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Respond to these rapid questions in our Undertale quiz and we will tell you which Undertale character are you. Play it now.

In 2015, the world was stormed by a Kickstarter-funded game. It was an RPG named Undertale that does not have visuals on the Nintendo super. You play as a small boy in it who falls into a subterranean realm filled with creatures. It is for the player to make friends with or kill the inhabitants of the kingdom and grab their stuff.

Undertale is a game in which you never take a life and the story is about asking what it means to be a character in video games as well as the type of person you have to play. This game finally leaves the PC and goes to homes, but this summer PS4 and PS Vita will soon be available.

It’s time for us to explore the odd story behind the making of one of today’s biggest indie games.

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With a SPOILER WARNING for the game, we should start things. Normally we don’t want a 2-year-old game, but as it’ll soon be fun for a wider audience, we feel it’s our obligation to tell you that Undertale is an unprecedented game. Continue at your discretion.

Which Undertale Character are you

“MEGALOVANIA” is the most famous track in Undertale. It is played on the genocide path in the last fight against Sans. The tune actually comes from the Super Nintendo before Undertale.

First in Earthbound Halloween Hack was the song “MEGALOVANIA.” The first time. For the last boss’ topic, however, Toby Fox could not re-create “Megalomania.” He finally wrote a new tune that was “MEGALOVANIA” to utilize instead.

The song would feature again in the Homestuck webcomic, which frequently included gifs, animated segments, and songs. Also, you must try to play this Undertale quiz.

Asgore is a terrible monster of some sort. Obviously, because of his biological son’s loss as well as the adopted child (so much is going on here in the story) he had been pushed to break through the barriers between people and monsters, but this doesn’t excuse what he planned to do next.

Gathering the souls of the dead to break the obstacle. He needs seven to break down the barrier and wage a war that is just what he and Frisk intend to fight. Asgore wants conflict simply because people are why he lost both his children. He wants only to cause war. He is only a miserable man, ultimately, who lost all in his life. Can you blame him for his deeds?

About the quiz

Although Frisk (MC) is a bit higher than Asgore on our list, it is only fair. Furthermore, the problem with Frisk is that the personality of the character depends totally on the way the player decides to play it. Which Undertale character are you?

A Frisk pacifist run would be more important than a nasty version on our list. However, Frisk looks like a strange and helpful young child apart from the player intervention. What are pretty beautiful features (albeit rather monotonous compared with other characters)?

Undyne is a lot. Anodyne is a lot. Like a lot. Just like a lot. Remember once that during a cookery class her house was on fire? Also, Unyne is beautifully aggressive in all she does (including the time she throws a spear on you in the name of friendship) makes her a superb character.

Even on the fighting field, she’s no joke. Her boss’ struggle on the pacifist run is a nightmarish thing. Her soft side is what really distinguishes her. It only shows that she cares about the friends of Papyrus so he should not feel sorry for not joining the King’s Guard.

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which undertale character are you
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