Pretty Little Liars Quiz: Which 1 of 6 Characters Are You?

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Ever questioned which PLL persona you embody? This Pretty Little Liars quiz matches you with the ideal character. Are you Mona, Alison, Aria, Spencer, or someone else?

An Inexplicably Accurate PLL Test

Which of the cute little lying girls best describes you? This test provides an exact answer to that query. We can match your personality with one of the main characters of the show using the psychological inquiries.

Which Riverdale Character Are You? is a test that we already developed that is comparable. However, this one provides more information about your character depending on your lies.

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Which Pretty Little Liar are you? Find out.

Two spin-offs and seven seasons make up PLL. As a result, you encounter several prominent and recurring personalities, which makes it difficult to identify your genuine soulmate or twin, if you will. The Pretty Little Liars Quiz, however, makes it simple to figure out which Rosewood resident most describes you.

You can get an incredibly accurate character match by responding to all 20 odd questions on the test. The good news is that it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Your PLL crush is here.

The plot of Pretty Little Liars heavily emphasizes romance. But if you were one of the liars, how would your love life be? Test yourself to find out. In the results, we provide a “Who is my PLL crush” type of analysis. Therefore, it is the most effective way to meet your true Rosewood partner or girlfriend.

Obtain a free personality assessment.

How you respond to a question like “Which Pretty Little Liars character are you?” might tell a lot about you. You should be matched with a particular lad or girl for a purpose. We can now examine your persona because of that. You obtain a thorough psychoanalysis of who you are and why you are similar to that specific PLL personality towards the end of the test.

The Pretty Little Liars Character Quiz: How Does It Work?

Twenty forced-choice questions make up the test, each of which reveals a different facet of your personality. After calculating your score, the algorithms compare you to one of the more than 10 PLL characters.

#1: Lying.

The lies of the key characters have a major impact on the plot. The personality test was also intended to convey the same vibe. You must thus tell stories! Some of the inquiries make it necessary for you to lie in order to keep your butt. BUT there’s a problem. Your genuine character will be exposed by the kind of lies you utter in particular circumstances.

#2: Deciphering mysteries

A caused trauma to every girl. Here, you meet B, another enigmatic fictitious figure. B communicates with you by coded threats. And to solve problems, you should make use of the scant knowledge you have. We can tell which Pretty Little Liars character you are based on how you do that.

#3: Responding to psychological inquiries.

Pure psychology is used in some of the PLL test submissions. The aim is to go deeply into any potential personality disorders and traumas you may have. That, in our opinion, is the most reliable technique to determine which Pretty Little Liar you are.

#4: Making Difficult Choices.

Remember when Aria was debating whether or not to tell her mother about her dad’s extramarital affair? That’s the kind of choice you have to make in this situation. The Pretty Little Liars quiz asks you to choose between doing the right or wrong thing under difficult circumstances. We draw that conclusion about your personality and your ideal match.

You Are Which Original PLL Character?

Personality tests are not to everyone’s taste. In order to determine which Pretty Little Liar character you are, here is an alternative method. Read the descriptions of the four key girls that follow. And determine whose persona most closely resembles your own.

This approach is obviously inaccurate. So, in order to ensure a complete analysis, we advise you to take the exam.

Scott Hastings

She is a complete perfectionist, brilliant, and overachievers. Spencer, who comes from a wealthy family, is frightened of being overshadowed by her sister. She therefore makes every effort to excel. Spencer is afraid of disappointing her loved ones, especially her family. She might even go outside the rules in order to ensure success for that reason. She is also reputed to possess a strong moral compass. She also enjoys politics.

Montgomery, Aria

Which Pretty Little Liars character are you, I hear you ask? I’m Aria, many of my fans would want to say. She is enthusiastic, artistic, and creative. One of the main contributors to the success of the play is her love story. Additionally, many teenagers can relate to Aria’s emotions of distance. She has a strong sense of duty to defend those she loves. When the safety of her friends or family is in risk, she is willing to give her life.

Vanderwall, Mona

She is a cute little liar who is probably the most self-conscious. Life is not satisfying for Mona. In an effort to deal with her troubles, she tries her hardest to maintain her popularity at school. Despite this, she is regarded as a bright and clever young woman. Mona has computer hacking skills and is a native French speaker.

DiLaurentis, Alison

Alison is one of the cruelest characters in the first couple of seasons. She is a pathological liar, egotistical, and manipulative. She uses coercion to get others to spill their secrets so she can use them later as leverage. But during the course of the episode, she grows into a more kind and caring person.

Or else?

Which Pretty Little Liar character are you, the major issue remains if none of the descriptors apply to you? Take the test to improve the likelihood that one of the more than ten possible personalities will be your perfect match.

The perfectionists are also included in the quiz!

Characters from the most recent spin-off, The Perfectionists, are present, which is fantastic news for new PLL fans. Therefore, you might also be a match for one of the show’s newcomers, like Nolan, Ava, Caitlin, or Dylan.

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