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Respond to these rapid questions in our Fortnite quiz and we will tell you which Fortnite character you are. Play it now.

The meteor hit the Island on 1 May 2018, demolishing a plant and half of a Dusty depot. In the heart of Tilted Towers, near the Dirt Tracks, and even in a new drive theater, Risky Reels, smaller comets crashing in various places leaving craters around Fatal Fields, Snobby Sides, Motel. Hop Rocks – Glowing Geodes – littered the map. These artifacts contained odd powers, one of which would allow people to have momentary effects of low gravity if swallowed.

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The spark of imagination arose with all this noise, a movie was working. The film concentrated on the meteor shower and how the survivor Omega escaped it. In the latest building of Villain Lair, Omega then went on to build a robotic army to fight the superhéroe Carbide in the Superhéroe Mansions, his architecture. In the meantime, a vast research facility was established in the heart of the newly-named Dusty Divot by the Unknown Investigation Agency, sometimes known as the government.

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The authorities also picked up the craters surrounding the island and pulled out the Hop Rocks to Villain Lair, to fuel a rocket using their power. During this time, the administration could unearth the comet and a big space pot harboring an alien entity called The Visitor was uncovered inside. With a mission, the visitor exited the pod and went to Villain Lair. He would have long been unaware of his real objectives. He started tinkering with the rocket at Villain Lair, a film prop, and he was fueling the rocket using the Hop Rocks. Also, you must try to play this Fortnite quiz.

The story behind Fortnite was simple: an organization called the IO created a royal island fighting with a giant power ball that brought together reality, allowing players to fall down and fight the storm that has smashed the island. The organization called Zero Point was an energy ball that connected the world. One day there was a meteor in the sky, which grew closer to the island each day.

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Later on, the meteor shower showed that Fortnite’s villain Omega escaped, enabling him to establish a lair and manufacture a rocket. On the other hand, the visitor left to help Omega and his crew complete the rocket.

The rifts changed the map, sucked stuff from the island of Fortnite, and dropped items from the grounds. As the crack in the sky turned, it sprayed lightning until a bizarre violet runic cube was born. Then, in Loot Lake, the cube called for a floating island, resulting in the formation of many places around the island. Which Fortnite character are you?

Then I woke up on the morning of 1 May. Also, the meteor hit the world to alter this site to Dusty Divot. Furthermore, it is located in the old warehouses. At that time, continuous analysis of the meteor by the government looked to have caused the impact. Hop Rocks, which gave you the ability to jump quite high, also seemed small bands of rock where ever a meteor had hit. A secretive company that apparently started building Dusty Divot around the meteor and excavating the Hop Rocks.

The meteor was progressively chipped off and a little container of metal was slowly exposed. In the meantime, there was a movie set with a set of a villain’s lair in the side of the mountain on the shores of Snobby. Which remains there till now, but begins to decline. We still do not know with whom, one of the many holes in our story.

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