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Respond to these rapid questions in our One Piece quiz and we will tell you which One Piece character are you. Play it now.

One-piece runs on the Weekly Shonen Jump since July 1997 and is one of the most popular manga series ever. Indeed, the Japanese Asahi Network undertook a countrywide survey in 2020 asking Japan’s over 150,000 citizens what is… In spite of the competition from other, more recent series including Demon Slayer, one piece was won handily by one person: Kimetsu no Yabu. The series is now a world record in most issues of a comic book by the same writer, bundled into 98 volumes.

The primary character in the series is Luffy. Monkey, who leaves his home in the East Blue Sea, motivated by his hero, the great pirate “Red-Haired” Shanks, to hunt the fabled treasure and make himself King of the Pirates. He hasn’t actually found that treasure, as you might have predicted, but author Eiichiro Oda says that the series will end one day.

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Big Mommy is going on the offensive with a brand new mum formed from the Thunder she calls Hera according to some unofficial spoilers shared on the One Piece subreddit. Zeus eventually escapes from the box, searches for Big Mom. Before Kid and Killer arrived at the castle, he doesn’t find her. Killer picks up Hawkins and Kid continues on looking for Big Mom. The story ends with shock when Big Mom enters Mother’s mode.

Which One Piece character are you?

Twitter trends started this morning in the United States in one piece chapter 955. It was a milestone for fans of the series, packaged not only with one but three blockbuster moments. This may be the first time that a single manga chapter has received such enthusiasm and love in social media. Also, you must try to play this One Piece quiz.

And that’s why. For a series that lasts as long as One Piece, its key events must be sparingly utilized, or its significance is lost. Typically the Eiichiro Oda series creator takes the milestone in the life of a storyboard, frequently at the end of months or even years.

These payoffs are frequently unique moments, such as a person proving their completion by showing some new power or technique. In other circumstances, the person will discover new arms or skills that modify our expectations about who they are fundamental. And one part is at its best when the plot takes its most dramatic storytelling element down the needle: an all-out battle that affects the destiny of all the people involved.

One piece’s latest storyline is portrayed as a kabuki act. It has the same theaters as the stage shows in Japan and is even opposed by a historic Japanese village environment. A samurai drama, similar to Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, is similarly an epic storyline, only with the nine villains who can become dragons and scores of other super-powered characters battling the fate of a small island and its inhabitants.

About the quiz

With every step he takes, Franky’s Cyborg is already renowned as a visual show. Whether he drinks Cola or screams “Super,” Franky is easy to identify a lineup from the Straw Hats. His varied strange creations involve some of his best moments; Which One Piece character are you?

However, the climate conclusion to his end with Senor Pink was his most famous moment to complete this. It seems that every fun from this battle has come from nowhere.

Nico Robin is a female character among the most popular in the series. Nico Robin is a simple fan of her dark, cryptic design and attitude based on aesthetics alone. After that, it didn’t take long to immortalize her really.

Once Luffy and the Straw Hats approach the Enies Lobby peak, Luffy personally calls on Robin to quit before eventually urging her to speak what she really wants. The water level surged with fans’ cries when Nico Robin cried out “I want to live!.”

Tony Tony Chopper is already quite iconic in design alone.

But in his background is the scene to define him. After losing Dr. Hiluluk tragically to a political assassination, to his own poisonous mushroom soup, and to an unrevealed terminal disease, Chopper waves Hiluluks flag to Dr. Kureha’s office. He begs the old woman to tell him that he wishes to be a physician who can heal any illness.

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