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What if a jokey question like, “Which South Park character are you?” was posed? Take the quiz to test your knowledge! Who are you: Eric, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, or someone else?

The Most Exact South Park Character Quiz Ever

The South Park Personality Test asks you a series of amusing, contentious, and even upsetting questions to determine which character best describes you.

The test’s underlying idea is comparable to that of the Family Guy Quiz. However, this one provides more details about your persona by disclosing less well-known facts about you, such your mental health issues! (For amusement only, though.)

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In No Time, Discover Your Character

Answering questions like “Which South Park character am I?” is the aim. We examine your characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors to find the ideal match.

Meet Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Which South Park character is your boyfriend? is among the funniest inquiries made by fans. The good news is that our test provides accurate answers to those questions as well. So, based on your persona, you will discover who might be your love interest.

Free personality assessment

Our South Park Character Quiz gives you a breakdown of your personality, which is the coolest feature. By the end of the exam, you discover why and what it means that you matched a certain person.

Check to See If You Have Any Personality Disorders!

We all know that nobody in that bizarre city is sane. Therefore, being a South Park character would make your personality issues obvious. Eric, for instance, is antisocial and narcissistic all at the same time. Kenny appears to be an introverted, hypersexual individual. You get the picture.

Note: We make light of our mental illness diagnoses. Take the results with a grain of salt, please.

Play the Song of Your Persona for me.

What South Park tune best describes you? That is yet another strange test question of this nature. We’ll let you know which song best encapsulates your characteristics out of the many that were performed during the concert.

How to Identify Your South Park Character Easily

Not all fans enjoy personality tests. So, here’s a different way to meet your South Park twin. Choose the one that most closely describes you after reading the following description.

Obviously, this approach is not 100 percent accurate. But you know, it’s still better than nothing.

Mark Marsh

One may even describe Stan as a snowflake given the unusual standards of the city. He is a sensitive, emotional, and gentle boy. Stan’s sadness recurs frequently throughout the plot of the show. It also appears to be severe. He is, however, unaffected by the scams and cultism going on around him and is perhaps the smartest child of them.

Broflovski, Kyle

Kyle has a strong sense of right and wrong because he’s the good boy of the group. He is a dependable buddy because of his brotherly inclination. But Kyle is different from his best friend Stan in that he has a short fuse.

McCormick, Kenny

One of the oddest and most adored characters in South Park history is Kenneth. He is lovable due to his hypersexual attitudes and mumble rap-like language. Kenny is a devoted, sympathetic, and brave youngster despite his perverse humor and foul vocabulary.

Cartman, Eric

Few antagonistic characters in South Park are as well-liked as Eric. He embodies everything you want your child to avoid. Fans still adore him, though. Eric is defined as a violent, immature, and destructive antisocial narcissist.

Which South Park character are you, I hear you ask? Few supporters would put up their hands and proclaim, “I’m Eric.” He is one of the city’s most divisive figures, which explains why.

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