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Hey, which character from Attack on Titan are you? This test will show. It is the AoT personality test for 2021, which is based on the Final Season.

A Genuine Attack on Titan Character Quiz

Which Scout best fits your personality if you were to reside in Ragako City? Since the Manga series, fans have often pondered, “Which AoT character am I? We therefore made the decision to develop the most precise personality analyzer to match you with your counterpart in the Eldian Armed Forces. See more below on this.

Take the Attack on Titan trivia test on QuizExpo to check your knowledge. On this test, only true Otakus can achieve a score of 15 out of 20.

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What Does the Test Offer You?

The goal of the 2021 Attack on Titan quiz is to determine which character best describes you. The outcomes, however, provide more than that. You’ll learn your age, regiment, and crush on an Eldian by the end of the quiz. Additionally, to add to the fun, a comprehensive personality analysis is included in every result.

Your Attack on Titan Soulmate

You can determine which AoT character best represents your personality by responding to the quiz questions. We examined and categorize all of the major protagonists and antagonists of the anime series. Your responses enable us to quickly identify the persona that most closely resembles you.

Your AoT Crush

Each character from Attack on Titan has a list of known crushes. The table below contains the complete list. After finding your match, it enables us to ascertain your anime fan.

Your Attack on Titan Character’s Age and Nationality

We know how old the main characters will be by the end of the story now that the final season of the show has been released. In order to determine your age in the Eldia’s universe, we ask you which Attack on Titan character you are. It will state your current age if you were a military member in the fourth season. Additionally, you will learn your nationality when playing an AoT character.

For instance, we know that Levi, who is 39 in the final season, is French. Therefore, if your character is like his, you are a skilled French warrior.

Your Regiment

There are various regiments in the Military (Gunji), also called the Armed Forces of Eldia. And each of the aforementioned armed groups specializes in specific missions. For instance, The Scout Regiment () participates in Titan battles, research, and human population expansion plans. Therefore, as soon as you learn that your AoT persona matches, you will learn which forces would accept you.

Personality Analysis

Some people find it absurd when asked, “Which Attack on Titan character are you? ” Real fans, or true Otakus, are aware that your response to these questions will reveal a lot about you. For this reason, in addition to other information, the quiz includes a thorough persona psychoanalysis.

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You Based on Your Traits

If you are not interested in taking a thorough AoT quiz, follow these steps to find your match. See which of the popular characters described below you can most easily identify with.

You Are Levi if You Are a Clean Freak.

He is OCD. You can tell there is a problem with Levi Ackermann’s obsession with cleaning the moment you meet him (Rivai Akkman). If you also exhibit these obsessive tendencies, you would be the ideal partner for him. On the outside, Levi also appears to be a cold and distant person. Similar to him, they frequently have few pals. However, they are willing to take all risks necessary to save their loved ones.

You Are Erwin if You Are a Natural Strategist.

When you initially meet Erwin Smith ( Eruvin Sumisu), he exhibits sophisticated behavior. People who are like Erwin typically spend more time thinking than speaking. They are hence more adept at planning and developing strategies. These people are less likely to inquire as to which Attack on Titan character they are. This is due to the fact that they have already examined your behavior to make an accurate prediction.

You Are Misaka if You Are a Survivor.

Mikasa Ackermann’s equivalent ( Mikasa Akkman) signifies that you were created to withstand adversity. She has a strong belief in concepts like the survival of the fittest. Because of this, Mikasa is unlikely to change her serious expression. She always anticipates the worse. She is therefore a honorable warrior. People who are like Misaka have strong moral convictions. And no matter what, they don’t regret their choices.

You Are Eren if You Are Hardheaded.

If you don’t respect someone’s personality, you won’t listen to them. Eren Jaeger (Eren Yg) is a warrior with a strong will who occasionally exhibits impulsivity. People who resemble Erens may get violent in an effort to defend those they love. However, it also has a negative effect on them since it makes them too protective.

You Are Ymir if You Seem to be a Selfish Person.

When it comes to answering a question like, “Which Attack on Titan character are you?,” she is not the one you would want to match. A natural combatant, Ymir (Yumiru), will not cooperate unless you earn her respect. She is typical of those who appear egotistical and cynical on the outside. But deep down, they are frequently emotional people.

You Are Bertholdt if You Are Passive-Aggressive.

After taking the Which Attack on Titan Character Are You quiz, few people matched Bertholdt. When no one is messing with him, he is a quiet and submissive person. However, Bertholdt Hoover (Berutoruto FB) has a propensity for becoming violent.

All of the pictures used in the Which Attack on Titan Character Are You quiz belong to Funimation.

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