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Respond to these rapid questions in our Sing quiz and we will tell you which Sing character are you? Play it now.

The film begins with Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) as a young koala bear who is looking at his first musical presentation as a child. He is completely enthusiastic about the show and rapidly builds his theater dream. Buster, as an adult, took over the same theater he watched. The company did not do so well, though, and theater is in difficulties. Buster’s assistant Ms. Crawley (Garth Jennings) tells him the furious crew is outside since they have rebounded in their checks. He hurries to the bank, Buster gets away on his bike.

When Buster goes around the city, the other important characters meet – Johnny the gorilla singes to him in an alley, but when he sees some cops, he ducks. His father, gang boss Big Daddy (Peter Serafinowicz), and men burst and seize Johnny because they stole some expensive items from his bag. He’ll instruct a group of people to stay.

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Then we met Rosita the pig, 25 piglets exhausted mom, and Norman’s wife, who doesn’t know how much work she does and who likes to sing. Then we see Ash (Scarlett Johansson), a punk rock duet with the lance singing lead. Lance is her boyfriend (Beck Bennett). When Ash enters to sing on her own, he doesn’t like it.

Which Sing character are you?

We meet Meena the elephant someplace elsewhere in the city (Tori Kelly). Singing for his birthday to her grandfather (Jay Pharaoh). He loves her voice and urges her to come out to show other people what she has. Finally, we find Mike MacFarlane, a gullible and egotistic sax player. He calls a man who simply offers him a coin. And pushes him to give up anything else he has in his pockets.

Buster appears in a restaurant to meet his sheep friend Eddie (John C. Reilly), whose family invested a lot in the theater of Buster and did not like the results. Buster feels he’s been given the response to all of his problems—he wants his theater to conduct a singing contest. He and Buster will soon come out of their restaurant when Buster picks out some sandwiches. Eddie is not interested in that concept. Also, you will find out which Sing character are you in this quiz.

Whether you’re an audience or not, enter the $100,000 cash prize competition or take part in the delight of a favorite activity, it is all about following the things inside, blocking all doubt from cynical relatives or a serious case of a scenic scene. It doesn’t matter if you have public at all.

Also, although a big chunk of Sing Hones on Buster was in love as a young koala and an elephant to overcome his fears about public presentations to renew customer interest by art, Jennings makes way for a wide range of lovely creatures from pigs and bären and gorillas to mouse, etc.

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Indeed, it is a stunning achievement that the feature succeeds in acting as a rotating door for each significant participant during the singing contest and making all their historical arcs pertinent to the plot as its whole. Whether it is the punk-rock porcupine of Scarlett Johansson that tries to gain popularity without selling her musical roots or the sleazy saxophone of Seth MacFarlane who is always disrespecting other performers, I got away with nice feelings.

Jennings is sensible to avoid a lot of pop-culture humor, a sometimes stupid characteristic of Dream Works, or insistence on heroic booms, like most Disneys. Jennings is a wise option. Instead, he uses Warner Brothers, old-school visual humor, such as how the counterfeit eye of Miss Crawly tends to emerge at untimely times or Rosita’s imaginative DIY approach to dealing with her child care dilemma. He allows his camera to glide throughout the set parts, including an escape path on the tower that would make King Kong proud, and to perform singing events, dramatic light, and everything.

However, all this is only an addition to a 30-minute final “Sing’s” crowning glory. Just in a sequence rivaling “The Poseidon Adventure” when Buster’s plans all fall to pieces, a heavenly voice is heard. The contest suddenly takes a seat behind it to celebrate and share one’s vocal skills just to make others happy with a full-blown concert as these criteria break loose with well-healed classics like Stevie Wunder and Elton John.

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