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Do you ever ask, “Which branch of the military should I join?” Which branch best suits you is revealed by this frank test. Do you want to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps?

A Reliable Military Branches Test

Making the choice of which branch is best for you is difficult. Even more challenging is the inability to readily change your service. However, the 20 questions on this page might help you choose your ideal branch of the US military depending on your preferences and abilities.

We created the exam for any American who was unsure about enlisting in the military. It’s a self-report questionaire with thorough, trustworthy outcomes. What you learn by taking part is as follows.

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Note that the quiz may potentially reveal people who shouldn’t enlist.

Determine which branch you ought to join.

The test’s objective is to assist you in selecting the best military organisation to join. The first piece of information it provides is therefore this. To determine the best alternative for you, we’ve assembled a database of all six branches. We have questions that guide you in choosing the finest service, much like a qualified recruiter would.

Find out why a particular military branch is right for you.

It’s critical to understand why a specific force is your best option. Because of this, the military branch quiz provides an explanation for each outcome. It aids in conceptualization and allows you to base your own analysis on ours.

Find out how to join the force of your dreams.

What happens after you choose which branch of the military to join? You learn some important details about what to do next and how to sign up from the quiz. Although they overlap, each U.S. military service has its own recruitment procedure.

Things the military branch test takes into account

How can we respond to a complex question like “Which branch of the military should I join? “? The secret lies in letting you forge your own course. This quiz is set up as a self-report. In order to provide you the ability to select your branch, it is more of a guided approach. We take the following into account when doing so.

selecting a job.

Soldiers do not make up the military. There are thousands, if not hundreds of various careers that you might be interested in. Therefore, the quiz aids in your review of all your alternatives without specifically addressing any of them, as that is simply not possible.

duty location

Your life is greatly impacted by where you serve. You might not want to live overseas or apart from your family. Finding out the military branch you should join requires careful consideration of issues like these. Before making any selections, you should ask the questions the quiz provides. And your responses assist us in providing the most trustworthy and precise findings.

Rotations or travels.

Any branch you choose to work in offers the chance to travel or rotate. You have no control over your next move. Additionally, you must remain in a specific location for the duration that US forces require you to.

Some services require you to switch every year or so due to a shorter rotation duration. Others, however, don’t require as many trips, and you may count on staying put for a long time. Your responses to the quiz are analysed to find the best type of rotation plan for you.


You must fulfil a number of conditions in order to join a military branch. The selection standards for the forces are specific to each part or service. You must therefore evaluate each one separately. The good news is that you can do that for yourself thanks to the questionnaire you’re going to take. Our database is focused on the demands of the moment. Therefore, fitting a specific service also implies that you have a good chance of passing their tests.

Plans for payment.

Although salary is uniform throughout all military branches, perks and bonuses can vary greatly. Your financial aspirations are taken into account by the quiz to produce an appropriate result. Remember that the average military member in the United States earns $40.000 per year. However, depending on your branch and position, it may reach $85K.

Before taking the military branch quiz, be aware of your options.

You can pick from five branches of the Department of Defense and one branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Before making any decisions or taking online tests, it’s important to understand what each of them is about.

Armed Forces (USAF)

This branch’s slogan is “To soar, battle, and win.” Because the entire operation is dependent on aeroplanes and pilots, it amply illustrates their significance. Being a pilot places you at the pinnacle of the air force’s hierarchy, with nearly everyone else (aside from your commanders) working to support you. Additionally, it is stated that American airmen have the best quality of life while serving.

Army (USA) (USA)

When an aggressive and physically fit person inquires, “Which branch should I join?” A cliche response is to enlist in the military. Yes, physically fit people are needed for the branch. However, not every position in the American army requires you to be the Rock. Being in the army will require you to travel frequently, adapt to a life of substandard living conditions, and serve on several perilous missions, particularly those that take you abroad.

Costal Guard (USCG)

Some people do not view the USCG as a military option because it is a part of DHS. But that isn’t true. The branch’s main goal is to prevent smugglers and other lawbreakers from entering the coasts and waterways. According to the official website of the US government, “USCG implements maritime environmental protection legislation. Coast Guardsmen, or Coasties, are members of the armed forces. The Coast Guard Reserve is the reserve element.

Corps of Marines (USMC)

The branch’s primary function is to support all other troops during land combat, sea-based operations, and air-ground operations. One of the most challenging aspects of U.S. military training is becoming a Marine. It necessitates frequent rotations, overseas assignments, dangerous activities, and direct conflict.

Navy (USN) (USN)

When the USCG’s jurisdiction ends, the USN’s territory begins. The majority of navy personnel are required to serve aboard or close to a warship. The rotation time is not very long. Additionally, you can spend a few months at sea without seeing any land.

Space Defense (USSF)

Since this force is still in its infancy, many people who inquire about which branch of the military they should join are unaware that it exists. The Space Force is a division of the Department of the Air Force, according to the American government website. In order to safeguard American and allies’ space interests and give the combined force access to space capabilities, it organises, trains, and equips space forces.


The American government, military, or other organisations mentioned in the quiz are not affiliated with QuizExpo. This page’s quiz on military branches was independently produced with pleasure and education in mind.

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