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Which character from Hamilton are you? Have you ever given it any thought? This test will reveal which historical figure from the Broadway production most closely reflects your personality.

A Brief History of Hamilton: An American Musical

A musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brainchild in 2009. He immediately began penning tunes for this project. He took six years to finish the mixtape and prepare the first act, though. The first off-Broadway version was in development in 2015. Later that year, the show’s first Broadway performance with the original cast took place.

Due to the popularity of the concert, Disney+ was able to negotiate a deal with the property owners to film the live performance and make it into a movie. The first time Hamilton the movie was streamed on this platform was in July 2020, boosting Miranda’s musical’s box office.

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Quiz: Which Hamilton Character Are You

Your inner Hamilton soulmate is revealed by the quiz on this page. 20 musically-related, non-trivial questions are included to help you identify your genuine American self. The exam also provides other data, including your song, star sign, etc. (For additional information on that, see below.)

Who Are the Most Popular Hamilton Characters in 2021?

The most well-liked character in the musical, Alexander Hamilton, is the one who bears his name. Aaron Burr, who was supposed to be the antagonist of the plot, is, perhaps surprisingly, the second most adored person. Find out whether you are one of these two types by taking the Which Hamilton Character Are You quiz.

Things That the Hamilton Quiz Reveals

Which Hamilton Character Are You? was the goal of our accurate and entertaining quiz. However, the latest test goes beyond that. The following information about you and your Hamilton—an American Musical counterpart—is revealed.

#1: Your Persona and Traits

The show consists of actual historical figures such as Gorge Washington and King Gorge III. But Lin-Manuel, the creator of the show, turned each of these characters into a relatable person. They exhibit personalities and qualities that are comparable to your own. These traits are uncovered by the Which Hamilton Character Are You quiz.

#2: Evilness or Goodness

The majority of reviews claim that the Broadway production contains gray characters. That is, neither pure good nor pure evil exists. Everyone has a gray and a black side. The Which Hamilton Character Are You quiz, however, makes an effort to determine if you are more of a protagonist or an antagonist.

#3: Your Star Sign

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your star sign and that of your Hamilton character were the same? The quiz does, however, reveal what sign your love is under. You can now determine whether or not the two of you will share the same fate.

#4: Your Song

The Hamilton: an American Musical Broadway Show has 47 songs. The quiz “Which Hamilton Character Are You?” identifies the song from the original mixtape that most closely reflects your character.

What Are Some Cool Stories About the Hamilton Musical?

Fans like reading about interesting information about well-known shows. Here are the top four amazing Hamilton-related internet stories that we came across.

There Was Once When Trump Got Upset with the Cast

In 2016, Mike Pence, who would soon take office as vice president of the United States, attended the performance. One of the performers [Brandon Victor Dixon] gambled on the possibility to address the Vice President about equality and freedom at the conclusion of the two acts.

“Sir, we are the different Americans who are worried and anxious that your incoming administration will not protect us all,” the Hamilton star added. While the Vice President remained silent, Donald Trump moved to Twitter to complain that “Mike Pence, a very nice man, was treated so rudely last night by the cast of Hamilton. Apologize!” Naturally, the actors never expressed regret. “Having a dialogue is not harassment,” tweeted Brandon V. Dixon later.

Alexander Is Manuel Miranda’s favorite Hamilton

Who is your favorite Hamilton character, if asked? Alexander,” the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda said without hesitating.

The Creator of the Hamilton Musical Is a Slytherin

Lin-Manuel was questioned about his Harry Potter House in a Wired interview. The singer was overjoyed to confess that he belongs to the Slytherin house. And he acknowledged that he used the Pottermore exam to do so.

There Will Not Be a Hamilton 2!

One viewer inquired about a potential Hamilton sequel in a video titled “The Hamilton Cast Answers Hamilton Questions from Twitter.” The fan inquired, “Will there be a Hamilton 2 that continues Peggy’s story?” Lin-response, Manuel’s though, was extremely unsatisfactory. I do not have plans to release a Hamilton sequel, the actor declared. I’m not sure how I could possibly follow it.

Who Is Included in the Hamilton Character Quiz?

The most significant characters and characteristics from the musical Hamilton are represented in the quiz Which Hamilton Character Are You? Following completion of the exam, you can receive some of the following findings.

Theodore Hamilton

Burr, Aaron

Lafayette, Marquis

Elizabeth Hamilton Schuyler

Gorge III, King

Church of Angelica Schuyler

Why Is Hamilton Musical So Popular?

Hamilton is one of the rarest productions to have earned more than $1 billion in revenue, according to Forbes. That is a compelling argument for why some claim it to be the most well-known musical in recent memory. Yet why? Some criticisms contend that the popularity of the theater production is due to both its mixtape and its diverse ensemble.

Reason #1: The Accessible Mixtape

The original mixtape of the program was the first cast album to enter the top 10 of the Billboard charts in 58 years. Some people think that the show’s success is due to the songs’ ability to communicate the story on their own. Listening to the mixtape is significantly less expensive and more widely available than seeing a Broadway production, which can cost up to $100 in tickets. As a result, more individuals had the opportunity to learn about Alexander Hamilton and develop a fanbase.

Reason #2: Diverse Cast and Music Genre

Hamilton is the story of “America then, as recounted by America now,” according to the show’s producers and writers. Because of this, the cast is one of the most ethnically and racially varied groups on a Broadway show. And that has helped the program become more well-liked among younger people and immigrants.


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