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Respond to these rapid questions in our Top Gun Maverick quiz and we will tell you which Top Gun Maverick character you are. Play it now.

An admiral refers to Tom Cruise’s navy aviator Pete Mitchell—call sign “Maverick”—as “the fastest man alive” in “Top Gun: Maverick,” the breathless, gravity- and logic-defying “Top Gun” sequel that, despite arriving more than three decades after the late Tony Scott’s original, somehow makes all the sense in the world. A similar scene from “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” in which Alec Baldwin’s high-ranking Alan Hunley labels Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt “the living manifestation of destiny,” also makes you laugh. Neither of these quotes from Cruise’s co-stars specifically mention his fictional on-screen personalities. Additionally (or rather, mainly), they are discussing Cruise the actor’s enduring legacy. Since he is one of the last remaining examples of genuine movie superstardom from bygone eras, our fearless and consistently handsome action hero deserves a warm round of praise for both assessments. These days, they just don’t make them like they used to. In fact, I would contend that Cruise merits the same level of high-brow respect typically reserved for the fully-method types like Daniel Day-Lewis due to his consistent dedication to Hollywood showmanship and the insane levels of physical skill he insistence on putting on the table by insisting to do his own stunts. You will never forget why you go to a Tom Cruise movie, thanks in large part to his aforementioned enduring dedication, even if you manage to overlook the fact that Cruise is one of our most talented and versatile dramatic and comedic actors with credits like “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Magnolia,” “Tropic Thunder,” and “Collateral” under his belt. How many other well-known figures today can make the claim that they will always execute on “a singular movie event”?
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In that sense, “Top Gun: Maverick,” directed by Joseph Kosinski, will feel right at home. It’s a funny adrenaline rush that lets its star producer be exactly who he is while raising the emotional and dramatic stakes of its predecessor with a healthy (but not excessive) dose of nostalgia. After the same title card that introduced us to the world of top-tier Navy pilots in 1986, we find Maverick in a position on the periphery of the US Navy, working as an unflappable test pilot against the recognizable background of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone.” You won’t be shocked to learn that he soon accepts a position as an instructor for a group of recent Top Gun graduates on a one-last-job type of mission. Their task is equally enigmatic and strategically absurd as it was in the first film. A flight plan that sounds crazy, a target that needs to be destroyed, an unnamed enemy—let’s call it Russia because it’s presumably Russia—some targets, and a plan that will force all effective Top Gun recruits to fly at extremely low altitudes are all present. Can it be done, though? But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Top Gun Maverick quiz. It’s a long shot, if the operation’s specifics—which were described to the hopeful aviators in a “It can’t be done” manner akin to “Mission: Impossible”—are any sign. You’ll be surprised to learn that the human drama that Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie co-write from a tale by Peter Craig and Justin Marks is more compelling than the idea of the absurd mission in this instance. Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller, fantastic), the son of the sadly deceased “Goose,” whose accident death still haunts Maverick as much as it affects the rest of us, is among the group of prospective recruits. Despite Maverick’s protective instincts towards Rooster, there are those who doubt Maverick’s abilities. Jon Hamm’s Cyclone, for example, finds it puzzling that Maverick’s enemy-turned-friend Iceman (Val Kilmer, who is back with a heartbreaking role), insists on him as the mission’s teacher. Maverick’s erratic relationship with Penny Benjamin (a bewitching Jennifer Connelly), a new character who was prominently mentioned in the first film, as some may remember, adds to the complications. What a conundrum it is to have to protect one’s country while also celebrating a particular type of American pride…

Top Gun Maverick Quiz

All the hullabaloo patriotism and haughty fist-raising in “Top Gun: Maverick” could have been extremely intolerable in a different context. But luckily, Kosinski seems to understand exactly what kind of movie he is asked to manage. His underrated and unappreciated film “Only The Brave” will hopefully find a second life now. With plenty of quotable zingers and unexpectedly emotional moments, “Maverick’s” tone finds a delicate balance between lighthearted vanity and half-serious self-deprecation in his capable hands. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Top Gun Maverick quiz. In some ways, the themes of friendship, loyalty, romance, and, right, bromance, are what this film takes most seriously. Everything else that accompanies those ideas, such as patriotic egotism, feels like playful winks and embellishments aimed at creating a classic action film. And because this mode is clearly shared by the entirety of the cast—from a memorable Ed Harris that begs for more screen time to the always great Glen Powell as the alluringly overconfident “Hangman,” Greg Tarzan Davis as “Coyote,” Jay Ellis as “Payback,” Danny Ramirez as “Fanboy,” Monica Barbaro as “Phoenix,” and Lewis Pullman as “Bob”—”Top Gun: Maverick” runs fully on its enthralling on-screen harmony at times. In addition, in a nod to the original, a rather sensual beach football scene, shot with crimson hues and suggestive shadows by Claudio Miranda, serves as further proof of the intense, fiery chemistry between Connelly and Cruise throughout.

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However, “Maverick’s” action scenes, which frequently feature all the low-altitude flights, airborne dogfights, and Cruise riding a motorbike while wearing his original Top Gun leather jacket, are also its breathtaking stars. (aided by cues from Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe). According to reports, all the flying scenes—including two that are pure hell-yes moments for Cruise—were shot in real U.S. Navy F/A-18s, for which the actors had to undergo an incredible process of training. Every picture reveals the genuine effort that went into it. The feeling the jets produce feels miraculous and deserving of the largest screen one can find as they slice through the atmosphere and brush their target soils in close-shave movements—all coherently edited by Eddie Hamilton. The “Maverick’s” unexpectedly powerful emotional strokes are equally deserving of that large screen. With “Maverick,” you might be ready for a second skydance, but perhaps not one that might call for a few tissues in the closing moments. Also, you must try to play this Top Gun Maverick quiz. available on May 27 in cinemas.

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