failure robot, he also feels somewhat nervous and afraid. He struggles with rejection, though, and frequently loses his temper when criticized for subpar work.

Matching him on the Doraemon quiz is easy. It suggests that you are a natural mediator and that you are a major food lover. People count on you when circumstances become challenging, and you never fail to provide when they require your assistance.

Fourth: Takeshi Gouda

When asked which Doraemon character they are, few fans would respond, “I’m Gina.” He is a bully who is oblivious to the effects of his behavior. Takeshi doesn’t have many friends at school and is frequently belligerent and arrogant. He made an effort, but he couldn’t improve.

Finding out that you are Takeshi after taking the Doraemon quiz is not a fun experience. But that is conceivable. Therefore, be ready, particularly if you have a history of intimidating other students at school. (Just mentioning)

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Since the release of the first Doraemon manga volume, nearly 40 years have passed. However, the tale is still in demand and relevant. The wonderful thing about our personality test is that people from all various generations can use it to determine which Doraemon character they are. Regardless of your age, the questionnaire will evoke nostalgia and aid in the recall of some of your most treasured experiences. Additionally, the outcomes will undoubtedly amuse you and put a grin on your face.


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