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With the help of this simple generator, learn your Korean name. Simply respond to 20 short questions about yourself to instantly generate a special Korean name!

North Korea is a stunning place, and today we’re going to talk about it. Well, not the country itself; rather, we’re going to talk about the cultures there and even more about the naming culture.

As a result, take a break from looking for Korean name generators. Based on your personality and the results of this quiz, we will recommend a Korean name for you.

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Structure of Korean Names

Would you like to learn something fascinating? Jack Jones is your eminence, correct? Your name is Jones Jack in Korean. Yes, family names are called before individual names.

In Korea, most personal eminences have two syllable names, and there are very few unusual names without a second syllable and a dash.

Consider the name Min-Hoo, for instance. This is a very well-known particular eminence, and the children share the second half of the second syllable. For instance, if you’re Min-Hoo, your brother can be Kim-Hoo.

Some Facts about these names

  • There are some countries in the world where when women get married; they take the family name off their eminence. In Korea, women won’t change their family name. Because family eminence is an honor of the people in Korea, it’s dishonored for them to pick somebody else’s family eminence.
  • Some Koreans use different and more international eminences when living in other countries. If your eminence is Lee, you are most likely to use Michelle’s name, which is very common among Koreans.
  • Some families in SK believe that they should name their children something that brings them luck, and that is when they go to fortune tellers to ask them what they should call their children.
  • Koreans don’t name their children after the elder member of the families because they find this manner disrespectful. So they always try to find different eminences for their children to not be close to other members eminence.
  • Kim is the most repeated family eminence in SK, and more than 10 percent of the SK people have this family eminence. That’s more than 12 million people that use this family eminence. The second highest repeated family eminence in SK is lee.

Famous Names

Seo-Yeon and Ji-Hyun were the most widely used baby names in South Korea in 2018, according to the National Statistical Office. In 2018, Ji-hoon was given to 6,066 baby males while Seo-Yeon was given to 6,072 baby girls. The meanings of the top 5 names in Korea are as follows:

  • Soo–Yeon (수연) – Means “hand“ and “beautiful“
  • Da–Eun (다은) – Means “great“ and “kindness“
  • Jae–Hee (재희) – Means “talent“ and “happiness“
  • Ji–Hyun (지현) – Means “wisdom“ and “bright“
  • Seo–Yoon (서윤) – Means “magnificent“ and “gentle“

Why The Korean Names go Popular

Korea enjoyed enormous popularity in the entertainment industry in the last ten years. The BTS band is one of the most discussed aspects of Korean popular culture. One of the largest fan bases in the entire world supports them (even in the US). Perhaps outside of North Korea, they have more supporters.

North Korea is also the home to several excellent anime series that you may have heard of or watched, so it’s not only about the music and KPOP genre. Despite the fact that anime originated in Japan, Korea boasts some high-quality anime offerings.

In terms of the craft of filmmaking and cinema, South Korea has a ton of excellent films that only a select few are aware of. But in recent years, certain excellent films like Parasite attracted a lot of attention on a global scale.

Landmarks in Korea

SK is unquestionably one of the most beautiful nations in the world, but if you go there, you’ll need to plan your trip carefully because there are so many interesting places to see.

If you enjoy seeing historical sites, SK will wow you. You can still witness the retro style you’ve seen in movies and television shows in some of the communities in this nation that haven’t modified their construction.

However, the city also includes some amazing modern towers that show how much this nation has changed through time in addition to all the historical and traditional historical structures.

What is your Korean name?

Answer all 20 questions honestly, and we’ll tell you what your Korean name is based on what we’ve learned about your personality from the questionnaire. Have you prepared? Have fun and good luck on the quiz.

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