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Which iCarly character are you, by the way? Sam, Carly, Spencer, Freddie, or somebody else? This entertaining test compares your personality to each of the six main characters.

A New iCarly Character Quiz for 2021 is Here!

This quiz determines which character from the first and second iterations of iCarly you most closely resemble with just 20 abnormally intriguing questions. And it is entirely accurate in doing so.

This quiz, in contrast to our VICTORiOUS Quiz, has trivia questions with no right or wrong answers. The test is made to evaluate your personality and compare it to one of the show’s eight or more main characters.

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Identify Your Favorite iCarly Character

Answering questions like “Which iCarly character am I?” is the test’s basic premise. To develop a precise match-finding algorithm, our editors rewatched every episode of the 2007 Nickelodeon smash.

Here are a few possible answers you might receive after answering the question.

· Carly

Which iCarly character are you, I hear you ask? I’m Carly Shay, most fans would want to say. That is so because she is the story’s main character. Carly is a cheerful, colorful, and endearing teen girl in spite of her casual demeanor. She keeps everything in check and always brings out the best in her pals.

People who score similarly to Carly on the quiz have strong libido levels. They are also characterized as being rather spewed personalities.

· Sam

Finding out you matched Sam on an iCarly quiz is not good news. She is an outspoken, assertive teen who despises opposition. Of course, Sam is also a well-liked figure who the new sequel’s audience will miss. But once more, her anger management issues make her a contentious match.

Mr. Spencer

When asked which iCarly character they are, many lads who watched the program as teenagers would like to respond, “I’m Spencer.” He is the show’s man-child and, surprise, has a busy love life. Other teenagers need a cool, humorous, and protective person like Spencer in order to live. However, nobody ever acknowledges Spencer’s significance in the show.

The iCarly Character Quiz respondents that most closely like Spencer Shay are artistic, upbeat, and creative.

— Freddie

Freddie’s middle names are pleasant and nerdy. He has become slightly insecure as a result of his experience with helicopter parenting. Nevertheless, he develops into a more self-assured and dependable figure throughout the narrative. Freddie Benson is still an honorable man who will always be devoted to his friends, despite everything. And his unwavering devotion to Carly is still a touching aspect of the program today.

Those that perform as well on the test as Freddie are kind, modest, and organized.

Additional Character?

Like every Nickelodeon teen show, iCarly features a cast of lovable characters. Therefore, it would be difficult to incorporate them all in a single quiz. But the quiz you’re about to play on QuizExpo features some of the most adored characters, including Gibby, Nora, and other recurring figures.

Do the New Sequel Characters Make an Appearance?

Yep! The 2021 sequel’s primary cast and intriguing characters are listed with the original gang in the iCarly Character Test. You complement recently introduced characters like Millicent and Harper.

What Else Can the iCarly Test Tell Us?

We wanted to carry out more than simply a simple match-finding experiment. Because of this, the findings also include extra details like a personality disorder diagnosis and a free personality analysis! (For amusement only, though.)

Your Izzy Boyfriend

Your love interest is one of the quiz’s most interesting bits of information. Even though it was a teen program, iCarly had numerous contentious love scenes. In light of this, we thought you might be interested in learning which character might be on your radar if you lived in Seattle and went to Ridgeway (Junior) High School.

Personality Assessment

What about a specific iCarly character makes them your match? The quiz results provide an answer to questions of that nature. You can understand the reasoning behind your result thanks to the thorough persona breakdown you receive. Additionally, it makes you more aware of your genuine self using sitcom-like techniques and fiction.

A Personality Disorder You May Have!

Fans of iCarly might find it too somber to hear, but practically every character on the show has some form of PD. Sam, for instance, has a bad attitude. Carly exhibits narcissistic tendencies. And Freddie appears to be suffering from a general anxiety issue.

So, based on your comments, our editors decided it would be amusing to diagnose you with a personality condition. Naturally, that wouldn’t be a legitimate diagnosis. Take the results with a grain of salt, please.

None of the pictures used in the iCarly Character Quiz belong to QuizExpo. All of these images are the property of Nickelodeon.

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