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Find out which of your circles is the strongest and which is out of balance using our Chakra quiz. Find out what ineffective and excessive energy sources you have.

What Is It?

A long-held notion that the body has both psychological and physical centers is known as the chakra, also known as the cakra. Some Indian religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, are the source of the concept. However, it is thought that other related concepts, such as aura, aristotelian elements, and states of consciousness, became more well-known in the contemporary era.

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Explaining the Chakra Quiz (for Beginners)

It enables you to pinpoint the issues with your physical and spiritual energies. The test consists of seven sets of questions that examine the operation of each of the seven major chakras: the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crow.

Here’s how the test is conducted.

· Function Analysis

Your body’s energy centers resemble the components of an automobile engine. Together, they ought to keep you moving. Therefore, the Chakra Quiz will ensure that each of your circles is operating properly.

· Imbalanced Chakra Check

Both physical and mental issues might result from an energy wheel that is blocked or congested. So, before it’s too late, you want to identify which of your chakras is out of balance. (Our quiz will help you with that.)

· Identifying Type of Deficiency

Anodea Judith, a best-selling author and proponent of evolution, claims that there are two different kinds of inefficiencies with regard to chakras. She says that using a certain energy in excess could result in a compensating problem. Additionally, it can trigger an avoidant reaction with moderate use. The Chakra Quiz helps you identify which of the aforementioned issues is making your body unbalanced so that you can address them.

What Causes Chakra Imbalance?

Anodea Judith, a well-known guru, asserts that “blockages occur when we must constantly boost or decrease our energy. Doing so could result in our energy wheels becoming unbalanced in certain aspects of our existence, such as emotions, power, love, etc. Here are some of the key causes of such one-sidedness, though.


Your circles are impacted by what you eat, how you work, how much sleep you receive, and your general lifestyle. Your chakra energy may become impermeable if you make a rapid or gradual alteration to any aspect of your habit.

Emotional Upsets

Your wheels could become unbalanced as a result of a sudden loss, a breakup, or even an exceptionally happy experience.

Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

Your energy levels are unavoidably impacted by unpleasant emotions. Your fight-or-flight response is triggered, which directly affects how powerful you are physically and mentally. Check to determine if something is preventing you by taking our precise anxiety test.

What Is It Like to Have Imbalanced Chakras?

In one of his most recent videos, Clark Kegley, a well-known spirituality and self-improvement coach, discussed the negative implications of having an unbalanced chakra. Everything you need to know about each circle’s shortcomings is provided below.

Root (Red)

This circle, which was once known as Muladhara, is in charge of your survival mechanisms. Your desire to eat, drink, sleep, and even reproduce comes from this. It is in the base of your spine.

You may feel incredibly greedy or, on the other hand, uninterested in making money when the Root Chakra is obstructed. Both of the aforementioned changes are warning signs that there may be a root issue.

Sacral (Orange)

The original name of this circle was Svadhishthana, which translates to “Where the self is established.” Along with creativity, sensuality, and manifestation, it is also the source of sexuality. Hip or lower back discomfort may be experienced as a result of the sacral imbalance. Additionally, it affects libido, making it rise or fall.

Solar Plexus (Yellow)

This energy wheel, also known as Manipura, is the seat of knowledge, self-knowledge, and self-assurance. Between your belly button and nipples is where it is situated. Additionally, its unevenness undermines your sense of worth while obstructing your ambitions.

Heart (Green)

If the Chakra Quiz indicates that your Anahata is blocked, you may experience relationship difficulties. The center of emotion management is the heart circle. And when it’s working right, you experience both self-love and unwavering love for others. But when you’re backed up, you feel unlovable and don’t want to hang out with anyone.

Throat (Blue)

Vishuddha is the chakra for expression and communication. When it is obstructed, it will be challenging to remain truthful and honest. Additionally, you might discover that you’re holding more and more secrets from people.

Third Eye (Indigo)

If the Ajna circle in your body has an imbalance, the Chakra Quiz will indicate that you are having spiritual issues. The body-soul link and psychic abilities come from this wheel. People with poor Third Eye functionality frequently experience a sense of meaninglessness and emptiness.

Crown (Violet)

The highest spiritual center in your body is called Sahasrara. You have a sense of disconnection and isolation when inhibited. However, when it’s working well, you’re open to options and deliberate choices.

The adverse impacts of your body’s energy systems functioning properly or improperly are described in the following table.

How Does the Chakra Quiz Help You?

The purpose of the exam is to identify your strongest and most imbalanced chakras. The questionaire does, however, also give you a thorough analysis. So, towards the conclusion, you learn what the problem is (if there is one) and how to fix it.

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