Which Cartoon Mom Are You? Let’s Match You to 1 of 50 Moms

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Which cartoon mom do you think you are? This test exposes your inner animated mother. Find out which animated parental figure best describes you.

History of Cartoon Moms

Mom characters were first prominently used in animated films by Walt Disney, a pioneering animation firm. For instance, the mother of the main character in the 1942 film Bambi passes suddenly right away. However, the history of cartoon moms is replete with characters, both good and evil, who notably advance the plot. More instances can be seen in contemporary 3D animations, such Nemo’s mother, whose passing initiates the plot of the film.

Different Types of Cartoon Moms

To find out which cartoon mom you are, take the quiz on this page. But first, we’d like you to understand the many kinds of animated mothers.

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TV shows include one of the most common sorts of cartoon mothers. Use Marge from The Simpsons as an illustration. She is one of the most adored fictional figures ever. However, mothers in adult animated series are typically ambiguous and flawed. They might exhibit signs of alcoholism similar to Miriam Pataki in “Hey Arnold!” Or you can run into someone like Queen Dagmar of Disenchantment, who has no parental instincts whatsoever.


The mothers you see in Walt Disney films are typically the real protagonists of the tale—even if they die or flee. Consider Perdita from The 101 Dalmatians (1961). She is a sweet and beautiful cat who cares for more than 90 puppies without ever complaining.


When it comes to mothers, Japanese animated films or television programs might be a little contentious. Both gentle and kind mothers as well as sinister and frightful ones can be found. And there are no boundaries when it comes to classifying Japanese mothers in cartoons.

How to Know Which One Are You?

The easiest way to determine which one you are is to take the Cartoon Mom Quiz on this page. To find the energetic mommy in you, we have 20 questions concerning your lifestyle, parental duties, and even childhood recollections. Everyone can pass the test, though. You do not need to be a parent to take it, therefore.

What Does the Cartoon Mom Quiz Reveal?

The test’s final question is, “Which cartoon mom are you? ” However, the outcomes will reveal more about your personality and parenting philosophy.

Your Personality

It could seem benign to share a persona with an animated character. But it makes a lot of information about your personality, habits, viewpoints, and ideologies public. Therefore, completing the Cartoon Mom Quiz allows us to give you a thorough personality analysis.

Your Parenting Methodology

How do you treat your children, or how would you? Do you resemble a kind and loving cartoon mother? Or are you more of a rigid and obstinate person? Based on your comments during the test, we can classify your parenting styles.

Your Possible Childhood Traumas

Your interactions with your own mother have an impact on the kind of cartoon parent you are. As a result, based on your overall score, the test has the potential to provide some information about your parents.

Cartoon Mom Tier List Based on the Fans Love or Hate

A list of animated mothers is shown below. The ranking system displays how well or poorly received they are among the audience. (Note that rank S is highest and rank F is lowest.)

Fun Things to Know Before Taking the Quiz

Which cartoon mom are you, we continue to wonder in confusion. However, that does not prevent us from providing some interesting information regarding the history of cartoonish mommy characters in TV, comics, and movies.

Wifu VS. Cartoon Mom – Know the Difference!

Controversial characters are frequently created in Japanese anime. And as a result, there are a lot of extraordinary and alluring female characters. One way to describe a fictional character you have a crush on—or would like to be your wife—is by the phrase “Wifu.” Fans like anime parents, and many of them are deserving of this label. As an illustration, consider Mrs. Brief from Dragon Ball Z. She is a young, attractive mother who has a large international fan base.

However, the expression “cartoon mom” is used informally to refer to fictional female characters who are mothers. To qualify for the term, the aforementioned character need not necessarily be sexually appealing.

Why Most Cartoon Moms Die? (Seriously)

If you stop to think about it, the opening of many animated films has the protagonist’s mother having passed away. However, what is the actual cause of that? We only have 90 minutes, adds Disney producer Don Hahn. And we need to get started on the actions right away. As soon as feasible in the novel, the main character needs to take on duties and mature. When you oust the parents, forcing your character to mature is considerably simpler.

What Are Some Characters Who Lost Their Moms?

Bambi, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas, and Nemo are among well-known animated characters without mothers.

Want to Know Which Cartoon Mom Are You?

To discover out, take the quiz on this page. To find your inner cartoon mom, simply respond to 20 questions about maternal topics. Would you be better off with a kind and loving mother or a bad and harsh one?

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