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What character from the Squid Game are you? Your character is revealed by this entertaining quiz based on your choices and playstyle. Are you Sang-Woo, Gi-Hun, Kang, Ali, or someone else?

Character Test for the game A Deadly Squid

The personality match test consists of 20 questions. The objective is to identify a player who is similar to you.

In the show, 456 contestants compete in a game like a battle royale for a chance to earn $45.6 billion. But one of the key characters will be paired with you.

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Which type of player are you?

On QuizExpo, you may already discover a thorough Enneagram test. The Squid Game Test, however, also reveals which of the nine categories best fits your character.

You can engage in the games (sort of).

Some inquiries concern the games played by the dead kids in the program. You must make choices that have an impact on the outcomes even though we won’t ask you to participate in them. So while playing online versions of Red Light, Green Light, or Glass Bridge, be prepared for some hard times.

At the conclusion, you get a thorough personality study.

Based on your responses, The Squid Game Character Quiz describes the kind of person you are. Are you a tough individual like Sae-Byeok or a devoted buddy like Ali?

Without a Test, Discover Which Squid Game Character You Are!

Note that self-evaluation is not a foolproof method of locating your match. Therefore, to get the most accurate results, we advise taking the entire test.

Oh Il-Nam, first.

He is a smart old man who says he has a fatal illness. Oh Il-Nam is comfortable playing challenging games, and he provides helpful advice on how to win them. He appears to be a kind-hearted and fatherly character despite his murky past.

Hwang Jun-Ho, third

In the Squid Game Character Quiz, many fans would like to match the young police officer. That is due to his attractiveness, bravery, and loyalty. To find his missing brother, Jun-Ho is prepared to give his life. And that demonstrated how dependable and devoted he is.

Fifth: Abdul Ali

Some people think the most endearing Squid Game character is Ali, the amiable Pakistani guy. He is gentle and modest. And because of his naive demeanor, it is simple for others to trust him. Ali is gullible, though, which makes him vulnerable to abuse and deceit.

Sixth: Seong Gi-Hun

Gi-Hun is not a likable lead character. He is a flawed father who has neglected to establish a healthy bond with his daughter. He does, however, manage to maintain his optimism and commitment to his pals. Gi-Hun is a helpful person as well. While everyone else dismisses the elderly man as being useless, he is the only player prepared to include Oh Il-Nam in his team.

None of the pictures used in the Squid Game Character Quiz belong to QuizExpo. These images are owned by Netflix.

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