Privilege Test with 20 Questions. How Privileged Are You?

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By posing 20 questions, the privilege test reveals your level of privilege. It is the most straightforward approach to determine whether or not you have had the same opportunities as others.

Privilege Test Explained

It asks you a series of questions on your life’s conveniences, comforts, opportunities, and challenges. Any privilege test’s objective is to compare your level of advantage to that of others. Of course, it is not intended to criticize what you have or what you lack. The questions, however, serve to remind you of your social standing and how it contrasts with that of the rest of society.

Some Ways to Know How Privileged You Are

If you are favored or not, you can tell with ease. You only need to consider how tough or simple it is for you to live. However, since everyone’s concept of a pleasant and demanding life is different, some people could find it confusing. So, here are four more simple ways to determine your privilege.

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Method #1: The Five Basic Questions

You can test your privileges at home by answering the following yes-or-no questions:

  • Do others judge you because of your appearance?
  • Do you have the chance to do what you like despite your gender?
  • Do you feel society accepts you as the way you are?
  • Do you freely talk about your sexual-orientation with others?
  • Do you feel like your life is financially stable?

You must select “yes” for at least four of the aforementioned questions. You are not privileged if that is the case. The most important liberties and possibilities one should possess are covered by the Five Basic Questions. The lives of those without these rights are not privileged.

Method #2: General Stress Level

The stress level exam is another way to determine if you are a benefited person. Choose your level of anxiety for each topic or issue by looking at the accompanying table.

You are not privileged if you have more than two “high-stress levels” for the aforementioned subjects. Living a life of privilege has many benefits, one of which is not having to worry about basic necessities or issues.

Method #3: Taking the National Civil Rights Museum Privilege Aptitude Test

An easy approach to determine your privilege level is to take the test offered by the National Civil Rights Museum. It is a free PDF file that can be downloaded that has 12 questions about opportunities and social benefits. To receive the results, you must respond to each question with a yes or no. For each “yes,” you receive 1 point, and for each “no,” you receive 0.

The purpose of the aforementioned quiz is to educate adolescents about their rights. It also emphasizes the fact that certain individuals cannot lead typical lives only due to their differences. One of the goals of the Civil Rights Movement was to draw attention to societal inequity that is systemic. The Civil Rights Museum’s 12 questions follow the same methodology. By examining your privilege, you can learn about the disparity between the various classes and genders in your nation.

The fact that you have to calculate the answers is the sole drawback to the aforementioned question. To determine whether you are disadvantaged or favored, you must total your points and compare them to those of other players.

Use procedure #4 and take the privilege test if that’s not your style and you want results right now. (See underneath.

Method #4: Taking an Online Quiz with Instant Results

Online tests are a great way to swiftly determine your degree of privilege. They follow a similar format to previous written and offline tests. The advantage is that you can arrive at a result without doing any math. Once you’ve answered all 20 questions in the privilege test on this page, you get immediate results.

Your email address or any other personal information are not required from you. You immediately get a thorough assessment that is completely free.

Things to Know Before Taking the Privilege Test

One of the most contentious issues in most societies is class or white privilege. You should therefore have a foundational understanding of the topics covered in the test. Before beginning the quiz, make sure to read the following.

1. Right VS. Privilege

A “right” is something you have to possess and that nobody can take away from you. However, privilege demonstrates your capacity to assert your rights. For example, it is your right to operate a vehicle (as long as you respect the laws). However, being able to drive a car is a privilege.

A lot of people enjoy driving. However, they are unable to purchase a vehicle due to their social status. Therefore, they are not allowed to drive.

It is essential to comprehend how these two ideas differ from one another. Because privilege tests cannot distinguish between what is legal and what is not. They merely assess your access to and ability to exercise recognized human rights.

2. Different Types of Privilege

Class and white privilege are the two most prevalent categories. Keep in mind that most privilege categories are identical. Each, though, can stand for a particular benefit that comes with a choice you did not make. White privilege, for instance, refers to advantages associated with being white in nations where white people predominate, such as the USA.

Here are some further divisions.

Class privilege draws attention to the disparity in chances and opportunities that exists between social classes.

The benefits or disadvantages you experience as a result of your race or ethnicity are collectively referred to as racial privilege.

Other kinds of specific social superiorities for certain groups exist. The privilege test, however, can reveal which one you gain from and vice versa.

3. System of Oppression Effect on Your Privilege

Sociologists think that some societies engage in a systematic type of oppression that encourages inequality. For instance, there are laws in many nations that restrict access to school for members of particular ethnic groups. The privilege test takes that into account. Some questions are designed to elicit information about how societal and legal restrictions have prevented you from exercising your rights.

4. The Relationship Between Privilege and White Guilt

The notion of white privilege holds that white people should be held accountable for what occurs to minorities. The privilege test on this page, however, has nothing to do with the promotion of white guilt. It doesn’t mean that those with access to more opportunities and better amenities have acted improperly.

What Is Next After Recognizing How Privileged You Are?

Two bits of advice are offered to those who take the privilege exam by the National Civil Rights Museum.

Get moving. Take action if you are unable to exercise your rights. Try to become more involved in your community instead of getting angry. Nobody should ever hold you responsible for the circumstances or upbringing you received. Additionally, being active entails taking ownership of the community’s transformation. However, the majority of civil rights movements, like Black Live Matters, were initiated by individuals in response to systemic injustice. Therefore, you had options beyond longing for a better existence.

Back Up. Do not feel bad if the privilege test indicates that you are a privileged person. It doesn’t imply that you are pampered or anything of the sort. It does, however, demonstrate that you may have some life options that others may not. The greatest course of action is to give back to your community and work to level the playing field so that everyone can advance.

Things You Could Do to Reduce the Effect of Social Injustice

Whatever the results of your privilege test, you can take action to oppose systemic oppression. Here are three crucial actions that everybody may take to lessen social inequality.

  • Speak out against injustice. Remaining silent is not a good idea. If you do not want to be a part of it, then speak about it.
  • Take advantage of your opportunities to help others. If your privilege test says you are a benefited citizen, use it as a chance to help your community.
  • Use knowledge as your power. Read and study more about civil rights topics. Educate yourself to recognize injustice and fight back.

FAQs About the Online Privilege Test (Edited for 2021)

Is it a racism test?

No. However, the privilege test assesses how racism affects your daily existence.

Does the test give me a score?

The privilege test is not a competition, though. As a result, you receive no scores in the outcome. The main objective is to demonstrate whether or not you are a privileged individual.

Do I have to know my rights to take it?

You don’t, though. The inquiries concern your day-to-day activities. Therefore, you are not need to be an expert in civil rights. After taking the privilege test, it is a good idea to learn about your rights.

The test said I am privileged. Is it a bad thing?

Not at all, no. Being privileged is not necessarily a bad thing. Most of the time, you did not consciously choose to belong to the group that was benefiting. It is not acceptable to use your advantages to the detriment of others.

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