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Respond to these rapid questions in our Ice Age quiz and we will tell you which Ice Age character are you? Play it now.

I don’t even know I’m kidding. I’m not even kidding. I was startled that I remembered characters and plot beats from the four previous movies as I settled in Ice Age: Collision Course—the fifth feature featuring a woolly mammoth (Ray Romano), a scabrously-toothed tiger (Denis Leary), and a sloth (John Leguizamo), which were still buddies for some reason.

Except that in 2002 and 2006 I only saw the first two. Who was this weasel sheriff, Simon Pegg, who appeared to chair an underground kingdom full of half-dinosaurs, half-birds? Being old enough to have a fiancé herself now, Peaches (Keke Palmer), the daughter of Manny the mammoth, and his wife Ellie (Queen Latifah), that had hitched in the last picture I saw. Diego the tiger doesn’t have merely Jennifer Lopez’s girlfriend, but seems to talk with her obliquely about reproduction problems? What happened here? What happened here?

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The solution, as is shown, is that most of the collision courses are a fascinating attempt to continue to make films from the Ice Age. Each movie has a few more characters, and the film directors look at them, shrugs. And decides to keep them all around and add more characters to the following movie. (An ever young flame and rabbit spoken by Michael Strahan appear to be the principal contributions of this picture.)

Which Ice Age character are you?

If the five portions of this progressively uncomfortable animated picture series don’t feel like you’re sitting here. Here are the answers to 5 of the Ice Age franchise queries you could have. Also, you will find out which Ice Age character are you in this quiz.

And, honestly, Ice Age: the meltdown is roughly the same as its predecessor (we call it Ice Age 2 for simplicity). It was a little bit boring, a little handy, and nothing more than an unentertaining replica of The Land Before Time, my major problem with the last picture. In the first problem, Ice Age 2 improves; it’s not more boring. The film is always fun, if not mediocre. It doesn’t take long when the film tangents into stories about the killings of the mammals, blah blah blah. The characters are always running, and lots of amusing small criteria come up on the road (from a dam of ice that is going to break and kill every creature in the valley). While the film is more consistent, it includes less laughable sequences and more frightening sequences that ensure that your children hide their eyes.

Ice Age 2 is more Scrat, the most popular franchise character, and is all fairly enjoyable in all his situations. Sid the fool, spoken of by John Leguizamo, has also his moments, particularly when he finds a bunch of relatives who believe that he’s the fire of the god of volcanoes (of course, the Fire God needs to be sacrificed to the volcano).

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The human infant, who was perhaps the centerpiece of the original movie, is missing from the Ice Age 2, alas. Yet not unexpectedly. The lack of human children is the only reason why there are fewer revealing times in the sequel. This is despite the arrival of some new, slightly funny characters.

“Ice Age” however does not preach Darwinian Orthodoxy. But a children’s and gentler perspective of the world: Ice Age meets New Age. And the philosophy is hardly important because it is a lively comedy. In recent years, huge breakthroughs have been achieved in animation technology, with computers seizing the detailed work and freeing artists to realize their views. But only a few films are so painting like “Ice Age,” which starts with good facial selections for the characters (notice the jaw of the sabertooth and the eyes of the sloths). The landscape is unrealistic, the color pallet is harmonious, the movement of the character is little twists, jiggles, hesitancy, and personality creating hopes. And like personalities, the creatures flourish.

The films are all working together in order to actually see and adore these characters, who are not “cartoon animals”. But rather as strange and individual performers and are more attractive than most. The artists are not just people who are characters but also individual personalities.

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