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What vitamins should I take in 2021? could be a difficult question. This free assessment examines 20 variables to determine which vitamin deficiency you may have.

A Test to Help You Choose Your Vitamins

Most likely, you’re interested in learning which micronutrients your body need. Our quiz analyzes your performance and symptoms to provide a precise answer to these kind of questions.

It is difficult to determine which vitamins to take, unlike related tests like the Metabolic Type Test. Because it has so many facets, that is. It’s possible for you to have multiple deficits at once or false symptoms brought on by other illnesses.

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However, the following is everything the test does for you:

Acknowledging Vitamin Deficiencies

Answering queries like, “What vitamins should I take?” is the aim of this article. We determine which of the 13 crucial micronutrients your body lacks by analyzing your reactions.

Ideas for Dealing with Vitamin Shortages

By taking the test, you can get professional guidance on what supplements to take and how to optimize your diet.

Providing a List of Foods to Get Your Vitamins

Doctors and nutritionists agree that eating a balanced diet is the best approach to provide your body the vitamins it needs. As a result, the quiz’s results provide a list of foods you should eat to balance your micronutrient intake.

Justifications for Taking a Specific Vitamin

When you do not understand why you are taking supplements, it can be very confusing. Thousands of articles, videos, and instructions may be available on the best vitamins to consume. However, few of them go into detail on why certain goods or micronutrients are healthy for you. The Essential Vitamins Test, however, provides information on the outcomes and their causes.

When Is a Quiz Useful?

Sincerely, you should stay away from any vitamin or micronutrient supplement that you self-prescribe. This is due to the possibility that overusing such goods or pills could have a negative impact. As a result, you should always prioritize visiting a doctor before completing an online quiz.

But if you’re interested in learning which micronutrition to take, an online test would be helpful. These are the top three motives for taking a quiz.

A Chronic Malabsorption Syndrome is When

You may have trouble properly absorbing some nutrients if you have certain digestive disorders. If that’s the case, taking the online test can reveal which supplements you should take and which ones you shouldn’t.

When You Follow a Special Diet

Animal products like meat and dairy contain the majority of the necessary micronutrients. Vitamin deficiencies result from the inability of those with restricted diets, such as veganism or vegetarianism, to ingest such products. Such people might gain insight on the supplemental goods they need to use to prevent potential health problems by taking the quiz.

Note: Being a vegan or vegetarian does not guarantee you won’t have enough micronutrients. It is just that such diets lack animal products—and that could be a warning sign for specific vitamins if they are not consumed any other way.

#3: If you are now or soon will be pregnant

Studies demonstrate that an unborn kid who experiences vitamin insufficiency before birth may experience health problems in the future. Because of this, specialists urge prospective mothers to eat nutrient-dense foods and supplement their diets with medications as needed. Therefore, taking an online test could assist pregnant women better understand their needs.

What Should I Ask Before Choosing My Vitamins?

Contrary to common opinion, very few individuals truly require the use of supplemental goods to maintain a healthy level of micronutrients. It is not as if you are required to take them. Before choosing to take an exam, you should choose to respond to the following questions. Otherwise, you’ll waste time and money on pills, powders, and other medications that have minimal or no impact on your health.

Am I known to be vitamin deficient?

Malabsorption syndrome or other problems that result in a lack of vital nourishment can only be identified by a doctor. Therefore, before requesting “what vitamins should I take?” review your medical history. Do not take any more medications unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to.

Will the supplements alter my way of life?

To combat their bad lifestyles, many people wish to eat more vitamins. But your body doesn’t function that way. The damage brought on by your unhealthy behaviors cannot be repaired by vitamin supplements.

Do I intend to purchase supplements?

The average cost of multivitamins in the United States was 10.41 dollars per unit, according to Statista. Therefore, be aware that using supplements is not free. Consider your budget and the price tags before asking, “What vitamins should I buy?”

Do I understand the dangers?

Micronutrient dietary supplements misuse might not be fatal. Your health is still in danger, though. It is preferable to take them when a doctor is watching. (More information is below.)

The Dangers of Consuming the Incorrect Vitamins

A well-known YouTuber named Doctor Mike thinks Americans are supplement-obsessed. Additionally, it could result in health issues like poisoning. You run the following dangers when using such items.

financial difficulties

You don’t need to take a lot of vitamins every day, according to doctor Mike, unless you want pricey urine. He is implying that the majority of the water-soluble vitamins are excreted by your body. Therefore, taking those expensive medications would merely make your pee more enriched and provide minimal to no benefit to your organs or muscles. In short, when you eat a nutritious diet, you are better off without such goods. (Don’t throw away your money.

interfering with other pharmaceuticals

Some supplements may lessen the effects of certain medications. Therefore, self-prescription can result in other serious health issues, especially if you already take certain medications.

Untrue assurance

Taking vitamins may give you the impression that you are giving your body what it needs, which should ensure excellent health. However, as Doctor Mike explains, that is just a false sense of security, and supplements are useless for treating severe shortages and unhealthy behaviors.

According to statistics, 86% of Americans consume vitamins or supplements. However, just 20% of them had nutritional deficiencies found in their tests.

conceivable toxicity

The toxicity of water-soluble vitamins could not affect you. However, because they might accumulate in your fat storage, fat-soluble products could be hazardous.

Other unidentified risks

A procedure for FDA product approval of vitamin supplements does not exist. No one would look to see if vitamin C pills, for example, were safe after you established your brand and began selling them lawfully. Therefore, many of the hazards associated with using these items are due to their unidentified components and production process.

Without a Test, How to Decide What to Take

To determine which micronutrients their bodies are lacking, not everyone requires a test. Analyzing your symptoms and deciding which vitamin you should take as a result is the easiest approach to find out. The six essential vitamins’ deficiencies are indicated by the symptoms listed below.

Things to Take Into Account When Choosing Vitamins

Your body’s most important micronutrients can be determined by factors like age, gender, and lifestyle.


More than others, young children and the elderly need to take vitamins.


Deficiencies in iron, D, and B-16 are common in women. In contrast, men typically do not consume enough vitamin B.


Your habit, job, and diet have an impact on your body’s vitamin levels. Thus, choosing the right vitamins requires careful consideration of your lifestyle.


Whenever someone feels like anything is amiss with their body, they frequently inquire, “What vitamins should I take?” Therefore, you must pay closer attention to your symptoms to determine which crucial micronutrition you require to feel better. Poor night vision and crooked nails, for instance, are symptoms of a vitamin A deficiency.

medical background

To be sure you don’t have any other conditions that could lead to vitamin deficiency, you should see a doctor. If you already have this illness, you might want to think about taking the right vitamins.

Warning: Before taking the vitamin quiz, read this.

The online exam you take on this website is not intended to constitute a medical diagnosis, as stated by QuizExpo. What vitamins to take or avoid can only be determined by a qualified doctor. Therefore, if you read the results, do not try to self-prescribe any medications or supplements. The exam was made as entertainment, so don’t take the findings too seriously.

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