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Exactly which Mario character are you, you ask? Unexpectedly, this precise personality test can determine if you are Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or someone else.

A Mario Character Quiz That Is Almost Perfectly Accurate!

One of the earliest fandoms is for the Super Mario saga. However, fans didn’t begin posing queries like “Which Mario character am I” until recently. The best approach to quickly locate your match is to take the quiz on this page. It has the most hilarious personality quizzes ever. The outcomes, though, are startlingly accurate.

We suggest taking the popular test “What Pokémon Are You?” if you enjoy gaming personality tests. The issue of which character most closely resembles you is a geeky one.

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But the Mario Test isn’t your typical exam. Every extra piece of information that no other website supplies is provided here in the results.

Which Mario character are you?

Do you have a personality more like Luigi or Mario? For these types of questions, our quiz assesses every aspect of your persona. But we also thoroughly researched every important figure in the narrative, building a trustworthy database. Wario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Toad, Daisy, Bowser, Yoshi, Boo, and Waluigi are among the outcomes.

Here’s your Mario crush.

You are aware of how the narrative ends. You rescue a charming princess who was abducted by an evildoer. Pretty passionate, no? In any case, we tried to make the Mario Character Quiz as romantic as we could. Because of this, the findings include a section for boyfriends and girlfriends that pinpoints your crush based on your persona.

Obtain a free personality assessment.

Which Mario character are you, exactly? is the crucial query here. However, the test explains why you matched a specific video game character and what it means. Therefore, in addition to all the other pieces of information in your result, you will also get a thorough personality breakdown.

Which Mario Character Are You, and How Do You Know?

The easiest method to determine which character best fits you is to take the Mario and Luigi quiz. Not every fan, though, might be interested in taking a personality test. So, here is a different approach. Choose the one that most accurately describes you after reading the brief descriptions below.

#1: Mario

Mario, the hero of the story, is a decent, upbeat, fun-loving, and brave man. Despite initially failing to defend them, he is able to save those he loves. The quiz takers who match Mario have brash, eager, and slightly confident personalities. They do, however, stand out for possessing a strong sense of right and evil.

Like Mario, you cannot tolerate injustice. And you do every effort to ensure that life is as equitable as possible for you and others around you.

#2: Luigi

Luigi is more reserved and quiet than his older brother. He has a noble nature. However, he also fears failing. He might therefore back down in circumstances when there is a great chance of disaster. Overall, Luigi is a sympathetic, reserved, and endearing guy.

In the Mario Quiz, he matches players with colorful personalities. They frequently find the best in others. And even before they get to know someone, they have a tendency to trust them.

Princess Peach, third

Which Mario character are you, if you were to ask fans? “I’m Princess Peach,” many would exclaim with enthusiasm. She is a gorgeous, charming, kind, and nice young lady, which explains why. One distinguishing quality of Peach is that she prioritizes the needs of others before her own, which others perceive as being a giving quality.

The people that match her in the Mario Quiz are lovable but also rather stupid and forgetful. They frequently overlook little things about their friends and colleges. However, their politeness is usually useful, so nobody ends up being offended by their forgetfulness.

Rosalina, #4

She is the most knowledgeable figure in the Mario universe. Everyone adores Rosaline, who is a motherly, responsible, and loving woman. She also guards her loved ones fiercely. And those close to her may count on her expertise and understanding on any subject.

In either case!

Still trying to figure out which Mario character you are? That’s alright. For the definitive answers, you should take the quiz. Not just the primary characters from video games are included in the results.

You might end up facing up against a Mario villain.

What Mario character would you be, if someone were to ask you? then you say, “I’m Bowser,” That would be amazing, no? The good news is that we have a list of every villain in the tale in our quiz. You can name them all: Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, Wario, Waluigi, Fawful, Foreman Spike, Mr. L. Everybody is taking the exam. So be aware that your ambitious replies could result in a villain match at the test’s conclusion.

What Purpose Does It Serve to Know Which Mario Character You Are?

There is no real purpose. It is a fun quiz that will make longtime gamers nostalgic and new fans extremely intrigued. The free personality analysis that is provided along with the exam results is also rather entertaining. Imagine someone asking you Mario-related questions and then assessing your persona. ¯\ (ツ) /¯ I like it, don’t you?


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