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Why Am I so exhausted? The finest option for those who are constantly tired is a quiz. It asks you 20 questions about your habits and way of life to find out why you always feel exhausted.

What Does “Feeling Tired All the Time” Mean?

People often describe chronic tiredness as “feeling exhausted all the time,” according to Dr. Dominic Rowley, Medical Director at Let’s Get Checked. It is a severe or uncontrollable sense of tiredness that interferes with daily life and lowers productivity.

Explaining the ‘Why Am I So Tired Quiz’

We have two sets of questions on our quiz. You answer a series of self-report questions regarding your lifestyle in the first section. However, the second section is about your physique, diet, and general wellbeing. See more below about this.

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Stage #1: Examining the External Factors

The Why Am I So Tired Quiz prioritizes your routine and day-to-day activities before anything else. Dr. Rowley thinks that external factors like a demanding job environment could contribute to persistent weariness. But that is merely one influencing aspect that might exist. If there are any outside factors causing your chronic fatigue, we can determine them with the aid of your responses to our questions.

Stage #2: Examining the Internal Factors

The body, health, and diet are the main topics in the second section of the Why Am I So Tired quiz. According to Dr. Rowley, one of the main causes of people’s fatigue and lack of energy is a deficiency in a few key vitamins, anemia, or conditions that resemble diabetes.

One prevalent internal reason of low energy is depression, take note. We just developed a test for those who are unsure of their mental health. You can use it to determine whether such mental diseases are affecting your level of energy each day.

Final Stage: Calculating the Results

Once you have completed the two stages of the test, our algorithms will analyze your responses. You typically have to wait a few seconds before the results appear on your screen. Additionally, the entire procedure is free.

6 Genuine Reason You Ask, “Why Am I So Tired?”

A well-known YouTube personality named Dr. Mike Hansen identifies six energy vampires as the root of weariness. The following components, in his opinion, make up the most typical answers to the question “Why am I so tired?”

#1: You Do NOT Have any Sleep Hygiene

Nothing about having a shower before going to bed or similar matters. The term “sleep hygiene” describes a set of behaviors that promote quality sleep at night. To improve your bedtime hygiene, do the following before you go to sleep:

  • Turn off your electronic devices at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Do not read, text, or eat in your bed. Use it only for one purpose, sleeping.
  • Find a sufficient amount of daily sleep for your body. (It should be a number between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day).
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol at least 6 hours before your bedtime.

#2: Your Activity Level Is Low

You are inactive, which is one of the reasons you looked for a why am I so tired quiz. The longer you leave your body in rest mode, the less ATP or mitochondria it will make. Even though you haven’t engaged in any strenuous physical or mental activity, you will eventually feel fatigued.

In a 2008 University of Georgia study, college students who engaged in moderate exercise reported feeling more energized throughout the day. The aforementioned students exercised three days a week. Additionally, they reported feeling less worn out throughout the week.

#3: You Are Stressed—Most of the Time

According to Dr. Hansen, excessive stress lowers the body’s cortisol levels. And that causes the ATP level, which powers cell molecules, to drop. Therefore, as soon as you experience uncontrollable anxiety, your body begins to feel worn out and exhausted.

#4: Your Diet Is Not Sufficient

When people don’t eat enough, they are more prone to wonder, “Why am I so tired?” A diet deficient in vitamins and proteins is unable to give your body the energy it needs. No matter how much sleep you received, you still feel exhausted because of this.

#5: Your Drink Choice Is Poor

Your beverage selection is one of the things we look at in the Why Am I So Tired Quiz. Are you a coffee drinker? Would you rather have a shot before bed? How many glasses of water do you consume each day? These are the kinds of inquiries that help you figure out why you’re weary and jaded.

#6: You Are Depressed

Chronic tiredness can result from social isolation, depression, and anxiety.

How Can You Fight Fatigue Back?

Whatever the findings of the Why Am I So Tired Quiz, taking the following steps can help you feel more energised.

20-Minute Exercise Plan

You don’t have to follow a rigorous exercise regimen. According to studies, persons who follow a schedule of moderate exercise see the best effects. Students in the University of Georgia research who had a three-day workweek reported the greatest benefits.

Quitting Caffeine Before Bed

Most caffeine users ponder this question upon awakening: “Why am I so tired?” Their poor sleeping habits are mostly to blame. Six to eight hours before to going to bed, experts advise staying away from caffeine- or sugar-containing drinks. You can lessen these drinks’ negative effects on your overall energy in this way.

Consuming Vitamin- and Protein-Rich Food

Consume meals high in vitamin D and B12. Your body requires these nutrients in order to build strength.

Getting 20-Minutes of Sunlight Per Day

No vitamin D, no sunlight. Your body cannot manufacture enough vitamin D each day, even with a decent diet. It is essential to spend at least 20 minutes each day outside in the sunlight. If that is not the case, speak with your doctor and request that they recommend the appropriate supplements.

Things to Do After the Why Am I So Tired Quiz

If your fatigue does not go away, you ought to visit a doctor. The true cause of your constant fatigue may be a condition like Systematic Exertion Intolerance. Additionally, the aforementioned problem should be treated in a therapeutic setting using prescribed medication.

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