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When asked, “Which philosopher are you?” This intricate ideology test compares you to a well-known wisdom enthusiast. Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, or someone else?

Because I Love Philosophy

Philosopher is short for “lover of wisdom.” And you’re here to discover which “philosophers” are most like you. We developed the first quiz that accurately compares your philosophies, points of view, and ideas to those of the greatest minds in history.

We don’t ask useless questions like, “How old are you?” like most other quizzes do. Instead, we lead you on a philosophical journey to discover your actual self and then find your ideal partner.

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Learn which renowned philosopher you are.

The quiz’s main objective is to provide answers to inquiries like “Which philosopher am I? “. A database of well-known wisdom fans has been compiled by us. And by responding, you enable us to compare yours to theirs.

Choose a branch of philosophy.

How philosophical would you be? Of the seven branches, which would you pick? Which comes first: logic, aesthetics, political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, or epistemology? Our exam has the advantage of identifying your branch based on your persona and views.

Learn about your books and famous works.

Perhaps the most important query is, “Which philosopher are you?” However, we have more to give. The exam results list some of the philosophers’ best-known writings or works. We carefully choose the books based on your personality and way of thinking. It will therefore be an enjoyable selection.

Find out which main points best fit your personality.

A philosopher without an ideology is what? With the distinctive thoughts of the outstanding mind that you resemble, we intended to polish the outcomes. As a result, the information in your results also reveals the potential nature of your belief system.

How to Use the Philosopher Quiz

The test consists of 20 questions that concentrate on your personality and ideas in order to determine which well-known philosopher is most like you. It consists of three main sections that disclose your MBTI personality type, test your views, and then identify the historical figure that is the most comparable to you.

The following information pertains to each section of the philosophy test:

MBTI assessment.

Our database contains details on the personality types of well-known philosophers from throughout the world. But we need to know which class you belong to in advance so we can compare you to that one in real life. The test’s initial few questions are therefore designed to disclose your MBTI category as precisely as possible.

Challenge of Ideology.

The quiz’s second section comprises of a few challenging and uncomfortably unpleasant questions. Before identifying the ideal philosopher match, the objective is to question your beliefs and uncover your genuine self.

Fit of characters.

The test’s final step is to determine which well-known philosopher has the same personality type as you. In order to help you learn more about yourself after taking the questionnaire, we’ve given small breakdowns in the results. Please note that you are not need to input any personal information, including your email address, in order to view the results. You will therefore always discover your match right away.

Which Philosopher Are You, and How Do You Know? Absent a Test

The most reliable way to find your philosophical match is to take the quiz. Try the alternative approach if you’re not interested. To choose which philosopher you relate to the most, you must read the descriptions of their personalities. It’s not a reliable method. You have no other choice, though.

#1. Plato

Plato, regarded as one of the greatest brains, is an INTP. Along with bravery and consistency, he loves creation and reformation. He is noted as having an authoritative, considerate, and wise nature.

Those that score Plato on the philosophy test are inherently good at logic. They are perceptive, reflective, and logical individuals who relish inquiry and the pursuit of the truth.

Two. Aristotle

Aristotle is a leader and an ENTJ. a self-assured, outgoing, and focused logician. He is one of the most progressive intellectuals who ever lived. Aristotle, who is renowned for rejecting some of the ideals of his master Plato, was not afraid to express his disagreement with others’ ideologies under any circumstances.

The quiz’s ENTJ Aristotle matches are ruthlessly rational. They think there’s a fine line between being foolish and being brilliant.

Third: Nietzsche

Among modern philosophers, Nietzsche had one of the most complicated personalities. Rarely do the competitors match him. He is, nonetheless, one of the quiz’s most well-liked results. Nietzsche is categorized as an architect, an INTJ. He was contemplative, judgmental, and introverted. And he delighted in honing life’s finer points.

Which philosopher are you, if one were to ask? Nietzsche might not immediately come to mind. But the test shows that you are a creative, private, and open-minded person if you matched him.

Four. Lao-Tzu

Lao is a broker. His outlook is one of harmony, tranquility, and lack of desire. He must have been reserved, imaginative, compassionate, and creative as an INFP. And his fundamental beliefs—like Taoism—illustrate just how much of a peace-seeker he was.

In the philosophy test, he matches those who can solve problems. They are superb persuaders and have mastered the art of negotiating.

Additional Philosophers

Great minds throughout history who may have possessed traits resembling yours exist. But you’ve already read about four of them. Take the questionnaire now if you want to improve your chances of finding your ideal partner. We have devised a fun, exciting, and hard way to match the greatest philosophers with your persona based on reliable information about them.

Don’t take the quiz if you don’t like philosophy.

Be aware that the “Which Philosopher Are You Test” requires some complexity. For those who already adore the notion of delving deeply into their ideas and examining their personalities, we recommend it.

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