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Respond to these rapid questions in our Among Us quiz and we will tell you which Among Us color are you. Play it now.

The popularity level of Lime is relatively low and its real hue is hardly called. Other gamers are confusing Green with Green or calling Lime “Light Green” in some cases. Lime is the invisible mates (most like Ghosts are always with us) who are often mistaken for another hue, which may be highly useful for the impostor or really irritating when they’re not listened to by anybody.

They’re not going to have them killed early but often get the “Third Impostor” managed amongst us. Yellow usually survives until late in the game but only as a pawn on the master plan of the killing.

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The de facto impostor is Purple. Although Red is typically viewed as suspected, Purple has been convicted of being so small as a hunch and is rejected when players have to pull someone out of the ship. Purple is unlike everybody in the lobby.

Which Among Us color are you

The card swipe job in admin provides a popular theory. When players perform these chores, a picture of Cyan, Green, and Orange will be displayed in a wallet regardless of the color. Multiple things may appear. One notion is that the three astronauts can be a family and all have a certain connection. It is probable that all colors are good friends, and because they simply want a reminder of their buddies, everybody has this photo in his wallet.

Red is also a very important color in our midst. Quite strange, new instructional gamers will likewise view themselves as Red as an impostor. This indicates that Red can be the genuine impostor in the official Among Us canon. Black is another color, however, which is Us might seem suspicious. This might mean the real impostor duo, Red and Black. Also, you must try to play this Among Us quiz.

The Medbay scan gives a second indication that Innersloth has given players. Some of them have created speculations about what these statistics could signify by given the player’s height, weight, and blood type. Each person in the Us has the same height and weight. This might mean that each game is a different player even though they play the same color. This may also indicate that these astronauts are really not human and that their blood and faulty genes represent another type of species.

About the quiz

At the meeting table, you are the quietest person. People think that you are a girl automatically, and you are one many times. This player combines the rosy skin with the lovely headband of the flower. Even if you are an imposter, you carry your peaceful character. Nobody suspects you during the whole game and you can even win the Imposter if you’re like a noob. As a villain and a sweet novice, you’re effectively a silent assassin. Which Among Us color are you?

Everyone around you feels safe and this is your greatest reward. You’re the best imperial, you don’t deny. You take the lead as a crewmate and encourage others to vote for the one you don’t love. You are a superb impostor and you lead the players to join you in the electric room to perform fake duties.

Then, you will always be the one who is too fast to ask questions at the meeting table. You are quick to do chores while playing as your crewmate, but not excellent at turning the tide if the guilt lies with you. You are also the one who without any reason organizes an emergency meeting.

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which among us color are you
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