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You can determine what lightsaber color you are using this 100% correct quiz. Both Canon and Expanded Universe content is covered in this exam.

What Would Your Lightsaber Color Be?

Have you ever wondered what kind of lightsaber form you were? You may now discover the answer to such questions thanks to the internet. This page’s lightsaber color quiz analyzes your personality to determine the color of your laser sword. Just respond to 20 Star Wars-related questions.

A Brief History of Lightsaber’s Colors in the Jedi’s Universe

The hue of a Jedi was a personal preference or decision prior to the introduction of Canon and the Expanded Universe. However, the planned spin-offs and fresh tales gave each laser hue new significance, making it clear to fans what each one symbolizes.

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Fans were curious about the hue of their lightsaber as colors started to have meaning. To give the fans accurate answers, interactive tests and online quizzes were made as a result.

A Quiz to Match Your Personality with the Perfect Lightsaber’s Color

All of the recognized colors from the Star Wars universe are included in our lightsaber color quiz. You can find no more reliable exam online than this one. That is why it operates in accordance with the current justifications for laser swords. Additionally, the test uses methods of personality analysis to pair you with the appropriate Kyber Crystal.

What Is Included in the Lightsaber Color Quiz?

We didn’t just want to provide you a standard Star Wars quiz. The survey’s results therefore provide more details about you.

Laser Sword Hilt Analysis

Although it isn’t technically a lightsaber hilt quiz, the answers reveal some generalizations about the handle of your laser blade. An essential component of a Jedi’s weapon is the hilt. As we can see from the two-sided halts, it can determine the laser’s purpose. Because of this, the lightsaber color quiz considers both the grip and the color of the laser.

Personality Analysis

Who are you—a Jedi or a Sith? We think your lightsaber’s color makes that clear. As a result, the questionnaire is set up such that you also learn other things and obtain a succinct personality analysis at the end.

Force Analysis

Are you using the Force’s Light Side or Dark Side? Would the color of your lightsaber reveal your inner Sith or turn you into a Jedi? You may find out the answers to each of these questions by taking the Lightsaber color quiz. I wish for you to feel the force.

What Each Lightsaber Color Means

The Star Wars universe now has a wide variety of hues. Things became significantly more difficult after Canon and the Extended Universe were introduced. We now have some uncommon colors, like black and orange, about which fans know little. But everything you need to know about the significance of each well-known lightsaber color is in the list that follows.

The Jedi Order’s warriors and protectors are represented by the color blue.

It illustrates how devoted to the order the soldiers are. Additionally, it stands for the soldier’s ultimate objective, which is to uphold galactic peace. One of the most popular colors for lightsabers in the Star Wars universe is blue. But Jedis wielding such a laser sword are revered for their abilities and principles.

The color green is associated with shrewd negotiators and strong warriors.

A Jedi Order member wielding a green lightsaber tries to stay out of fights and conflicts as much as they can. Instead of killing their adversaries, these warriors would attempt to bargain their way into achieving their objectives. But when it comes to utilizing lethal force, they are some of the strongest Jedis in the galaxy!

The color the Jedi Sentinels wear is yellow.

The guards’ positions are thought to be represented by the color yellow. They must strike a balance between their fighting and negotiating prowess. Yellow therefore symbolizes the state of possessing a lightsaber that is somewhere in between a green and a blue hue.

Purple is one of the rarest colors both in the Star Wars Universe and the lightsaber color quiz.

Purple, according to the tales, represents the idea of striking a balance between the light and dark sides of the power. Therefore, the purple laser sword owners are the ones who can use both sides of the force to their advantage when combating their adversaries.

Red is the color of the Sith’s lightsabers.

When the owner makes a laser sword’s crystal bleed or suffer agony, the weapon becomes crimson. Owners of red lightsabers are the most horrible people you can imagine. The color expresses the user’s hatred, rage, suffering, and malign intentions.

White/Silver is another rare hue in the lightsaber color quiz.

When you alleviate a Kyber Crystal’s suffering, it turns white. Therefore, if you halt the bleeding of a red blade, you will obtain a white or silver crystal. It displays the owner’s humanistic and well-intentioned characteristics.

Will Your Crystal Make a Soothing Hum? Take the Quiz to Find Out

You can discover your ideal Kyber Crystal by taking the lightsaber color quiz. Legend has it that a crystal will hum if it is appropriate for the user. If not, though, it will stay frozen. This is your one opportunity to determine whether the hilt of your laser sword will fit you or not.

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