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Do you want to know whether it’s really love or pure thirst? This test of romantic fervor considers 20 variables. Do you only feel physically, or do you also have other emotions?

An Outing of Lust or Love Quiz

Twenty difficult questions regarding your feelings, behaviors, and relationship experiences make up the test. The objective is to assist you in determining whether the connection is founded on love or lust. Although the two ideas complement one another, it is always helpful to understand the driving factor behind your feelings. And the love or lust quiz accomplishes that.

For individuals who wonder, “Am I in love?” we have already developed an eye-opening test. However, that one was unable to determine the level of lust in your relationship. Therefore, we made the decision to compile all available professional knowledge regarding arousal and affection in order to create a new one.

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Would you like to quit asking yourself, “Does he love or lust me?” If so, you are on the appropriate page.

What It Does

The test is based on the recently discovered distinctions between love and lust. All of the inquiries are meant to reveal the underlying motivations behind your relationship with your partner. You go through various phases that enable a thorough analysis. Here are some details about each.

contrasting symptoms of love and passion.

Physical longing is different from emotional desire. Therefore, the love or lust quiz examines all of the cues that show you want a partner more for sexual pleasures than for emotions. Look below.

  • emotional versus physical connection.

Obsessing over someone’s physical features is the first indication of lust. While most relationships must include a sexual component, that component is not their foundation. In order to determine how dependent your relationship is on your appearance, the quiz asks you a series of questions. If it’s too dependent, you’re not in love; you’re in lust.

  • Realities against fantasies.

According to relationship specialists, lust has its roots in a romantic perception of a person. A person who has a crush on someone has an inflated perception of them. In order to produce an appropriate response, the love or lust quiz therefore aims to determine how realistic your beliefs and feelings are.

  • Long-term versus short-term emotion

According to studies, lust-based relationships are far more transient than love-based ones. According to science, the chemicals your body creates during sexual desire will soon disappear. Love hormones, on the other hand, have been found to be more dependable and long-lasting. To improve the outcomes, the test also looks at that area.

  • intensifying versus lessening strong emotions

While true love grows stronger with time, sexual desire diminishes. You can use the questionnaire to assess your feelings and determine whether they are progressive or not.

letting you evaluate your connection on your own.

It can be difficult to evaluate your feelings in a relationship, especially in the beginning when everything is so intense. The love or lust quiz develops a step-by-step self-reporting method and assesses how your relationship life is progressing.

How to Stop Wondering If You’re in Love With Him/Her

According to Dr. Terri Orbuch, a psychology professor at Oakland University, you can tell the difference between emotional and sexual desire by asking four straightforward questions. She thinks that since most relationships follow similar patterns, it is simpler to identify the motivations behind them.

Do you want to share your partner with others?

You know you’re in love when you feel compelled to introduce your lover to other significant individuals in your life. Most of the time, lusty individuals strive to maintain the secrecy of their relationships. But when you care about someone, you want other people to know. Therefore, you either discuss your romantic partner or introduce them to other people.

Do you speak in “I” or “We” pronouns?

The linguistic hints are one of the variables in the love or lust quiz. When you’re in love, you’re more likely to start sentences with “we” than “I,” claims Dr. Orbuch. Because your brain perceives the two of you as a pair, this occurs.

3. Do you feel comfortable showing yourself to your partner?

The question “Am I okay to reveal my secrets to my partner?” should be asked when unsure whether the feeling is love or lust. Your sexual cravings might be stronger if the answer is no. However, you’re probably in love if you don’t mind if your lover sees your quirky and occasionally embarrassing aspects.

Do your partner’s actions have an impact on you?

When you care for someone, you are impacted by their actions, attitudes, and communication. But you could find it simpler to distance yourself and move on when physical connection is the main motivating factor. You might even believe that ignoring your partner or ending the relationship is easier.

The Love or Lust Quiz: Why You Should Care

It’s acceptable to have strong sexual impulses when in a fulfilling relationship. But only when both parties are aware of one another’s intentions is it accurate. And that’s why a real online test like ours is helpful. If you feel that you and your spouse are not in agreement with the results, you should take them seriously and talk about them.

Don’t misinterpret the outcomes.

Any relationship expert will tell you that the first stage of love is lust. According to Dr. Terri Orbuch, “Lust can develop into love over time. And a love relationship might always revive your sexual cravings. Don’t misinterpret the test results, then. There is nothing wrong with seeking physical intimacy above emotional connection with your spouse or being attracted to them.


Underage users should not take the love or lust test. If you are under 16, try some of the other entertaining quizzes on QuizExpo instead.

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