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Are you concerned that you could be mentally disabled? Do you ever enquire of others, “Am I retarded?” This 20-question test demonstrates why you need to stop that right away.

This Quiz Proves You Are NOT Retarded

You can determine whether or not you have a mental disability by taking the test on this page. This fun and educational quiz demonstrates your brilliance and intelligence. Take this test right away if someone called you retarded and made you wonder if there is something wrong with you. We will demonstrate why they are entirely mistaken and instruct you on how to handle such toxic individuals.

History of the Retardation Tests

Traditionally, a person’s IQ score was used to determine whether they had a developmental disability. The procedure was easy. The participants were classified as retarded if their Intelligence Quotient test results were below 85 or 80.

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However, in recent years, these tests have become invalid and unacceptable. Even though some clinical settings still use IQ scores, it is no longer acceptable to label someone as mentally retarded.

The following are today’s signs and symptoms of severe intellectual disability.

  • Lack of necessary skills for living.
  • Reasoning and learning problems.
  • Inability to make decisions.
  • Incapability in solving simple problems.
  • Failure in doing day-to-day tasks.
  • Difficulty in communication.
  • Being unable to take care of self.

Why You Should Stop Asking, “Am I Retarded?”

The term “retarded” is out of date and meaningless. It’s only disrespectful to illiterate individuals that use it that way. A campaign to ban the legal use of the R-word was started in 2010 by a young woman by the name of Rosa Marcelino. She gave us Rosa’s Law, which former President Obama signed and forbade the use of some words in legal documents, including “retarded.” In its place, “a person with mental disability” is used.

No one should ever inquire, “Am I retarded? ” regardless of their age, IQ, sex, etc. This is due to the lack of such a person. Your intelligence level may not be as high as others’, but you are still a valuable and regular person.

Is It Okay to Use the R-Word?

Not at all, no. Rosa’s Law forbids the usage of the phrase in a professional setting. It is a sensitive and offensive word, so you ought to refrain from using it in everyday speech. Even if you use it in jest, it is still improper.

Things to Know About Online Retarded Quizzes

If a “Am I Retarded?” quiz on the internet claims to give you accurate results, do not believe it. An online survey cannot be used to diagnose someone with a mental disability. Before taking any of these tests, keep the following additional considerations in mind.

It Is a Touchy Subject That Should Not Be Used for Entertainment

A person with a mental illness or disability can only be diagnosed by a qualified psychologist or medical professional. Unfortunately, there are some websites that mock serious issues by using unsupervised tests.

There Is No Way to Label Someone Retarded Through an Online Test

If someone asks, “Am I retarded?,” the only response you can give them is “No.” It doesn’t matter what your motivations are when you label someone. Therefore, make sure the test you take does not disparage you or make fun of you in any way.

Note that there is no hostility toward participants in the quiz on this page. There are no derogatory or labeling terms in the results. This test’s sole purpose is to demonstrate that you should stop wondering if you have mental retardation.

An Online IQ Test Is Not Enough

A child’s or adult’s IQ score is insufficient to establish intellectual disability. Professionals use a variety of variables to diagnose a person with a mental illness. Thus, do not believe online tests that guarantee you will receive accurate results based on your IQ.

What Does the Test on This Page Do?

To address queries like “Am I retarded?” we have developed the most encouraging and kid-friendly test. or “Am I dumb?”

It Proves You Are Not a Retarded

The most obvious proof that you are not mentally retarded is the fact that you are reading this. However, you can use our test to determine your level of intelligence. It provides an entirely truthful response.

It Exposes if You Are Being Bullied

People frequently wonder “am I retarded” because they have experienced harassment and terror from others. Based on your responses, our test tells you if you need to be cautious about these occurrences.

It Teaches You About Labeling and Its Negative Effects

Sometimes people who are taking the test are jokingly asking themselves, “Am I retarded?” But that is also unacceptable. No matter what your purpose or intention may be, taking our quiz will help you understand why you should avoid using such labels.

Questions to Ask Instead of “Am I Retarded?”

There is no reason to be concerned about retardation. It is a dated term used to describe individuals with intellectual disabilities. Here are some additional queries that you can use in place of “Why am I retarded?” or similar phrases.

Question #1: Should I Let Others Call Me That Way?

When it comes to something so delicate as mental health and intelligence, you shouldn’t let anyone call you names. In accordance with US law, you have the right to file a lawsuit against someone who called you names like “retarded” and inflicted emotional harm on you. Don’t be silent, then.

Question #2: Is It My Fault Others Are Not Educated Enough?

If someone thinks you’re mentally retarded, it’s because they lack education. There isn’t anything else to justify that. Thus, you are not at blame.

Question #3: What Should I Do If Someone Called Me Retarded?

You need to intervene and tell them to stop. No matter what their social standing or position, nobody has the right to insult you or make you feel bad. If the person keeps using such language to harass you, you can sue them or inform others of the incident. In these circumstances, asking for assistance is acceptable.

Disclaimer: We Are Sorry for Using the R-Word

QuizExpo regrets using the word “retard” on this page and extends its sincere apologies to its users. We are fully aware that it no longer has any place in the modern lexicon. And our main goal is to convince the participants that there is nothing wrong with their brains or intelligence. If you find any of the statements made here to be offensive or inappropriate, kindly let us know.

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