Quiz: Which AHS Character Are You? 2021 Fun Version

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Which AHS character are you among the eerie and intriguing characters? A brand-new test that identifies your American Horror Story twin is available here.

Matchmaker for characters from American Horror Story

AHS character match is a 20-question psychological test that is contentious, difficult, and eerie. The objective is to determine which of the characters—people, ghosts, monsters, and other theatrical creatures—most closely matches your personality.

Embrace your spooky side.

Your Dark Core is revealed via the AHS character test. So, by the time the test is over, you realize what a terrifying person you are. You can end up going up against a dreadful antagonist like Michael Langdon. Or you might discover that you share a lot of traits with Lana Winters. You will always be able to see what your dark side is like.

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Find out how evil you are.

The AHS test also identifies your moral character. We assess your horror story persona, of course. Being awful here does not necessarily translate into being evil in real life.

Identify the AHS season you would be in.

The show’s 10 seasons have received a lot of praise. But we let you know which one might be the setting for your potential story. Would you like to haunt Redwood Camp? Or would you attend a class in aerobics in 1984? Find out which season of American Horror Story you are in by taking the quiz.

Which AHS Character Would You Say You Are?

Finding the character on the show who is most like you is not that tough. In a matter of seconds, a close friend of yours would undoubtedly discover your match. However, the most trustworthy approach to meet your AHS equivalent is to take the actual quiz.

It would be tedious to accomplish it. But aside from the character exam, that is one of your few options.

If you’re too sluggish to do all that, read the descriptions below and pick one to be your match. (Spoiler Warnings, however.)

Xavier is a kind, outgoing person before he turns into a ghost. He works arduously to fulfill his ambition of becoming a Hollywood actor. However, his narrative suddenly changes, revealing a merciless and brutal character.

Winters, Lana

She is a courageous woman who always decides to take the offensive. Lana is reckless as well, though. Her life is occasionally hampered by her decisions. She killed her own son, though, because she was so determined to rid the world of another serial killer.

She is a fashionable woman. Myrtle is a kind person who keeps an eye out for anyone who might require her assistance. Her captivating personality has led to her being the character that many AHS fans identify with.

Mary Eunice, Sister

She represents Satan. Mary begins the American Horror Story series as a sweet and innocent character. But after being taken over by the devil himself, she turns into one of history’s cruelest women. Few fans would want to compete with her in the AHS test. However, she is a well-liked antagonist.

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