Food Logo Quiz – Can You Guess All The Logos?

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Take this Food Logo quiz to test how much you know the show. If you can answer at least 85% of the questions then you are the best.

Drive down any American street and a similar scene you’ll probably see. Whether the golden arches of McDonald’s, the bunny halves of Burger King, or Hardee’s star, fast food emblems all have one common aspect – the color. Look around and you’ll see how most quick-food logos have one or more of the following hues — red, yellow, orange, or green. This is because these hues are known, according to the theory of color, to unconsciously cause starvation and/or excitation. These colors help consumers spend more and leave fast, which is what fast food shops want them to do. How precise is this theory?

Research has revealed that in a warm-colored room, people eat more than in a cold-colored one like blue, black, or purple. In reality, research has shown that these colors effectively stop appetite since they are linked to food that can be rotten or hazardous. Not persuaded yet? Take the logos below for a gander. Obviously, these individuals know the colors of their industry. Happy food! Happy food!

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You might perform a one-time color study to see what dressing is best for you. But have you considered how colors influence our feelings about the food we eat?

Food logo quiz

For a long time, color psychology was used in marketing.

The most frequently used color, for example, is red, followed by yellow and orange. The colors of yellow and orange make individuals feel starving. So they get passionately hungry when you see red in combination with yellow and orange. Also, you must try to play this Food Logo quiz.

Green and earthy tones for natural, organic, nutritious food choices, which are frequently employed for ecology. These colors are attractive for those who are aware of healthy eating. Perhaps not so much for beef, potatoes, and gravel.

White is pure and clean, but it can also seem straight and antiseptic so that this hue must be marketed attentively.

Black means refinement, but it’s not really appealing. Go with dark brown if you wish to employ a dark color.

Blue won’t probably hungry anybody. The pill Viagra is blue too. We all know how easy it’s to stock in a buffet, therefore I always take a blue plate when we’re going to go away, knowing that I feel less hungry to look blue than when I see yellow or orange. You go for yellow or orange if you want to eat, you want to have your dinner without restrictions.

For every firm, logo design is crucial. Your logo is your initial piece of imagery and your brand identification tool.

About the quiz

Most companies emphasize various parts of the logo: font, design, etc. However, few companies emphasize an important detail: color.

A person can feel different in color.

To transmit a certain sensation, research color psychology, if you want your customers. You want your consumers to feel famished, happiness and pleased, therefore you create a logo for a food firm.

Here’s an example of each hue and of what it implies if you create a food logo design. Your greatest color selection guide for your logo will be here.

You are in town and you know nothing that you’ve just passed some of the world’s best-known companies. In most people’s life, they have played a major part and have expanded to practically every region of the world. It’s popular eateries I’m talking about, and the logo that is with them.

No matter where you travel, you will certainly see a few of these logos that recall the delicious meals at their facilities that you had in the hopes of luring you in. In fact, these logotypes are so frequent and popular that when you leave your home every day (they are much more obvious around lunch), you are most probably not even noticing them.

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food logo quiz
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