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Respond to these rapid questions in our The Hobbit quiz and we will tell you which The Hobbit character you are. Play it now.

Bilbo is the hobbit, who lives in the fatal Bag End on the Shire. Bilbo is characterized as short, with a huge belly (with a hobbit who loves to eat), large feet covered with brown hair, and curly brown hair at the beginning of The Hobbit like nearly all the hobbits in the later The Lord of the rings. Due to his own class rank, it is also shown in beautiful attire at the start of the book (though this of course changes as he goes on the quest to defeat the dragon). With Martin Freeman genuinely appearing how we always envisioned Bilbo, the film skirts quite near to this description.

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When Gandalf comes initially in the book, he is portrayed as a wise old man, with a white bar and eyes on his big face (the book draws particular attention to the eyebrows). He is also described as sporting a silver scarf, his spotted hat is blue. All in all, he looks just what a sorcerer would expect, and Ian McKellen is able to mimic his mannerisms in the movie version and look wonderfully.

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Thorin is a nanny of the last King Under the Mountain. He is always very worthy, always mindful of his beautiful history and social rank. Thorin was sporting a blue cap with a silver tassel when he reached Bag End. Thorin of Richard Armitage is a little different from the book, with a more epic atmosphere of a hero.

While Bofur may have been one of the ensemble’s characters that had gone into the book’s background. He did gain a stronger role in the films. Also, you must try to play this The Hobbit quiz.

He has a good sense of humor and he’s also a dwarf who understands and accepts Bilbo a little more and even gives him encouragement. Unlike Thorin, it also appears to be deeper and easier to get along with.

Radagast is one of the Istari and the best of them, except Gandalf. He was a compassionate and kind person who concentrated on assisting all creatures. However, he may not have precisely kept up with his aim to help the humanoid tribes of the Middle East.

Radagast is certainly eccentric, but fans appreciate him a lot because of that. He lives as a hermitian wizard in a cottage in the forests. And many people would like to join him in his adventures.

Although Elrond may be a touch serious as an elven lord who’s been alive over millennia, actually he’s pretty kind. He was one of the most accessible elves to many of the other races of Middle Earth and he tried to aid others even if most of them did not.

He has also seen so many crucial periods in Middle Earth history, so it’s intriguing to hear and spend time in the halls of his story.

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While Legolas’ mother, Thranduil’s wife, and the King of the Woodland Realm. Is not mentioned by several characters in the Hobbit book, or in one of Tolkien’s other works.

According to the original idea of Jackon, she was long dead during the Hobbit movie trilogy, but audiences learned that the conclusion was somewhat terrible. This story adds reasons for Thranduil’s behavior inside the films. And the reason why he wants to recover a collar designed for his Erebor’s bride.

Because of his love story with Elve Tauriel who is not in the book. Kili was one of the primary protagonists in The Hobbit movies. Which The Hobbit character are you?

In addition to that, he died protecting Thorin from the orcs, he was a less honorable death than he received in the book. Furthermore, in Laketown, as the dwarves continue to find Erebur’s secret door, the films have harmed him and left him behind.

Legolas clearly profited from Jackson’s films because he played an important role in the trilogy in the second and third movies. Because he is the son of Thranduil that he was going to be there for events to some extent.

It’s pure fan service and the desire to link The Lord of the Rings movies to Legolas’s Hobbit trilogy, but it’s a good decision for fans. This is true. Spectators liked to see a younger Legolas so that they might learn about the Elven prince.

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