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Take this Harry Potter trivia quiz to test how much you know the show. If you can answer at least 85% of the questions then you can call yourself a real fan.

A wealthy Englishman, Mr. Dursley, notices odd events one day on his way to work. That night, Professor McGonagall, who is also teaching in Hogwarts, and a giant named Hagrid outside the mansion of Dursley, met Albus Dumbledore, head of the wizarding university called Hogwarts. Dumbledore says that somebody named Voldemort killed Mr. and Mrs. Potter, and tried to kill their son, Harry, ineffectively. In a basket in front of the home of Dursley, Dumbledore leaves Harry with a clear note.

Ten years later, the home of Dursley is dominated by the son of Dursley, Dudley. Dudley’s spoiled, while Harry has to sleep beneath the stairs in the cupboard. The glass before a boa constrictor display disappears on Dudley’s birthday in the zoo, scaring everyone. For this incident, Harry is later punished.

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Arriving for Harry starts mysterious letters. Mr. Dursley, who tries to hold them from Harry, is worried, but letters continue to come through every gap in the house. In conclusion, on the eve of Harry’s eleventh birthday, he departs with his family to a remote island hut. They hear a big shout at the door at midnight and Hagrid comes in. Hagrid. Harry knows that the Dursleys tried all these years to reject Harry’s witchcraft.

Harry Potter trivia quiz

The next day, Hagrid would shop for school supplies in Harry to London. First, they proceed to Gringotts, a wizard’s bank, where Harry finds that his parents left him with a heavy money supply. The companion wand of the bad Voldemort, he buys books and drink ingredients and finally a magic wall. Also, you must try to play this Harry Potter trivia quiz.

After finding that Hagrid has imparted the secret of how to make a three-headed dog sleep a stranger suspected of Snape or Voldemort, the Philosopher’s Stone is surely at risk. The three students utilize the cloak of invisibility to take the Stone from Voldemort on a secret mission. Harry finds the room in which the Stone is hidden, after passing the dog and overcoming many protection charms, and is astonished to see the ever-nervous Professor Quirrell there. Quirrell doesn’t see how the stone can be recovered from the Erised Mirror (the last defensive step).

Harry just feels the weight of Stone in the pocket, when standing in front of the mirror, intending simply to protect the Stone and not to use it by himself. Quirrell unpacked his turban, showing the visage of Voldemort on his head’s back. He shares Quirrell’s body until he gets to the Stone and gets fully alive again, and Voldemort/Quirrell, and Harry struggle to take ownership of the Stone until Harry blacks off. He wakes up in the hospital and discovers that Dumbledore has saved him, that he has to destroy the stone and Voldemort has escaped.

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Harry Potter and the Stone of the Philosopher is an exciting beginning of Harry’s struggle to reconcile his past with his future. Equally successful were six additional volumes on Harry’s further Hogwarts experiences. Also, a smash was the film Harry Potter and Stone of the Sorcerers (2001).

Harry finds that he’s a magician and is not merely a known wizard. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger meet two great friends and create Draco Malfoy his first opponent. The three pals at Hogwarts all go to the house at Gryffindor.

Reviewing a restricted section in the library, Harry found the Elixir of Life produced by the Sorcerer’s Stone which gives the gift of immortality to its drinker. Albus Dumbledore had it transported to Hogwart to protect him after suspecting Voldemort could be seeking the pier.

Harry discovered that Lily Potter passed ancient magical protection against the devastating spells of Voldemort on her son when she died. Harry as a child survived the attack by Voldemort with this protection.

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harry potter trivia quiz
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