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Respond to these rapid questions in our Life Of Brian quiz and we will tell you which Life Of Brian character you are. Play it now.

The three wise men who come to adore the future King of the Jews are originally perplexed when Brian Cohen is born in a stable next to the one where Jesus is born. Later, Brian matures into an idealistic young man who despises Judea’s ongoing Roman rule. Brian falls in love with Judith, a stunning young rebel, as he hears Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. He is inspired to join the “People’s Front of Judea” (PFJ), one of numerous fractious and quarreling independence movements that spend more time fighting each other than they do the Romans, by his desire for her and loathing of the Romans, which is further exacerbated by his mother’s revelation that Brian is half-Roman.
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Brian is given a job by the PFJ to paint slogans on the palace of the Roman governor Pilate in order to establish himself. However, he is stopped by a Roman officer. While correcting the slogan, the officer is more worried with Brian’s terrible grammar and instructs him to write the phrase 100 times. The following morning, after finishing his writing, Brian is chased away by a different patrol of legionaries who are ignorant that their own Centurions had actually ordered Brian to commit the act of vandalism. He then takes part in a failed PFJ effort to kidnap Pilate’s wife before being apprehended by palace security. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Life Of Brian quiz.

Life Of Brian Quiz

After escaping when the guards break out in fits of laughter at Pilate’s speech impediment and his ignorance of his friends’ hilarious names, Biggus Dickus and Incontentia Buttocks, Brian finds himself on an alien spaceship before returning to Earth and trying to blend in with prophets who are preaching in a crowded plaza while paraphrasing portions of Jesus’ sermons. When some Roman soldiers leave, he interrupts himself in the middle of his sermon, leaving his tiny but attentive audience wanting to know more. When people begin to follow him to the mountains, where they proclaim him to be the Messiah, Brian becomes enraged. After spending the night in bed with Judith, Brian wakes up the next morning to find his mother’s home surrounded by a sizable crowd. When her efforts to scatter the crowd are unsuccessful, she allows Brian to speak to them. He exhorts them to use their own judgment, but they repeat his words as gospel. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Life Of Brian quiz.

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The PFJ wants to take advantage of Brian’s fame by having him preach to a horde of devotees who are clamoring for miraculous cures. After sneaking out the back, Brian is apprehended by the Romans and given the death penalty. A crowd has gathered outside Pilate’s palace to celebrate Passover, and Pilate promises to release any prisoner of their choosing. The audience makes fun of Pilate’s rhotacistic speech impediment by shouting out names that begin with the letter “r.” Eventually, Judith emerges from the crowd, pleading with the others to free Brian. Pilate then orders the release of Brian.[10] Also, you must try to play this Life Of Brian quiz. He finally gives the order to the guards, but in a scene that parodies Spartacus’ climax, several crucified individuals all claim to be “Brian” so that they can all be released and the incorrect man is let go. Other chances for Brian to get a break are turned down as the PFJ and later Judith laud his martyrdom and his mother regrets having raised him. A powerful suicide squad from the “Judean People’s Front” charges, forcing the Roman troops to flee, restoring hope; however, the squad kills themselves all in an act of political protest. As they merrily sing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” Brian’s fellow patients, who are also condemned to a slow and painful death, cheer him up.[11]

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