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Respond to these rapid questions in our Snow White quiz and we will tell you which Snow White character are you? Play it now.

How are we to analyze the Snow White story? Like many other traditional fairy stories, such as Rumpelstiltskin or the Goldilocks story, the tale is haunted by number three: there are three drops of blood dripping from the hand of the first queen, there are three queens (Snow White’s mother and his wicked stepmother, then Snow White herself).

The three attempts by the evil stepmother to kill her rival, as the significance of the number in the Goldilocks account, can be considered an example of the right-hand balance in the classical stories: one sets a plot point, the second is due to the contradiction of the first attempt and thus redoubles efforts, the third ends with success.

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This is evident in the many fantasy trilogies produced following The Lord of the Rings: the first volume sets out the quest or danger at stake, the second volume doubles the threat and the 3rd volume considers that good over evil (or the law triumphs over chaos in the trilogies of Michael Moorcock of the 1960s and 1970s). But enough of that diversion into the literature of fantasy. Also, you will find out which Snow White character are you in this quiz.

Which Snow White character are you?

In the early 19th century Brothers Grimm first made the narrative of ‘Snow White’ prominent in printed literature. The story of ‘Snow white’ occurs in its volumes of classic fairy tales. The seven Dwarfs don’t have names in the Grimms’ version and indeed all 19th-century reproductions of the Snow White story.

Walt Disney has had a reputation for his first full-length animated production from an American studio in the film business when he attempted the biggest game to date. Disney had decided since he viewed a silent-film rendition of the famous fable in 1917 that he would bring the Snow White legend onto the cinema.

However, the film was immediately a feeling of a box office, earning accolades from the innovative Russian film director Sergey Eisenstein, who declared it the biggest film ever. Also, in 1939, the movie received a special Academy Award, which it recognizes as “a substantial screen innovation that has attracted millions and has been the pioneer of a new field of film enjoyment.” The exceptional animation, voiceover, and production qualities are the norm for all future animated Disney features. This version of the classical narrative, which gave dwarfs names and brought other important elements into the story. Has now virtually replaced all others in the popular mind.

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She decided to dress up like a former beggar and she took with her a basket full of apples. She put a toxic apple into her position and put it on the top of the girl. The dwarfs worked in the mine every day and warned Snow White not to talk to unusual people before they went.

Also, she admonished her when her stepmother came for her. But it was so difficult to tell her no, she disguised herself so well. And Snow White began speaking to her, she appeared friendly. She gave her the apple and just one bite was plenty for Snow White to unconsciously tumble to the earth.

They noticed her lie down on the floor after the dwarfs returned and couldn’t bring her to live and so did a glass sarcophagus to look at her again. She wrapped her cabin in flowers and kept it daily.

A young prince passed through the forest on the day he spotted the lovely princess resting in the sarcophagus. He fell in love with the dwarfs and asked her who she was. And the prince kissed her, they informed him what had happened to her. Snow White opened her eyes and her throat sprang up from an apple chunk. The dwarfs were unable to believe their sight. She wanted to marry him and answered yes. The prince asked her. The dwarfs accompanied her to the palace.

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