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Respond to these rapid questions in our Maggies Plan quiz and we will tell you which Maggies Plan character you are. Play it now.

The intellectual and narcissistic New Yorker is the protagonist of the film “Maggie’s Plan,” which takes place in a very particular and easily identifiable cinematic universe. It was founded by Woody Allen, and Noah Baumbach was the one who brought it into the modern era. Now, writer and director Rebecca Miller is revisiting it, with results that are sometimes humorous but generally mixed.

Miller, who is best known for weighty dramas such as “Personal Velocity” and “The Ballad of Jack and Rose,” has turned his hand to a rare light comedy with this film. But despite the machinations and manipulations of the film’s titular plot, “Maggie’s Plan” is almost too straight-laced to be considered screwball. The characters are required to engage in some level of self-reflection as well, and it can be difficult to find a middle ground between these two competing forces.

Miller provides a vivid depiction of a specific subculture within the city of New York, however. Her dialogue is frequently witty and shows a deep understanding of the intricacies and cadences of the city in which she lives. Her protagonists are academics with a smug air about them, and they lavish praise on her by saying things like “Nobody unpacks commodity fetishism like you do.” However, she also makes room for quirky Brooklyn hipsters, such as a self-proclaimed “pickle entrepreneur” who would be perfectly at home among the ironic Williamsburg crowd in Baumbach’s “While We’re Young.”

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Greta Gerwig, who plays the title character in the movie and is also Baumbach’s muse and a frequent collaborator, contributes to the film’s sense of familiarity. It is safe to say that we have witnessed her perform Maggie at some point in the past; after all, it is her specialty. Maggie is innocent and full of energy, and one of the characters with a sharp tongue accurately describes her as “a little bit stupid,” which lends an air of sincerity to her clumsy attempts to become more mature and stable.
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Maggie is currently employed in an administrative role at The New School, where she describes her role as “a bridge between art and commerce.” She is hopelessly single but yearns to have a child, so she obtains a sample of sperm from an old college friend (an endearingly low-key Travis Fimmel), a math whiz and pickle-maker who is kind enough to offer to provide it in the traditional manner. She then uses this sperm to have a child. (She declines the invitation with grace.)

But as her relationship with the brilliant professor John Harding (Ethan Hawke), a renowned expert in the field of “ficto-critical anthropology” and a struggling novelist, grows deeper, Maggie finds herself becoming more emotionally entangled with him. She gives in and agrees to read his book, which depicts a thinly veiled depiction of his unhappy life with his even more brilliant wife, eccentric Danish academic Georgette (Julianne Moore), with whom he has two children, and she falls in love with it. She also falls in love with the character of the author. As a result, John develops romantic feelings for Maggie, even though it’s likely that he’s only attracted to her because of the way she makes him feel in contrast to his actual spouse, who is reserved and intimidating.

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Moore at first gives the impression that she is performing a parody of a self-serious European intellectual with her tight top knot and comically thick accent. Moore, on the other hand, reveals a vulnerability to Georgette that is surprisingly compelling. This is due to the fact that she can’t help but be excellent and provide insight into every character that she plays. This is especially evident in the scenes in which she appears alongside Gerwig. Moore is all about intricate technique, whereas Gerwig is all about surface instinct; however, together, they create a connection that is unexpectedly pleasing and warm. This is due to the fact that their on-screen personas couldn’t be more different from one another.
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We now jump forward in time a few years. John has ended his relationship with Georgette and is now married to Maggie. They have a daughter together, but they also share parenting responsibilities for John’s other children with Georgette (Mina Sundwall and Jackson Frazer). They give off the appearance of contentment, and Maggie is even thriving despite the chaos of juggling work and mothering three children, but it doesn’t take John very long to return to his previous state of misery. Even after all this time has passed, he has not yet completed the mammoth book that was the catalyst for him and Maggie coming together in the first place. This causes Maggie to start having doubts about her own happiness, as well as whether or not she still wants to be with John after everything that has happened.

Maggie comes up with a scheme to reunite John and Georgette, and she enlists the assistance of her best married friends, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph, who are both more secure in their relationships. (By the way, Hader and Rudolph are the most interesting couple in the entirety of the movie because they are quick-witted and don’t tolerate nonsense, but they don’t get nearly enough screen time. In all honesty, I probably would have preferred a full-length film about them instead.)

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It’s a plan that’s been around since the dawn of time, and it has the potential for some truly Shakespearean shenanigans and hilarious miscommunications. When the film should be building up to a climax, unfortunately, Miller brings it down a notch and plays on everyone’s insecurities and existential crises, which has the unintended consequence of draining the film of its energy.
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It is without a doubt an audacious choice in terms of tone; however, much like the plan in “Maggie’s Plan,” the outcome is not quite what was anticipated.

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