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You ever ask yourself, “What game should I play?” This game quiz analyzes your playstyle, budget, and favorite genre to suggest a list of trending titles you should try.

A Gamer’s Quiz to Help You Choose What to Play Now

It does happen that, despite their tone, you can’t always decide which game to play. (Perhaps we ought to refer to it as gaming block or something.) However, with a genuine quiz, you can break the cycle and find out what game could make you feel good right now.

Numerous game quizzes may be found on QuizExpo. However, this one is unique. With the assistance of the team’s professional gamers, we developed the most reliable test that provides a list of the hottest games depending on your interests.

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How the Test Functions

The test consists of a number of inquiries regarding the critical aspects of selecting the ideal title. It is made for gamers who inquire, “What game should I play? “, etc. And it functions according to the preferences of the participants.

Here are the main criteria of the questionnaire:

Budget evaluation

Money is a constant worry. In light of this, what video game should someone play? Knowing the budget is essential before recommending any titles. The quiz determines your financial situation in advance because of this. Regarding the sum of money you spend on new games, we have a few inquiries. We also want to know what you think about the prices and overall gaming costs.

Time estimation for free

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying entertaining activities all day long. Some of you may have other obligations or 9 to 5 employment. So when you ask, “What should I play,” we do take your timetable into account. To ensure that you fully enjoy them, the lists in the results are adapted and adjusted in accordance with your preferences for play and spare time. Most other online tests ask pointless questions and then present you with a slew of random games. We never, however, do it.

Determine your preferred genre

The question is analogous to “What anime should I watch?” There are countless alternatives! The video game market is booming, and dozens of new games are released annually across all platforms. We therefore try our best to identify your preferred genre and limit the possibilities. It’s the finest method for adjusting the outcomes and leaving you with a list of games that are actually playable.

Knowing how to use your gaming system

It’s important to be aware of your gaming platform. We ask precise questions to determine what kind of player you are, in contrast to other exams that don’t even care.

  • PlayToday estimates that 38% of Americans play video games on their PCs. We compiled a comprehensive list of the top PC games available today as a result.
  • Console: According to Statista, “nearly 106 million console gamers are in North America.” As a result, we took care to compile a list of excellent games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and all other consoles.
  • Mobile: Due to the popularity of mobile games, even those without a console or PC often wonder what game to play. In order to aid mobile gamers, we incorporated the most popular Android and iOS games to our questionnaire.
  • Other: If you’re not on any of the mentioned devices, we still got you covered. You’d be surprised to see that we have an amazing list for non-gamers who want to play something to kill some time or enjoy their vacation.

Three Methods for Selecting Games to Play

Yes, it might be frustrating to not know which game to play. However, there are a few clever approaches to overcoming bewilderment and dullness. Look below.

#1: Follow current gaming trends.

Why not ask, “What game should I play?” instead? Look for the games that players are enjoying right now. There is a good probability that you will enjoy at least one of the popular games and join in. Consider it in this way: There must be a reason why so many players are engaged in a certain game.

Play editorial decisions, second.

Allowing game suggestions from industry experts is another clever strategy. Leading gaming websites and publications provide their monthly editorial recommendations. So you may make your own wish list and test new games, utilize their lists as a starting point. For instance, IGN evaluates all the popular games on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices from 0 to 10 after reviewing and rating them. You won’t regret it if you simply scan through their reviews and pick the highest rated games to play.

3. Purchase a gaming subscription and attempt a brand-new activity.

Having an out-of-date game library is one of the causes of gamers asking themselves, “What should I play?” But modern gaming subscription services like Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Collection provide you access to a big library of free games in exchange for a little monthly fee. You can get one of them for yourself and download many amusing games without worrying about how much money you spend on them.

Alternately, you could complete this online test.

You could still take our test even if none of the aforementioned strategies were successful. It is specifically made for gamers who are bored and wonder, “What game should I play?” The results are as accurate and individualized as possible, and the questions are amusing and straightforward. Simply give it a shot. You won’t be sorry.

Get a List of Recommended Games Rather Than Just One!

Other online quizzes have the drawback of asking you a ton of questions before suggesting one utterly random game. But we don’t operate like that here. We compile a personalized list of the top games that we believe you should play right now after carefully considering all the information we have about you. It boosts your probability of discovering a legitimate book you like to read and helps us maintain participant satisfaction.


None of the pictures used in the “what should I play quiz” belong to QuizExpo. No infringement of copyright is intended. If you own any and want them taken away, do get in touch with us.

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