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Which Death Note character are you? is a question that can be answered by taking this quiz. Are you a wise detective, Kira, or just a pretty high school girl?

The Only Quiz You Need to Reveal Your Death Note Character

Ever questioned which Death Note character you are? Then you are on the appropriate page. Your anime counterpart in the Shinigami universe can be found with our test. The following 20 questions will help us quickly determine your DN persona.

Disclaimer: All of the aforementioned questions raise uncomfortable issues like murder, the loss of life, retaliation, etc. Please refrain from using your real name while taking the test. If you get a sudden heart attack as a result of taking the test, QuizExpo is not to blame. (Okay, I’m joking. Having fun.

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What Do You Learn by Taking the Test?

The test’s main goal is to determine which Death Note character you are. However, answering the questionnaire reveals more details about you, including your IQ, intentions, and persona. See more below about this.

Most Similar Character

Most Death Note quiz takers are looking for their soul partner. They are curious about which of the key characters most closely resembles them. The first thing you receive as a result of answering all the questions is that. We will let you know who you would be if you lived in the mysterious world of Shinigami, Kira, and detectives.

Your IQ Level

An IQ test is not included in the “Which Death Character Are You?” quiz. However, the character you match gives some indications of your intelligence, at least in terms of anime fans. The table below displays the IQ scores of each DN personality.

Your Death Note Persona

What would you do if you had access to a black notepad endowed with divine abilities? Would you employ it to improve the world? Or would you put the names of all your detractors there so you could get rid of them? What your ambitions could be in an anime universe might be ascertained by taking the Death Note quiz on this website.

A Guide to Death Note’s Characters

What Death Note Character Are You? will be answered for you by the end of the quiz. But here is some guidance to help you understand what your match says about your persona.

#1: Light

a Kira. He is the young man responsible for all of the show’s big events. Light is presented as a diligent, talented, and all-around brilliant student. People that are similar to him are adept at strategizing and have a strong sense of fairness.

#2: L

The coolest response to a question like, “Which Death Note character are you?” is “I am L.” He is regarded as among the most intelligent anime characters ever. His extreme secrecy about his life is one of his defining characteristics. L is a sharp investigator who never overlooks a lead. People that are similar to him tend to be goal-oriented, meticulous, and possibly OCD.

#3: Near

Teenager Near has poor social knowledge and abilities. Due to his great level of sensitivity, he tends to form loose relationships. In general, a person who is near is far. And that might be as a result of his peculiar upbringing—he was raised to become a top-notch detective. Participants that score Near on their test are intelligent, introverted, and shy people.

#4: Misa

As a result of the “Which Death Note character are you?” quiz, not many people would wish to Misa. She is, at least most of the time, immature and impetuous, which explains why. Even though Misa is a well-liked character, many people disapproved of her because of her unwavering loyalty to Light. People who identify Misa as their test counterpart frequently have extroverted, energetic personalities.

How to Answer “Which Death Note Character You Are?” Without a Quiz

If you can identify with one of the following three characters, you can find out which DN character you are. These conundrums swiftly reveal your true Death Note personality.

First Question: What Is Your Take on Justice?

Light and other characters battle for what they see to be justice over the course of the anime’s 37 episodes. Whom do you support? On the one hand, Kira is being actively pursued by FBI officers and investigators. On the other hand, those who possess the Death Note make every effort to rid the world of the bad guys.

Second Question: Who Should be in Charge of Social Justice?

Kira asserts that she has only good motives. He is just interested in eliminating the world’s worst guys. However, is that something you would actually do? Should a person have the authority to determine who lives and who dies?

Final Question: Can the Ends Justify the Means?

Light thinks it’s acceptable to murder people with the notebook. He claims that he can accomplish this because of his morally upright intentions. Whether you concur or disagree Can the means be justified by the ends?

Note: Based on your responses, use the following table to determine which Death Note character you are.

The Most Searched-for Death Note Characters in 2021

Fans are still expressing their affection for the anime series, despite the fact that it finished in 2007. The personalities that people will be looking for the most in 2021 are as follows:

Are You the Kira? Take the Test to Find Out

Which Death Note character are you, exactly? is still a question we all want to know the answer to. You also appear to be prepared for the major test. Enter the difficult questions of the Shinigami universe by clicking the green button at the top of the page. Remember to remain anonymous throughout the quiz, or Kira will record it before you learn the results.

Disclaimer: The graphics used in the Death Note quiz are not the property of QuizExpo. These images are owned by Shueisha, Konami, and Viz Media.

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