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Respond to these rapid questions in our How To Get Away quiz and we will tell you which How To Get Away character are you? Play it now.

Six years after Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) described her undergraduate law course as “how to get away from murder,” we learn who gets away from murder after innumerable lies, treasons, and more than a fair share of murder. The ABC Drama succeeded in giving everyone the karmic retribution they deserved while offering our favorite young killers many shocking turns and sad goodbye.

As SNL Stefon would say, there was everything in this final: Frank (Charlie Weber) killed more, Laurel (Karla Souza) left the group and disappeared, Annalise talked about prosecutors and then gave a badass speech, Oliver was sweet and heartbreaking, Alfred Enoch spoke Spanish and had better makeup than That’s Us. Let’s break down exactly what happened, who went with what, and the surprise Wes looks.

After Annalise’s trial is over, we hear gunshots outside the courthouse, people are rushing away as we witness an appalling Tegan (Amirah Vann). Laurel drives Christopher quickly at the same time.

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Fans also want to know if your students will all turn on her orbit or anybody else. As a final session, it closes each of the main characters and provides a surprisingly moral message to reveal the truth and move past what each of the main actors has done.

Which How To Get Away character are you?

And although there was plenty of devastating events, including Frank and Bonnie’s sad, return-to-trial deaths, for certain victorious moments – particularly the acquittal of Annalise on all charges throughout the trial.

This is how the last act of the finale came down: After the jury determined Annalise not to be guilty. She addressed questions from the press on the courthouse steps. Also, you will find out which How To Get Away character are you in this quiz.

In the meantime, behind the long-lasting funeral, we finally found out the truth. In fact, the occurrence happened in the future, decades after the old woman Annalise died.

Return to the proceeding. We see Frank pay whom he suspects is the secret witness, Gabriel (Rome Flynn). Three days before Bonnie and Frank die tragically together, to convince him not to testify against Annalise. Frank begs Gabriel and his father to leave this life behind the drama and trauma.

In the meantime, Connor (Jack Falahee), although he and the other Keating 5 members have been guilty, continues to suffer from remorse in betraying Annalise and consenting to testify. He tries to make others do the right thing and goes into prison (maybe from the deleted scene that should have occurred in the show), Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) negotiations a new agreement to prevent his husband from jailing. Connor decides to reject the offer and drops Oliver’s unexpected divorce papers. Connor understands that after the trial. He is going to go to prison and doesn’t want Oliver to wait for him.

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These final twists make Annalise victory plausible. But the actual gut-punch of her case doesn’t have anything in common with Birkhead, Hannah, Gabriel, or even the Keating 5 survivors. Rather, it all concerns the final speech of Annalise. In a magnificent scene, Annalise sets down the underlying core of this entire complicated conspiracy. The crime of Blackness, ambition, unlike, bisexuality, powerfulness, and ability.

How To Get Away With Murder has made an increasingly potent message about the role of Black women, ranging from a scene where her wig is taken to her dressing for courts, to her decision to wear natural hair. The finale doubled, refusing to shy away from its role, growth, or place in the world. And this is what makes fans cheerful when it obtains its “not culpable” convictions.

It had been put in me – I believe by Viola [Davis] – to have slain Annalise and we did not know who it was, to be a tremendous mystery. I agreed with her. I agreed with her. I’d constantly wonder, “Is Annalise’s assassination supposed to be the last season? But I didn’t want to murder her either. [Laughs] I felt that she was such a triumphant figure who battled and persevered through her challenges. It was crucial to me that she had a victorious finish.

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which how to get away character are you
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