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Respond to these rapid questions in our Brave quiz and we will tell you which Brave character are you? Play it now.

The film takes place in Scotland in the 10th century. Princess Merida and her mother Queen Elinor and father King Fergus live in the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch. King Fergus offers Merida a short arrow as a birthday present on Merida’s sexual anniversary. When he has pulled an arrow from the woods accidentally discharged where Merida spots some Will O’ the Wisps, a small, blue fairy which is meant to guide you to your fate, Mordu, an ancient bear, attacks Merida’s family. Fleeing Elinor and Merida is the one who stays behind the bear with Fergus and his men. This plot falls to about 10 years after the movie discovers that during the struggle with Mor’du, Fergus lost his left leg and promised to locate Mor’du again and take revenge on his leg.

Ten years later Merida has chosen to seek freedom and live her own life, in spite of Elinor’s aim to make Merida, who is sixteen years old, a proper, regal, ladylike princess. Once upon a time, Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin, and Dingwall come to show Merida’s wedding to their children.

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All three armies come into a struggle after an argument, which Elinor prevents. She says that a fair maiden would pick what obstacle the firstborn of each tribe would face. Having heard this, Merida believes it is a lapse, therefore Merida picks the archery. The contenders are firstborn.

Which Brave character are you?

The two initial competitors lack the skill and a fortuitous misfortune wins the son of Lord Dingwall. Merida then advances her arch and claims to portray her tribe as the firstborn and shoots her own claim. Even if Elinor objects, she shoots all three bulls’ eyes and even divides the arrow of the son of Dingwall. Also, you will find out which Brave character are you in this quiz.

Fortunately, there’s an escape clause in a magic spell. Merida has two days exactly to turn the charm around. They start working together and grow closer than ever, despite the fact that the queen can’t talk, as she and her mother digest what happened. There’s a complicated problem. In the prologue, King Fergus (Billy Connolly) had a bear bit his leg off and has been unwilling to deal with it from that date. Not unexpectedly he fails to recognize her when he sees his wife as a bear.

And that’s it. This is a great-looking film, greatly animated by Merida’s inspiration for three young redheaded triplets. There are amazing details about the Scottish highlands and several actions indicate that Merida has more than equal archery when faced with a variety of problems.

“Brave” offers an enabling message for better communication between moms and daughters, however, it is rather an extremely first step to change your mother into a bear. Under the circumstances, Elinor is a good sport. However, Merida isn’t a normal princess of the fairy tale. After coldly rejecting her family’s three supporters, she seems willing to live contentedly without a husband, and in later years, we can imagine her as an unhealing Amazon queen, a type of Boudica for the Scots. “Brave” seems to be losing as a girl, making her like an honorary boy.

About the quiz

Epic wars and mystic legends have spread over the decades throughout the rocky and mysterious mountains of Scotland since prehistoric times. In “Brave,” a fresh story flows with the love of tradition, destiny, and strongest animals when brave mérida (the voice of Kelly Macdonald) is confronted.

Merida is King Fergus (Billy Connolly’s voice) and Queen Elinor’s qualified Archer and Impetuous Sister (voice of Emma Thompson). Merida, determined to sculpt his own way of life, defied the age-old hallowed practice of the ancient rulers of the land: Lord MacGuffin (Kevin McKidd’s voice), Surly Lord Macintosh (Ferguson’s voice), and Lord Dingwall. Singing Lord Dingwall (voice of Robbie Coltrane). The deeds of Merida unleash chaos and anger in the kingdom unintentionally and she is given an ill-gotten wish when she is turned into an eccentric old Witch (voice of Julie Walters). The resulting danger requires Merida to find out the significance of true bravery to erase a fierce curse before it’s too late.

“Brave” is a big heartfelt, memorable adventure, and the signed “Pixar humor”. Conducted by Mark Andres & Brenda Chapman and produced by Katherine Sarafian. On June 22, 2012, the picture will focus on theater. And will be screened in select theaters in Disney Digital 3DTM.

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