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Which character from Shameless are you? Your Gallagher twin is revealed through this 100% amusing quiz. Who has the same personality as you? Are you Lip, Carl, Fiona, Frank, or someone else?

An Unflattering, Shameless Test

The quiz on this page finds your match based on all the main characters of Shameless USA. It is a 20-question personality test with psychological questions to expose your inner self.

The question’s basis is similar to that of our Riverdale Character Quiz. This one, though, gives you more details. (See underneath.

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Find the ideal partner.

By taking the Shameless Character Quiz, you may find out which member of the ruthless family most closely resembles you. The Gallaghers are a contentious group. Therefore, many people are curious about the kind of person they would be if they lived in that peculiar Chicago family.

We examined the characters from the program, compiling a database of their routines, passions, and characteristics. Therefore, by responding to the questions, you help the computers accurately discover your ideal match.

Find out if you have a personality condition.

A bipolar Ian. Frank had a narcissistic air to him. The majority of the other characters also suffered from a personality condition. Therefore, the quiz also aims to reveal your PDs.

That is obviously not intended to be a serious diagnosis. Please disregard that portion of the results. (QuizExpo opposes all forms of discrimination and labeling.)

Meet the love of your Shameless life.

The Gallaghers had a tumultuous sexual life. Based on your responses, the Shameless Character Match Quiz introduces your boy and female crush. In this way, you could get a general notion of how engaging or boring your love life might be.

Find out just how remorseless you are!

The fact that this personality test includes a hard-heartedness level detector is one of the entertaining aspects of doing it. Your responses will determine the results, which will show how brazen and ruthless you are. It’s a great method to figure out your Dark Core’s level of activity and where you would stand in the Gallaghers family tree.

Are You a Gallagher?

Taking a personality test would not be your thing if you are as impatient as some of the Shameless characters. So, here’s a simple and enjoyable method to meet your true mate. Which of the following descriptions most closely resembles you?

#1: Frank

In response to a question about which Shameless character you are, would you respond, “Hey, I’m Frank”? We don’t think so. Frank is the father of the Gallaghers and a hopeless alcoholic who is very careless. Unexpectedly, he is also a narcissist who just thinks about himself and his advantage. His abuse of his children’s emotions has continued throughout their lives.

By the way, we hope you don’t match this guy.

#2: Fiona

Fiona is viewed as the show’s protagonist by many Shameless viewers. She embodies every quality a South Side girl should possess. distinctive, audacious, and daring. Additionally, Fiona is a nurturing mother figure who works hard to support her family. She does, however, deal with addiction and other issues.

#3: Lip

The most intelligent Gallagher is Philip. He is gifted and intelligent. He has a reputation for being equally reckless as his father, though. Lip has a problem in that he is self-destructive and self-sabotaging as a result of his family’s high expectations. His rebellious temperament prevents him from discovering his life’s purpose. However, aside from Fiona, Lip is the most trustworthy person to look for his brothers.

#4: Carl

The troublemaker is he. Weapons, alcohol, and explosives are very self-explanatory interests for Carl. (Speaking of trouble, huh?) . He got his start in the drug trade at a very young age. He also embodies the stereotypical image of South Side bad boys.

Five: Debbie

Which Shameless character are you, I hear you ask? I’m Debbie, many fans would want to say. That is as a result of her sweetness, vivacity, intelligence, and kindness. Debbie, despite criticism that she is too naive, shows maturity and dependability at a very young age.

#6: Ian

Ian is the one you can rely on to put forth a lot of effort. He might not have Lip’s level of intelligence. But he is the best in terms of work ethics. Ian is very attractive and physically fit. But because of her bipolar personality illness, he has difficulties in his life. He is a goal-oriented, ambitious child who, at his best, can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

Use the identity crisis in Shameless to figure out who you are.

Which Shameless character are you? is one of the questions we hope to address with our quiz. The problem is that throughout the narrative, the characters themselves fight to find their genuine selves. In that sense, it is a fairly philosophical method of examining your persona. If you were unaware of your true identity, who would you be?

Okay, enough of the sage advice. Now that the test has begun, enjoy the outcomes!

None of the pictures used in the Shameless Character Quiz belong to QuizExpo. All of these images are property of Showtime.

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