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Interested in finding out which Encanto character you are? Which Madrigal relative best describes you is determined by this quiz. Are you Bruno, Antonio, Luisa, Mirabel, or someone else?

Encanto Quiz Explanation

The exam consists of 20 personality questions that were motivated by the enchanted and stirring scenes in the animated film Encanto. Its objective is to identify which of the main characters most closely resembles you.

The questionnaire has no right or incorrect answers, unlike our ultimate Disney trivia quiz. Your selections enable us to assess your personality and locate the ideal match as a result.

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Are You a Madrigal?

The Encanto quiz’s goal is to assist fans who wonder “Which character am I?” For everyone of the Madrigal family’s magical members, we have written thorough profiles. And thanks to your reactions, we can also construct you. So, at the conclusion of the exam, you’ll meet the Disney figure who serves as your soul mate or opposite in the world.

What Your Quiz Reveals About You

Which Encanto character are you, that is the big question. However, we wanted to make a quiz that accomplishes more than that. Participants in the quiz discover the following new information about their persona as a Disney animated character.

Your closest pal.

Which Encanto characters might be your best friend are determined by our analysis of your answers. Knowing which Madrigal members you would get along with is fun. And the test aids in your discovery of it. As depicted in the film, Mirabel is a sociable young woman who consistently attempts to make new friends. But not every character is as amiable as she is. So, the only test that can identify your best pals accurately and honestly is the one on this website.

Your enchantments.

Except for Mirabel, every member of the Madrigal family possesses a special magical ability. You can learn about YOUR potential magical prowess by taking the Encanto quiz. To come up with a trustworthy response, we consider your persona and consider your likes and dislikes.

Your psychological profile.

Which Encanto character are you? you ask. And we have your back. You are going to take a personality test, so keep that in mind. Your comments will therefore give us enough information to analyze your own identity. Your outcome comes with a thorough character analysis that explains why we believe a particular Madrigal member is the ideal fit for you.

How to Recognize Your Encanto Character

An online test is your best option. Try the manual approach, though, if that’s not your thing. See which of the key characters’ descriptions of their personalities you can most easily identify to. Examples are provided below.

First, Mirabel

The only Madrigal without magical abilities is Mirabel, who serves as the film’s main character. She remains one of the family’s most endearing members despite this. She is affable, upbeat, supportive, and independent. Despite lacking any superhuman traits, Mirabel is a clever thinker and problem-solver who shields the entire family from greater threats.

If you answered “Mirabel” to the Encanto quiz, you are a kind and energetic person. You desire to experience all that life has to offer. Additionally, you take pleasure in seeing others succeed in their own endeavors.

#2. Luisa

The strongest Madrigal is she. When times are tough, everyone looks on Luisa for support, and she makes every effort to avoid disappointing any of her kin. Luisa, however, feels a little alone because the majority of the family looks to her to handle the most difficult responsibilities. She even laments it in her song since she finds it exhausting to be the one everyone depends on.

In spite of all of that, most people who are asked “Which Encanto character are you?” choose Luisa. She’s one of the most well-liked girls in the film because of her superhuman strength and sweet personality. Matching her in the test shows that you are a caring individual who is constantly willing to help loved ones.

Antonio, #3

Antonio is one of the sweetest and smartest members of the Madrigals, despite being the youngest. He has a heart of gold and is incredibly compassionate. Mirabel’s lack of extraordinary abilities or magical abilities doesn’t bother Antonio because he still loves her. He is a charming and adorable figure that many people would like to be like because of his naive demeanor.

Adults rarely respond, “I’m Antonio,” when asked which Encanto character they identify with. And primarily because of her innocent, childlike nature. But even though the chances of you matching him in our quiz are slim, you still have a chance.

#4. Bruno

Bruno has spent a considerable amount of time alone. He also worries a lot about most things in life. He will do anything to protect his family, though, and he is incredibly devoted to them. Bruno is naive and endearing despite his negative outlook. However, the Encanto quiz shows that you are somewhat introverted, shy, and timid if you match him.

Additional Encanto Figures

The cast of the Walt Disney movie from 2021 is filled with vivid and enduring characters. Finding your match among them is not an easy feat. Therefore, we still encourage you to take our reliable and fun Encanto quiz. It is the quickest and most trustworthy method of locating your counterpart.

What Motivates Fans to Ask Questions Like “Which Encanto Character Am I?”

The family in the film is depicted as having various personalities. Because each Madrigal is unique, admirers are prompted to pose questions like, “Which Encanto character are you? ” Additionally, it’s a fun way to join the fandom.


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