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Am I addicted to my phone? is a topic that people in the modern era frequently ask. Based on your responses, this quiz has a correct answer after assessing 20 elements and indications.

Why Smartphone Addiction Exists

It is the excessive use of smartphones to the point where it interferes with daily life and creates distress, according to PsychGuides. Some could refer to this ailment as “nomophobia,” which is the dread of misplacing your phone.

Why are people unable to turn off their phones?

Many people become addicted to their phones because of the elevated levels of dopamine in the body. Businesses create apps that resemble slot machines. You therefore always wait for something unexpectedly satisfying to emerge. As a result, you find yourself unable to stop browsing through your social media.

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This is referred to as the Dark Flow effect in gambling. Slot machine users assert that while using the machine, they forget about everything else in their lives. For smartphone junkies, the same is true.

Am I Dependent on My Phone?

You are addicted to technology if you experience withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, uneasiness, or bodily distress when your cell phone is not around. Other signs of addiction include losing track of time, experiencing euphoria when receiving alerts, putting vital duties ahead of checking your messages or notifications, and having people criticize your excessive smartphone use.

Two Tests Can Determine Whether You’re an Addict

If you still have the question, “Am I hooked to my phone?,” use the following techniques to receive a response.

Using a phone addiction test as Method #1

A legitimate test, like the one on this page, examines all nomophobia signs to determine whether or not you are addicted. It is the most trustworthy technique to confirm that you are not a slave to technology just yet.

Twenty self-report questions on our questionnaire let you rate how much your devices have you hooked. See more below about this.

Method #2: Go a day without using your phone (Dopamine Fasting)

If you can go a day or two without checking your phone, you most likely are not a dependent user. However, if you experience anxiety, tension, or boredom without your cell phone, you ARE a technology-dependent person.

What Do the Test Results Look Like and Mean?

To assess the extent of your habit, we develop a phone addiction test. You might see the following terms in your search results. And here are some important facts about each.

I’m Phubber.

It is perhaps the least severe kind of phone addiction. Phubbers utilize their smartphones while interacting with others. Such a person can mistakenly act in this way. But it leads to a specific sub.

A nomophobe

The dread of losing or not having your phone is known as nomophobia. This is the most typical test result, despite the fact that it may sound strange.

The Smombie

The phrase translates to “Smartphone Zombie.” It’s common for those who suffer from this disease to never even inquire about their phone addiction. They become enmeshed in video games, social media, and other media. That awful that they are unable to even lead normal lives.

Not a Dependent

You are not a phone-head is the most rewarding outcome of the Phone Addiction Test. However, it’s a rare disorder now. A recent study by REVIEWS.ORG found that 19% of consumers are extremely addicted to their mobile devices.

Effects of a Smartphone Zombie Lifestyle

The American Psychology Association asserts that depression can result from excessive usage of social media. According to studies, countries with higher smartphone usage rates also have higher incidences of mental illness. (Following is a list of additional negative impacts of excessive technology use.)

Envy-based culture

The culture of envy is fueled by seeing other people’s extravagant, extraordinarily happy lives on social media. “Evidence is accumulating that there is a correlation between social media and depression,” says ChildMind.

Dopamine receptors are fewer

Scientists contend that dopamine is produced in the brain in response to notifications, messages, and game achievements. However, an excessive amount of the stated chemical disables its receptors in the brain. As a result, you will require more dopamine each time to feel pleased. If not, you’ll experience emotional numbness, sadness, or excessive boredom and depression.

artificial socialization

According to author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek, smartphones prevent children from developing appropriate social skills. They believe that most of their friendships are superficial as a result. Fake socialization is possible on social media. As a result, you soon lose the ability to trust others since you are unsure of their feelings toward you.

Expert Advice on How to Quit Being a Smartphone Addict

Digital marketing guru Ross Sleight has over 20 years of experience. In his TEDx lecture, Ross offered five methods to “stop looking down, and start looking up.”

1. Identify your cell phone usage patterns and motivations.

Apps like Moment and Quality Time, according to Ross, provide you insights into how you use your technology. With the knowledge they provide, you can identify the problems and resolve them.

2. Avoid using it when interacting with others.

Placing your phone away while interacting with others is the second step in quitting phone addiction. Do not place it on the table either, Ross commands.

3. Request that people engage with you rather than their phones.

Two-way communication is essential. Instead of being surrounded by Smombies, you need real people. So instead of looking at devices, get others to talk to you and make eye contact.

4. Avoid sleeping on your phone.

Leave your device outside the bedroom, as Ross advises. Additionally, put it away three hours before bedtime.

5. Disable automated notifications.

One of the main causes of your distractions is those tiny buzzes. So, unless they are coming from actual people, go to your settings and turn them off.

You can activate a grayscale mode for our screen, as an expert tip. Your screen’s color will be completely removed, which will make it less interesting for you to idly scroll down.

Some Startling Statistics

Before taking the Phone Addiction Test, we want you to be aware of these startling facts.

  • Nearly 54 out of 100 Americans believe they are nomophobic.
  • One-seventh of one hundred parents admit to spending more time online than with their children.
  • 7 out of 100 drivers “ALWAYS” look at their phones while operating a vehicle.
  • For every 100 people, 45 prefer their cell phone to sex.
  • 34 out of every 100 couples report that they spend more time on their phones than with their partners.

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