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What Fruits Basket character are you, by the way? According to this test, you are either Tohru, Mustuki, Yuki, Sawa, Shigure, or someone else. To learn more, simply respond to 20 short questions.

A Real Fans Only Fruits Basket Character Quiz

This page’s questions reveal your genuine identity as a Fruba character. An odd cursed family is the subject of the anime, which follows their daily hardships. The test here compares you to one of the main characters by simulating the similar issues and challenges in their lives.

Which Lucky Star Character Are You? is a similar slice-of-life test that we have already developed. The one on this page, however, provides greater context for both your real-life and anime personas. (See underneath.

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The goal of the quiz is to pair you with a member of the Shoma family or another prominent and recurring Fruits Basket character. We may assess your qualities, actions, and beliefs using the information you provide to determine the ideal match for you.

Find out who your anime crush is.

Who is your lover or girlfriend from Fruits Basket? is a popular query among fans. The good news is that your love interest and your match are both revealed in the quiz’s results.

Get to know your Chinese animal.

Furuba is a show about a strange curse that turns several characters into Chinese Zodiac Signs’ animals in certain situations. You may learn what kind of animal you would change into if you lived in the same anime world by taking the Fruits Basket Character Quiz.

Rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig are some examples of creatures that you might match.

Fans adore Furuba’s () depiction of the main characters’ daily lives because it is so well done. The plot does not feature any sci-fi-style combat or adventures, in contrast to a Shnen anime. As an alternative, it holds your interest by revealing the specifics of the characters’ lives and feelings.

The Fruits Basket Personality Test subjects you to the same challenges faced by the Shoma family and their friends because of this. The idea is to give you the impression that you reside in rural Tokyo with other anime characters.

Additionally, there are spin-off characters!

The Three Musketeers Arc and Fruits Basket Another are two further spin-offs made by Natsuki Takaya. But don’t worry; you won’t need another quiz to match the two characters from the aforementioned manga. All of the recently introduced personas, including Sora Shoma, Rio Mosca, and Kinu Shoma, are part of the exam you’re about to take.

What Fruits Basket Character Are You? How Can You Tell?

Yuki is not the only fan that is lazy. In order to locate their match, they might not want to take a personality test. Here’s a quick and unreliable way to figure out which Fruits Basket character you are.

Select the one that most closely describes you after reading the following. However, this method only works for extremely lazy fans. So, if you want accurate results, you are better off without it.

Tohru Honda

When asked, “Which Fruits Basket Character are you?,” the majority of fangirls would reply, “I’m Tohru.” She is the story’s main character and one of the anime’s most adored female characters. Tohru is regarded as a really good-hearted person who is joyful and happy who sees the best in everyone. She also understands everyone’s feelings pretty well, almost like a trained therapist.

In the Fruits Basket Character Quiz, Tohru matches only those who are compassionate and humane.

Second: Yuki Shoma

Kyo Shoma, third

He is an impatient young man who likes to be among others but shuns close relationships. The dynamic Fruits Basket character Kyo is well-known. But he finds it difficult to approach people because of his wrath. He is terrified of hurting people with his actions, yet he never expresses this fear. Nearly everyone who is familiar with Kyo is also aware that the painful experiences he has had throughout his life are the core of his rage problems. (Due of this, despite his incisive tongue, few people genuinely retain a grudge against him.)

Those that are similar to Kyo Shoma are hard-headed, serious individuals who do not enjoy hiding their emotions.

Shigure Shoma, #4

Shigure, a fatherly figure in Fruits Basket, is a knowledgeable and considerate character. He is dependable and trustworthy since he is very protective of his family and friends. Shigure is incredibly flirty and likes to tease people, which is funny. But he never seems to be doing maliciously.

Matching Shigure Shoma in the Furuba Character Quiz indicates you have a caring, loving, and supportive personality.

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