Quiz: What Crystal Do I Need? Find Your 2022 Healing Stone

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Do you ever wonder, “What kind of crystal do I need?” This quiz uses questions about spirituality, meditation, and energy to determine the healing stone you ought to own.

A test to determine what crystal you require

It’s fairly difficult to choose a healing stone because there are so many options available to you. The test on this website, however, examines 20 variables and suggests a condensed list of possibilities based on your needs. It’s the most convenient and adequate method of purchasing a crystal for yourself. To provide accurate findings, it takes into account your personality, goals, ambitions, and spirituality.

Most people who work on their chakras ponder the question, “What crystal do I need?” If that’s the reason you’re here, we suggest starting with our Third Eye Quiz. It evaluates how far along you are on your spiritual path.

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Your healing stone will emerge from your personality.

If you’re looking for a crystal personality test, look no further. Here, we inspect several aspects of your true self to identify what stones match you. It’s said that crystals and their owners can form a powerful energy connection. Therefore, choosing one that complements your personality will surely increase its healing abilities.

How to Select the Right Crystal without a Test

Experts and shamans offer a variety of recommendations for how to select your energy stone. Either follow your instinct and purchase the item that appeals to you, or consider your difficulties and choose the item that can be of use. Here are all of your possibilities for finding the gemstone you require.

#1: Allow the stone to pick you.

You can go to a nearby metaphysical store and simply stroll through the aisles while paying attention to your energy. Some claim that the right stone will make a call to you, and you’ll know it. But when doing so, it’s essential to avoid negativity and self-doubt.

#2: Choose a crystal to solve your issues.

When determining what crystal you require, it can be good to make a list of your own issues. Each stone has special therapeutic qualities that can aid with particular losses and life’s lacks. You can either choose an expert from the following table or speak with one about your present issues.

Choose with aesthetic considerations in mind.

You don’t have to be a believer to take advantage of stones’ therapeutic qualities. It’s acceptable to choose a crystal just on the basis of appearance. They are frequently used as decorative accents in homes and offices.

4. Select the one with your preferred crystal system.

The seven crystal systems are cubic (isometric), tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic, according to GemSociety.org. You can do your research and choose a stone with the structure you admire or identify with.

Things Taken Into Account in the Quiz to Determine the Healing Crystal You Need

The approach described above might not work for you. The question of “Which healing stone do I need?” might still be bothering you. In that situation, you should trust the test results. In order to create a crystal that is the right match for you, we take the following into account. It would be just as accurate as asking a professional or spiritual advisor.

Your level of spirituality

Certain phases of your spiritual development need for various energy chargers. For instance, you can be searching for your chakra that is out of balance. A Clear Quartz is what you need in that situation since it brings equilibrium and harmony to your life.

your adversity

It’s important to consider your challenges when trying to decide what crystal you require. What area of your life do you feel needs work? The quiz analyzes your answers to identify the true issues and presents the best healing stone remedy.

your motives.

Crystals are incredibly versatile. So, your intents and inner objectives may have an impact on how they work. For this reason, the quiz examines your goals in order to generate an accurate recommendation.

Which Stones Are Among the Most Common Healing Stones?

More people have inquired about the type of crystal they need since the outbreak. Additionally, the healing stone sector as a whole has had recent success. The most well-liked choices have been those stones that improve mental toughness, love or sensual sentiments, and pain relief. Here are the top three selections and best-sellers from the majority of metaphysical stores.

Pink Quartz

It enhances mutual respect and trust in a love relationship. Couples who desire more affection and sex in their lives may also utilize rose quartz.


Most people who inquire “What crystal do I need?” are meditating. And for that reason, they favor Moonstone. It facilitates personal development while easing tension and stress. Additionally, moonstone increases success and promotes optimistic thinking when it is present.


Another famous healing stone is Bloodstone. Aggression decreases and bad energy is absorbed. People nearby seem to be more patient and selfless, too.

What Crystal Do I Need? is a common question that people ask.

It has always been a contentious subject; some claim that crystals have energies and healing abilities, while others disagree. However, the quantity of people who are interested in purchasing crystals suggests that they will remain popular.

People are drawn to healing stones for four different reasons.

Energy and therapeutic capabilities

Sonali Saujani claims that because crystals are composed of many compounds and elements, “our bodies react to crystals.” Crystals were revered by mankind even in the distant past. As a result, a lot of people are searching for the stone they require since they think it has healing properties.

Zen-like concentration

Crystals are used by practitioners of meditation and yoga to balance their energies and improve focus.

Contrarian effect

Doctors also contend that the placebo effect is increased by faith in crystals’ therapeutic abilities. Therefore, simply by carrying a stone, you might experience decreased pain or improved performance.


Many others ask things like, “What crystal do I need?” is an aesthetic matter. Since gems and precious stones look good, many people just use them to decorate their homes or workplace. (And perhaps benefit from any cosmetic energy).

Following the Crystal Personality Test: What to Do

Get your stone from a metaphysical store or online. then discover how to maintain and refresh it. If you’re just starting out, here is a brief guide:

  • To recharge your crystals, place them in the moonlight or sunshine.
  • Regularly wash them with fresh or salt water.
  • Every month, clean them with sage smoke.
  • Use dirt or bury your crystal to release any bad energy it may have absorbed.

No scientific evidence exists to support the claims of healing stones as a means of treating disease or reducing pain. Please beware that the ‘What Crystal Do I Need Quiz’ does NOT suggest that you replace stones with essential medicines your doctor prescribes. It’s just a fun quiz to help you choose the best healing stone to purchase.

For more personality quizzes check this: What Crystal Do I Need Quiz.

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