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Respond to these rapid questions in our Sing Street quiz and we will tell you which Sing Street character you are. Play it now.

Writer and director John Carney, who was responsible for the direction of the multi-award winning Irish musical “Once,” returns to familiar territory with “Sing Street.” The film, which is peppered with musical numbers and is in love with what music can unleash in its characters and audience, is filled with musical numbers. A song can “bring you back” to certain points in time, connecting you to your younger self, memories, and dreams in an uninterrupted chain. The year 1985 is depicted as being present in “Sing Street.” The so-called “Celtic Tiger” is still many years away, and it does not appear that the future will be bright for Irish children. The opening sequences show large numbers of Irish people moving to London in the hope of finding work and a better future for themselves and their families. It is impossible to fully appreciate the brilliance of “Sing Street” without understanding the context of the time period in which it was set. “Sing Street” is a film about running away from one’s problems, coming to terms with one’s identity, weighing dreams against reality, falling in love as a young person, and the power of music. A humorous and loving eye for detail, an intuitive ear for dialogue, and a film that is intensely personal in a way that is universal are all traits that John Carney possesses.

Carney deftly sidesteps these potential pitfalls in order to keep the movie moving in the right direction, which is essential for a coming-of-age story set in the past like this one. It has a very high level of self-assurance because it is aware of who it wants to be and what kind of story it wants to tell. When you’ve finished watching “Sing Street,” you’ll have seen a movie where dreams really do mean something, where there are escape hatches; all you have to do is be brave enough and imaginative enough to take a chance on them. Despite the fact that “Sing Street” is often hilarious (in a way that’s darkly honest and Irish), it’s also so full of heart that you’ve seen a movie where dreams really do mean something. Taking a chance in “Sing Street” can mean many different things, such as starting a band even though you don’t play an instrument, wearing makeup even though you are a boy, or walking across the street to talk to that pretty girl who is always wearing denim on your way to school every day. It’s hard to believe that “Sing Street” is Ferdia Walsh-first Peelo’s role, because he’s such a hugely talented actor and “Sing Street” is his debut performance. “Sing Street” never condescends to the yearnings, pain, and hopes of its main character, a teenage boy named Conor. Even better, the film believes in the dreams of every character in the film, even the minor ones.

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Although Conor and his two siblings do not live in a Dickensian household by any stretch of the imagination, the fact that their parents get into vicious arguments all the time (they are played by Aidan Gillen and Maria Doyle Kennedy, who are both fantastic in supporting roles) makes the latter part of their childhoods feel like a prison sentence. Each sibling tries to get away from the tension in the house in their own particular way. The older brother, Brendan, played by Jack Reynor, a standout talent who was essential to the success of the film, locks himself away in his room with his impressive record collection and his weed. The older sister, Ann, played by Kelly Thornton, is extremely focused on her schoolwork. The decision to pull Conor out of private school and place him in the Synge Street public school, which is analogous to feeding raw meat to lions, has resulted in him being lost in the shuffle. Because both the students and the priests at Synge Street are so rough around the edges, the movie gives the impression that it is taking place in a high-security facility for the criminally insane. Conor does not waste any time and acquires his very own personal bully, along with a scrawny sidekick with red hair.
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Conor and Brendan are seen sitting on the couch in Conor’s apartment and watching music videos, with Duran Duran’s pretty boys taking the lead. Conor is so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of what he sees that Brendan takes on the role of a guide, offering his insights on how to succeed in the music industry. Brendan is currently mired in some lost dreams of his own, and one of the roles that he has self-assigned for himself in life is to instruct his younger brother in the ways of the world. (“Sing Street” depicts the relationship between close siblings in a manner that is incredibly true to life.” Conor is moved to action and makes the decision to launch a band. He is not very good at playing the guitar, but he is naive enough to think that his music could get him to England like Duran Duran did. In addition to this, he believes that it will make him appear cool to Raphina (Lucy Boynton), the aforementioned intriguing girl across the street who is dressed in denim. There have been successful careers that started with much less. (At one point, Johnny Carson asked Fernando Lamas why he got into the entertainment business, and Lamas responded, “To meet broads.” )

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The process of putting together the band is filled with a naive enthusiasm that is reminiscent of the punk-rock girls in “We Are the Best!,” a film that was released in Sweden in 2013. There are no prerequisites to get into the rock ‘n’ roll industry because there are no entrance exams. Conor is successful in gathering allies, including one in particular with whom he forms a songwriting partnership. Conor approaches Raphina with an offer to star in the band’s upcoming music video before they have even secured a paying gig. It comes as a complete surprise to him that she accepts.
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Following this, the first episode of “Sing Street” will air. Everyone, including Raphina and her parents and siblings, as well as the beautiful and complicated Raphina, learns the hard way that dreams do not always match up with reality. But there are times when the dream becomes a reality, such as when a songwriter discovers the “hook” of a song, when a band made up of misfits and strangers suddenly comes together as a team, or when the girl you love looks at you and reveals who she really is. Although dreams come and go, the “substance of things hoped for” is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. The band shifts from having a synth-pop sound to having an aesthetic that is reminiscent of New Wave as they try to figure out who they are as musicians. There are so many memorable sequences, such as the band’s series of music videos, the fight scene between Brendan and Conor, and the quiet moments of growing connection between Conor and Raphina. As Brendan watches his brother flourish, he begins to worry that he will eventually be overtaken by his sibling. Who will he be if he is not the one who teaches his younger brother about the history of music and gives him advice on how to have a successful romantic relationship?

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John Carney imbues the scenes with a poignancy that teeters on the edge of a dark blue melancholy, despite the film’s comedic nature. He is assisted in this endeavor by the sensitive performance of Walsh-Pelo, who is required to run the gamut of emotions, including pain, fear, ambition, growing pains, first romantic feelings, and a sense that the world is even more painful and frightening than he had realized. It is a pleasure to observe the flashes of thought that pass through his eyes, his face as it remains still and attentive, and the rising flush in his cheeks during moments of intensity. As an actor, he has a wonderfully open presence.
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The supporting cast, consisting of both broad stereotypes and eccentric weirdos in the band, is excellent. It is natural and healthy for adolescents to be one of the most preoccupied with themselves during this stage of their lives. Children craft their personas and experiment with a variety of identities in the search for the one that best suits them. (You get the sense that Conor is just getting started; after all, he went from dressing like Simon LeBon to dressing like Morrissey.) Finding friends with similar interests and values as yourself is one of the most important aspects of going through adolescence. These are people who are obsessed with the same things you are and who “get” you. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about serious-jock baseball players (like in Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some!!”) or dedicated music obsessives; the objective is the same: Find your people, find your own tribe.

There are scenes that are obviously designed to appeal to the audience, but in this case, that is not a criticism. The victories are gratifying, the setbacks are frustrating, and at times they can even be heartbreaking. The overarching connections, when they occur, work on that fundamental level that penetrates beneath the surface of the skin and vibrates on a particular frequency. Because it is the lynchpin of what the film has been about all along, something that has been felt throughout, but not underlined or spoken, profound emotion is triggered when Carney’s dedication appears on the screen just before the credits roll at the end of the movie. The film is so effective that it causes this reaction. “Sing Street” has a kind and giving heart, and the dedication that went into making it is the reason why it beats.

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