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This quiz can help you determine whether you exhibit any signs of being dumb, unintelligent, or stupid if you’re trying to determine the answer to the question “Am I stupid?” Absolutely sincere

A Genuine Stupidity Test

It’s not an IQ test here. The quiz shows how foolish you might be rather than rating your intelligence. Being stupid is not the exact opposite of intelligence. Because of this, your IQ should NOT be determined by a true stupid test like the one on this website.

Science and common sense both agree that intelligent and educated people can also be very foolish. Thus, it is not a problem with your mental capacity. Your behavior, choices, and ideals are what make you silly, and these are the key factors that this quiz evaluates.

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Every Other Quiz Is Stupid! (Here Is Why)

The majority of online tests that ask “Am I Stupid?” assess your level of intelligence. Therefore, they contend, persons with lower IQs are more stupid. But that is just a dishonorable notion. Being illiterate has nothing to do with being less intelligent or capable of thought.

“The possibility that a specific person is stupid is independent of any qualities,” Carlo Cipolla said. The fact that the majority of online stupidity tests emphasize your IQ renders them incorrect and unreliable.

This “Am I Stupid?” Quiz Is Based on Carlo Cipolla’s Work

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by M. Cipolla served as the basis for the stupidity detector on this page. A fatuous person, according to him, is one who harms both themselves and other people. Being harmful regardless of your gain or loss is the main sign of folly in this perspective.

Cipolla’s study serves as the foundation for our test to identify idiots. Cipolla is an economic historian, yet his article on human stupidity is the most appropriate source for a diagnosis.

The ULTIMATE Answer to “Am I Dumb?”

In other words, there is no final response to queries like “am I stupid?” or “Am I dumb?” The Dunning-Kruger Effect hypothesis states that fools cannot recognize their own folly. To assess your incompetence, you are supposed to have a certain set of skills. And the abilities mentioned are the ones that a fool lacks.

In one of his books, Dunning states the following: “If you’re inept, you can’t know you’re incompetent… The abilities you need to generate a proper response are the same abilities you need to identify a good response.

The Symptoms of Stupidity Diagram

Our Am I Stupid test analyzes your input using the following diagram to provide precise results. The author of the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity invented it first.

Questions to Ask Instead of “Am I Stupid?”

No matter how hard you try, these questions have no definitive solution. A simple yes or no response would also not be of any assistance. So, in lieu of dump queries, here are some sensible and advantageous ideas to consider.

#1: Do I underestimate the number of fools around me?

Carlo M. Cipolla claims that “everyone underestimates the number of dumb people in every situation.” So, it’s possible that the stupidity of those around you is what has you wondering if you are also stupid.

#2: Am I aware that the characteristics of a person do not make them stupid?

You are not the most foolish person in the room just because you are the least intellectual or smartest person there. The relationship between a person’s IQ and silliness is unknown. Use Donald Trump as an illustration. His IQ is 156, according to some unreliable reports! Take a closer look at his selection of the American president, though. His track record is littered with embarrassingly stupid choices and deeds.

#3: Do I know how dangerous a stupid person is?

It’s not a matter of how dimwitted you are. It concerns the potential risk that a foolish person poses. Even when there is no benefit from adopting such personalities, they still generate problems and suffering. They are therefore worse than thieves and criminals since you can anticipate their moves and be ready. But with stupid individuals, all you get are hasty, destructive impulsive actions.

#4: Am I willing to change for the better?

Why ask that question if the response does not make you smarter? A better strategy is to consider your openness to change. Each of us is capable of some level of stupidity and irrationality. But how committed are you to lowering it? The most crucial thing to consider is that.

What Are You if You Are NOT Stupid?

The Cipolla model is used in the Am I Stupid quiz to separate players. Those of you who take the test and are not ridiculous fall into one of the following three categories.

  • Intelligent. You and everyone around you benefit from your actions, deed, and behaviors.
  • Helpless. You hurt yourself to benefit others—even when there is no gain.
  • Bandit. You hurt others to benefit from their loss.

There Is No Way to Decide How Stupid You Are

One approach to find out if you are stupid or not is to take the Am I Stupid quiz. However, there is no way to gauge or assess the extent of one’s stupidity. This is primarily due to the fact that a foolish person does not behave in an expected manner while doing something incorrect.

The Am I Stupid QUIZ Is Not for Shaming You!

This quiz’s concepts and questions are all offered for educational purposes only. The type of stupidity we’re talking about has nothing to do with your intelligence level or any other personal qualities.

The only goal of the Am I Dumb test is to determine whether or not your actions are unnecessarily harmful. If you answered yes, the quiz considers you to be a fool. If not, you’re either a thief, a smart person, or a hopeless person. (And none of the aforementioned adjectives are objectionable.

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