What Is My Ethnicity? This 100% Accurate Quiz Will Reveal It

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Do you desire an answer to the question, “What is my ethnicity?” With 20 polite and straightforward questions, this quiz determines your ethnic background with 100% accuracy.

Take a Fun Quiz to Find Out Your Ethnicity

This page’s test asks 20 questions about your family’s history, your beliefs, your ideas, and your ideologies in order to identify your ethnicity. The objective is to see how other people would infer your ethnicity from the fundamental cues you provide.

Things to Know Before Taking the Test

The sensitive nature of racial and ethnic issues is acknowledged by QuizExpo. We therefore made an effort to respond to the question “what is my ethnicity?” in a respectful and non-stereotypical manner. Before taking the test, there are a few things we want you to be aware of.

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Ethnicity Differs from Race

There is a distinct difference between the concepts of race and ethnicity. People are classified by their ethnicity based on cultural characteristics that society values. Ethnicity is a social construct. However, the term “race” refers to a group of people who share certain biological traits, such as skin color. If you’re curious to know what race you are, you can take our specific quiz. Through inquiries into your relationships with family, appearance, place of birth, etc., it infers your race.

There Is No Way to Categorize People by Their Ethnic Background

The creation of races and ethnicities serves to control the way power is distributed. The majority of nations today have made it illegal to use such information to marginalize or discriminate against members of society. So, when you inquire, “What is my ethnicity?” you should be aware that you are bringing up an old subject.

Why You Should Stop Asking What Is My Ethnicity

It makes sense that some of you might occasionally wonder, “What ethnicity am I?” We would like you to stop thinking about such things, even though the Ethnicity Determiner on this page tries its best to provide answers to such questions. Here are a few reasons why you should refrain from bringing up ethnicity as soon as possible.

Ethnic Categorizations Lead to Prejudice

Prejudice is making a rigid, unfair generalization about a whole group of people. Such beliefs have contributed to issues like racism and police brutality in nations like the United States. Therefore, by asking “what is my ethnicity,” you invite the stereotypes, unfavorable presumptions, and biases that lead to prejudice in our society.

Some Ethnic Groups Are Facing Discrimination

Discrimination is the term for any practice that treats various groups differently. People who identify as belonging to a particular ethnic group have historically been more likely to engage in such unjust social behavior. For instance, LGBTQ+ communities face numerous forms of discrimination in the areas of social justice, equal pay, employment, education, and other areas. To lessen the impact of such biases, we need to stop asking questions like “What is your ethnic background?” or “What is my ethnicity?”

Overthinking Ethnicity Causes Implicit Biases

Implicit biases are our unintentional biases and favoritisms toward other groups. The rise in Asian crime after the pandemic, for instance, demonstrates how such stereotypical beliefs can harm a minority group in society. On the surface, inquiries like “what is my ethnicity” may seem innocent. However, overanalyzing and emphasizing such ideas result in increased prejudice, both consciously and unconsciously.

Race and Ethnicities Are Socially Constructed Matters

Both ideas have been developed throughout history to excuse wrongdoing and treating some groups of people unfairly. For instance, “Jewish” is a recognized ethnic group in the US. However, the majority of European nations refer to a racial group by the term “Jewish.” Therefore, you should be aware that the definitions and classifications are imprecise and ambiguous.

How Can a Test Guess Your Ethnicity?

A self-report style of question is used in the What Is My Ethnicity quiz. In order to identify your ethnic group, we ask you questions about your values, religion, upbringing, political ideologies, etc. However, the outcomes are determined by your responses and how you identify. There is no online test for ethnicity that has 100% accurate results, despite the fact that we try our best to give you the most accurate results. The rationale is that classifying people according to their origins or cultural norms is a delicate and challenging issue.

Is It Legal to Ask About Someone’s Ethnicity?

Federal laws forbid discrimination based on a person’s “national origin, race, color, religion, disability, sex, and familial status,” according to the official website of the US justice system. Therefore, it is unlawful to discriminate against someone by inquiring about their cultural background.


What Is My Ethnicity Quiz respects each participant for who they are as a person, not for their cultural beliefs or norms. While we value all ethnicities, we want you to know that QuizExpo is opposed to any favoritism or prejudice directed at any particular group. If you find any portion of the test to be improper, disrespectful, or harmful for any reason, kindly get in touch with us.

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