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Respond to these rapid questions in our Looney Tunes quiz and we will tell you which Looney Tunes character are you. Play it now.

Looney Tunes initially showed musical compositions owned by Warner through caricature escapades like Bosko and Buddy. Then the popular cartoon stars were shown as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Tweety, Sylvester, Granny, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Lihorn, Marvin the Martian, Pepé Le Pew, Witch Hazel, and Speéedy Gonzales.

Both Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies are parodies of Silly Symphonies, named after the competitors’ music-based short film series, Walt Disney. From 1942 to the 1960s, Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodia, and other popular competitors such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and MGM were the most popular cartoon shorts in cinema theatres (Tom and Jerry, Droopy, etc.).

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Looney Tunes is one of the funniest films ever made by Warner Bros, an animated short released between 1930 and 1969. Even the smallest characters have become iconic, from Bugs Bunny to Marvin the Martian to Daffy Duck to a big monster with red hair.

Looney Tunes quiz

“Have become iconic,” however, is a bit wrong, because that is true of those who are a particular age. This is only true. I’m 39, and I grew up with Looney Tunes, although people are just 10 years younger than me, often because of the 1996 film Space Jam when those characters play basketball alongside Michael Jordan, hopefully not to be destroyed by outer space creatures.

By the time Tex Avery reached Warners, it took over a new hire, literally giving its voice to Looney Tunes. His name was Mel Blanc, and a number of background characters began to play. After that, he was called in as Porky’s voice to replace Joe Dougherty because Dougherty truly took hours to record and had a stutter. Also, you will find out which Looney Tunes character are you in this quiz.

From that time on, Blanc played practically each one of Looney Tunes’s thousand characters, with a few exceptions, notably the roadrunner Elmer Fudd (Arthur Q. Bryant) and most of the women’s pieces, played by Bea Benaderet and June Foray, both of whom played Tweety’s Granny.

He was Barney Rubble on the Flintstones and was the genesis of the part of Woody Woodpecker. Based on his laughs about children’s memories of his use to test echos in his school’s empty halls. Blanc was even the protagonist of legendary cartoon characters for other companies.

The job of Blanc was his life literally. Once a vehicle crash leaving him comatose, a nurse was thinking of addressing him like “bugs” after days of failing to receive an answer from him. He answered, “Oh… okay, Doc. How are you? How are you doing?” Through his various personas, the nurse ran through until he woke up, finally.

About the quiz

Carl Stalling’s work was the melody that ran behind his numerous voices. The best gig he could have requested was Looney Tunes. He was to direct the complete 50-piece orchestra of Warner Brothers, which was a privilege that no other studio afforded.

This lack of consciousness in our times is too horrible. Looney Tunes offers an extensive classic in slapstick humor, wisecracks, and classical music, and at least everybody should know about the wild, fourth-wall shenanigans of Duck Amuck, with Daffy Duck facing an animator who keeps trying to get rid of him and draws another version of the original angry bird (give or take a Donald). What Looney Tunes character are you?

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are back to feuding. Fed up with portraying Bugs, Daffy has chosen to leave the studio. The duck decides suddenly to unite with DJ without a hero, whether he likes it or not. As a result, Daffy comes on stage when DJ realizes that his renowned film star dad was Damian Drake. Known to play suave international spies in real life.

In a hopeless attempt to overthrow the nefarious Acme and save the world from their malicious bucks DJ hits the road with Daffy on the rope. Unknown to the two neo-spies, VP Kate and Bugs are also followed. The brass studio has decided that the rabbit needs a comic foil after all. And if she can’t get Daffy back to work ASAP, Kate has his job.

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