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Your faction is determined using the Divergent Faction quiz based on your characteristics. It is the original Choosing Ceremony’s upgraded Faction test from 2021 that is the most accurate.

Welcome to the Divergent Faction Simulator!

The test you are about to take is based on the events in the Divergent book. Your principal virtue will be revealed when you go through the faction selection requirements. You should be aware of the following information regarding the questionaire.

What is the Divergent Faction Personality Quiz?

You can find out your Divergent Faction by answering a series of 20 personality questions.

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You Go Through All the Faction Selection Stages

The aptitude test, choosing ceremony, and initiation procedures are all included in the quiz.

The Algorithms Decide What Your Divergent Faction Is

Your choices do count, but the system determines which Divergent Faction you should be in.

The Process of the Divergent Faction Quiz Explained

To reveal your inner virtues, you go through three main stages. The decision phase, which comes last, is where you get to know your group. Continue reading for details on each step.

Stage #1: Aptitude Test

Like in the original tale, the Divergent Faction quiz begins with the aptitude test. You will enter a hypothetical simulator and respond to different situations. Before the Choosing Ceremony, the phase’s objective is to eliminate three to four of the groups.

Stage #2: Choosing Ceremony

You get to choose your group after the first stage, much like in the movie. You must carefully choose your future division since you will have to live with it forever.

Stage #3: Initiation

Initiation is the third phase of the Divergent Faction test. You must perform practical exercises and pass tests at this point. People that fail the third stage end up being factionless.

Stage #4: Decision

The only thing left for those who make it this far is to wait for the results to display on their screens. The algorithms in the fourth level of the Faction quiz determine whether your personality and traits are compatible with your choice.

What Do the Results of the Divergent Faction Quiz Mean?

You get an analytical result based on your answers on the Divergent test. Each one of them also contains interesting information about your group in addition to some personality psychoanalysis. Here is a sneak preview of the questionary results.

The Dauntless:

If you fit this description, you are courageous, fearless, daring, and heroic. The Dauntless are in charge of keeping the city safe and looking out for other residents. Therefore, if you match with them, you are a kind and protective person.

The Candor:

The Candor distinguishes itself from society via brutal honesty. This group’s members think there is never a good reason to lie. Additionally, if the Divergent Faction questionnaire labels you as a Candor, you are either ruthlessly honest or aspire to be.

The Amity:

Peace of mind is all you need for a better existence. At least, that’s what the Amity neighborhood holds to be true. If you scored this high on the Divergent quiz, you are a cool, collected, and nice person.

The Erudite:

The only thing humanity needs to survive is knowledge. That is the erudite faction’s catchphrase. If you possess the same traits, you are a wise, pragmatic, and intelligent individual.

The Abnegation:

Being unselfish makes room for the better and for wonderful things to occur. The Abnegation community places a strong emphasis on giving, caring for, and assisting those in need. This group matches those who are modest, respectful, and kind.


The Divergent Faction quiz’s rarest outcome is this one. Divergent people fit into two or more virtue-based categories. Such individuals exhibit a number of traits that fit into many categories. And it distinguishes them.

The Test Also Reveals If You Are a Factionless Citizen

Those who do not fit into one of the five virtue-oriented groups are referred to as factionless. They are therefore forced to reside in abandoned locations and rely on subsistence items. Our Divergent Faction quiz can identify potential residents of the dystopian Chicago depicted in the series.

Glossary of the Divergent Faction Quiz

Your assistance is needed in providing an honest response to questions like “which Divergent Faction you belong in.” You carefully read each question before making your option. The test results would not be entirely accurate otherwise. Here are some definitions of words that appear frequently in the questionaire to assist with that. To understand the questions, you must be familiar with the definitions of each of the words below.

Chicago is divided into five major factions, or fictions. By the age of 16, each student should have selected their group. Additionally, the test on this website simulates the steps you would take in the Divergent world.

Serum: To test the newcomers, each group employs a variety of liquids and substances. By ingesting a serum, you might have hallucinations that would allow you to face your fears or take virtual tests.

The Fear Simulator is a tool that mimics your worst fears by combining mind control and serum injection. Some questions on the Divergent Faction exam will simulate this procedure.

Each group has a unique way of initiating members. The major objective is to assess your practical talents, though. The Divergent Faction quiz has several questions that put you through a similar procedure.

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