Which Outer Banks Character Are You? Which 1 of 5 The Pogues

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Even if you claim to be a fan, which Outer Banks character are you? Find out which Pouge member best describes your personality by taking this 5-minute test.

This Outer Banks Quiz Reveals Your Character

Who are you: JJ, Sarah, Kiara, John B? This page’s personality test quickly reveals your Outer Banks persona. All you have to do is respond to 20 amusing questions about your imagined existence on the enigmatic barrier island in North Carolina.

First of All, What Is OBX All About?

A group of youngsters known as the Pogues who reside on the Outer Banks are the subject of Netflix’s 2020 thriller. The group’s five protagonists set off on an adventure to find a hidden treasure. However, they quickly become embroiled in other troubling and covert incidents that complicate their lives.

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Which Outer Banks Character Are You? is the name of the quiz on this page. Its objective is to identify which Pogues member is your counterpart.

What Do You Get by Taking the Test?

We provide more than just a straightforward Outer Banks quiz. The exam will reveal your soulmate as well as more details about your riches, boyfriend/girlfriend, and defining characteristics. (More below on this.)

Your Perfect Match

The goal of the quiz is to provide an answer to the fundamental query, “Which Outer Banks character are you? The outcomes so reveal which member of the main cast most closely matches your personality.

Your Crush

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for an Outer Banks boyfriend quiz. We’ll reveal your true crush (boy or girl does not matter).

Your Wealth

Which OBX character are you, is the main query. But there are also other factors to take into account. For example, from where are you? Are you a nutcase? Are you a Cut native? These are the kinds of queries that our test also addresses.

A Comprehensive Personality Analysis

How does being John B affect you? How is your persona different from JJ’s or Kiara’s? Our questionnaire gives you a thorough analysis that explains why you matched with a specific OBX kid.

Which Outer Banks Character Are You – Without a Quiz!

We understand that not everyone is interested in taking an OBX test. However, it shouldn’t prevent you from locating your daring 16-year-old counterpart. Here’s how to find your attractive, adventurous mate without having to respond to any questions.

You Are John B

If you have a habit of organizing your friends into groups, you probably fit John B. He is a charming teen who will stop at nothing to accomplish his objectives.

You Are Sarah Cameron

On the surface, you can come across as a snobby and self-centered person. But deep down, you’re a good, generous guy. Similar to Sarah, you have a tendency to push away those who care about you out of fear of losing them.

You Are Kiara Carrera

brave and daring. You are the one that consistently requests trips despite the risk. People appreciate your ability to get along with them. You also think of yourself as sociable.

You Are JJ Maybank

At first glance, you can appear to be a pure bad guy or lady. However, you are all about fidelity and valor. Your closest loved ones and friends are what matter most to you. And you would go to great lengths to keep them secure.

You Are Pope

The adjective that comes to mind when someone thinks of you is “intelligent.” You are the operation’s head. People trust your judgment since they are aware of your careful and logical side, which is helpful when making decisions.

Most Iconic Traits of Each Outer Banks Character

There are just five members of The Pogues. However, each of them has distinctive qualities as well as recognizable characteristics. The following table lists their respective roles in the drama on Netflix.

Fun Facts About the OBX Characters in Real Life

In a Who’s Who game with Buzzfeed Celeb in 2020, the original Outer Banks cast members participated. Here are a few of the main points.

Who Is Most Similar to Their Character?

The cast responded without hesitation, “Everybody!” They felt that all of the staff resembled their on-screen personas.

Who Is the Most Different from Their Character?

Unsurprisingly, the actual teen residents of the OBX think Madeline Cline is the furthest removed from her persona. That is understandable given that Sarah is portrayed as the town’s princess-like flawless girl.

Okay, But Which Member of The Pogues Are You?

You are fully prepared to take the quiz and determine which Outer Banks character you are. We made sure that the questions would excite viewers and bring back fond memories of the show. Woogity Woogity Woogity, then! (if it makes any sense).

Which Outer Banks Character Are You? uses photos that are not the property of QuizExpo. All of these images are Netflix property.

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