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Respond to these rapid questions in our Avatar The Way Of Water quiz and we will tell you which Avatar The Way Of Water character you are. Play it now.

After the Na’vi successfully repelled the RDA invasion of Pandora sixteen years prior,[a] Jake Sully continues to lead the Omatikaya clan as clan chief while raising a family with Neytiri that consists of sons Neteyam and Lo’ak, a daughter named Tuk, and adopted children Kiri (born from Grace Augustine’s inert avatar) and Spider, the human son of the late Colonel Miles Quaritch who was born on Pandora. As Earth is dying, the RDA, under the direction of Frances Ardmore, their new commander, returns to colonize Pandora, much to the chagrin of the Na’vi. Recombinants, Na’vi avatars who have had the memories of fallen human troops implanted into them, are among the newcomers, and Quaritch’s recombinant is in charge of them. Jake spearheads a guerilla operation against the RDA a year later. Quaritch and his men kidnap Jake’s kids while on a counterinsurgency operation. When Jake and Neytiri arrive, they kill a number of Quaritch’s soldiers in the process of freeing them, but Spider is still held captive by Quaritch, who identifies him as his son. Quaritch chooses to spend time with his son in an effort to win him over after the RDA is unable to obtain information from Spider. Spider instructs Quaritch in Na’vi culture and language in return. Because of the threat presented by Spider’s knowledge of their whereabouts, Jake and his family flee the Omatikaya and seek safety on Pandora’s eastern coast, where they are welcomed by the Metkayina clan. There, Kiri forms a spiritual connection with the water, the family learns reef people customs, and Lo’ak befriends Tsireya, the daughter of chief Tonowari and his wife, Ronal.
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After protecting Kiri from Tonowari’s offspring Aonung, Lo’ak apologizes at Jake’s urging. Then, after luring Lo’ak into a journey into a marine predator’s domain, Aonung and his companions abandon him there. Payakan, a Tulkun—an intelligent, pacifistic whale-like species that the Metkayina regard as their spiritual kin—saves Lo’ak from the predator and becomes his companion. After arriving home, Lo’ak befriends Aonung by accepting responsibility for the journey, but he learns that Payakan is a pariah among the Tulkun. Later, Kiri connects to the underwater Spirit Tree of the Metkayina and “meets” her biological mother Grace, whose mind resides in Pandora, spiritually. Kiri experiences a seizure while in the link’s induced trance, losing consciousness and almost submerging. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Avatar The Way Of Water quiz. Kiri is identified as having epilepsy by Norm Spellman and Max Patel after Jake summons them for assistance using their medical technology. They also advise Kiri not to connect to the Spirit Tree again because doing so could kill her. Even though Ronal rescues Kiri, Quaritch follows Norm and Max’s aircraft to the Metkayina archipelago. Quaritch, who is accompanied by Spider, teams up with Captain Mick Scoresby of the RDA’s maritime operations and seizes control of a whaling ship that is pursuing Tulkuns in order to collect an anti-aging serum. Quaritch’s team conducts an invasion of the island and unsuccessfully questions the tribes about Jake’s whereabouts. To get Jake to leave, Quaritch then gives the whalers instructions to kill Tulkuns close to the villages. When Lo’ak mentally connects with Payakan, he discovers why he was exiled: he violated the pacifist principles of his species by attacking the whalers who murdered his mother, resulting in numerous fatalities.

Avatar The Way Of Water Quiz

When the Metkayina hear about the Tulkun killings, Lo’ak and his friends and siblings immediately leave to alert Payakan. When they discover Payakan being pursued, Quaritch takes Lo’ak, Tsireya, and Tuk prisoner. In order to confront the humans and save the children, Jake, Neytiri, and the Metkayina start out. Jake is coerced into giving up by Quaritch, but Payakan assaults the whalers, setting off a conflict between the Metkayina and the humans. While saving Lo’ak, Tsireya, and Spider after Spider cripples the ship, Neteyam is mortally shot by Quaritch. Jake and Neytiri, who were devastated, return to rescue their other children who had been found. Jake is up against Quaritch, who is holding Kiri prisoner. Quaritch initially denies their connection when Neytiri does the same to Spider, but changes his mind after Neytiri stabs Spider in the chest. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Avatar The Way Of Water quiz. In the perishing ship, Jake, Quaritch, Neytiri, and Tuk become imprisoned. Following a stressful battle, Jake knocks Quaritch out cold before being saved by Lo’ak and Payakan, while Kiri rescues Neytiri and Tuk. Spider saves Quaritch but declines to accompany him, returning to Jake’s family instead, who accept him as a real son. Jake notifies Tonowari of his choice to depart the Metkayina after Neteyam’s funeral. The chief acknowledges Jake as a clan member and cordially invites him and his family to remain. Jake and his family embrace and adjust to their new life at sea before pledging to continue their opposition to the RDA.

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