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Respond to these rapid questions in our 90210 quiz and we will tell you which 90210 character are you? Play it now.

Seven years later, The CW’s 90210’s fans continue to be highly disappointed with the final improvement of the drama series. Not the only ones.

We already know that AnnaLynne McCord wasn’t an enthusiastic fan of the show (click on here to view her homemade alternative end!) but we know that her complicated sensations about the show’s ending, too, are being shared with several of her co-star’s thanks to a new video on Shenae Grimes’ YouTube account on Easter Sunday (a blessing!).

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McCord and Matt Lanter – who played in front of Grimes’ Annie Wilson Naomi Clark and Liam Court – join the Youtube team to respond to their final scene, including a bold motorcycle chase, a plane stop offer, and a truly awkward third wheel. (Naomi, sadness!) The three also shared how they learned about the news while addressing the show’s unexpected demise.

Which 90210 character are you?

“I’d travel from my place [to film the season 5 finale] to set it,” remembered Grimes. “The producers called out and said, ‘It isn’t the program that is coming back, just so you know.’ I sat down and grieved on my floor.” Meanwhile, McCord had an experience a little different: “I got a voicemail saying, ‘Do not be too glad, please! Some of your cast is not glad, so don’t show tomorrow if you’re happy”. He could tell that both Grimes and McCord were “over it” after five seasons. Lanter, who found it out through social media. Also, you will find out which 90210 character are you in this quiz.

Apart from a few bumps and bruises, the horror of almost death once again drew everyone together!

Liam (Matt Lanter) canceled his trip to Australia to see Annie (Shenae Grimes). In fear of his genuine love or whatever. While Navid (Michael Steger Jr.) had a chance to have a hero with Ade.

Instead of rushing to see how Adriana — who has tried many times to assassinate Silver. Was alive and good, even Silver is forgotten (Jessica Stroup). Regrettably, she did not forget Silver’s cancer totes. The most unlucky girl in the history of television got a phone call from her doctor.

However, the real talking about Silver’s approach finished, I couldn’t be angrier. After all, having a bipolar baby, losing her replacement baby, etc. The finale of the series with cancer is just the worst. I realize that the writers did not have enough time, but I wanted them to simply remove all their sequences and replace them with Whose Line Is It Anyway Sketches. Like, anything but cancer for her.

About the quiz

The end of season 1 of BH90210 was as fittingly strange as the rest of the boot, but what does all that signify to the future? In a rare reincarnation of the 1990s series, the original cast Beverly Hills 1990210 brought the stars together (unfortunately without the late Luke Perry) and contributed to defining the FOX network. Yet Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, and Brian Austin Green performed in a meta-twist, instead of portraying their roles in the 90210 continuations, as they gathered together to latest Beverly Hills 90210.

The West Beverly Gang had to overcome a large number of challenges as Tori Spelling led the way and learned how to shoot a pilot episode in its 90210 remakes. The 90210 Cast ultimately managed to get his pilot (led by Priestley) into the can, from a bad script that needed to write again a page-one, a fire that destroyed a Peach Pit set, to a stalker who sent threatening dolls to a cast.

In the final of the season I of the BH90210, “The Long Wait,” they realized they may beat a reboot on a narrow scale of The O.C., the most successful “minister” on FOX by Beverly Hills, in the fall schedule of the network. In the meantime, loads of interpersonal dramas, including the exploration of women’s sentiments, have taken place. She has finally found out about her husband Chris. Yet Carteris still supports Gabrielle’s journey of self-discovery. Alongside Christine Elise, the FOX Executive who oversees the revival of 90210, (for now).

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